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As the Coronavirus makes its way across the globe, many businesses and dental practices alike have cut expenses starting with the removal of marketing or are contemplating stopping their SEO campaign during COVID-19. Those who have cut marketing from their strategy are now wondering what they can do to stay top of mind for reopening and how they can fast track the generation of revenue loss during the quarantine.

We have some great news if you’re in the boat above!

Digital marketing provides an enormous opportunity for dentists to market their dental practice online to acquire more prospective patients.

The best part of digital marketing... you can control it with minimal to no costs.

Do not rely on old dental marketing methods like yellow pages, newspaper ads, radio ads, or word of mouth.

You can’t control any of those marketing methods.

Today, we will discuss the most effective digital marketing strategy that is Dental Search Engine Optimization to enhance your local presence and build your patient base. SEO is a unique strategy as it aims to increase your dental website and content rankings on Google.

Benefits of SEO (once your website is highly ranked):

  • increases ROI
  • increases patient acquisition
    • automated patient growth
    • creates consistent led generation
  • increases practice exposure
    • creates 24/7 marketing
    • free marketing 365 days/year
  • decreases marketing expenses if not removes all
  • decreases patient acquisition cost

Most customers use the internet to find answers. SEO-optimized websites rank higher in organic search results. So, you need to optimize your dental website for search engine ranking. How can you control your ranking? You need to do these things for dental SEO: 

  • Your website needs value-based and unique content with HD images. These images should be relevant to the visitor's need, for example, informative content, dental blog posts, landing pages with pertinent dental keywords. It is necessary to include answers to popular dental questions, infographics, and press releases to appeal to those visiting your site. Do not write all contents about yourself, concentrate more on how your services benefit your prospective patients. Also, Include an FAQ section and informative videos and testimonials.


  • A dental website should not take more than three seconds to load. Also, it should be SSL secure and mobile-friendly.


  • The design of your website needs to be modern, clean, and the content should be driven to encourage the visitor to engage with your practice. Successful engagements are direct calls, inquiries for information, or a scheduled appointment.


  • It is also vital to get backlinks from other authoritative websites to establish your site’s authority. Join your local chamber of commerce as they usually allow a business website within their business profile page, if you’re a member of the ADA check to see if they allow members to enter their website into the profile page, make sure every one of your social media pages includes your website and do outreach to other dental websites for content creation.


  • Blog about the most common questions asked at your dental practice.


  • The FAQ section should be concise and direct. FAQ sections can also provide you an opportunity to rank for Google’s featured answer snippet, which appears first in search.


  • Also, make sure to provide useful information on different topics such as wellness tips, information on particular dental treatments, and business updates/news.


You can also use several other methods and channels to help with SEO. Various channels allow dentists to connect with potential clients such as through social media, blog sharing sites, and even email marketing. 

I hope this article provided some practical tips for your practice’s SEO during the quarantine as SEO will help your practice be seen by everyone who uses the internet to search for a dentist.


Adam Yang, MBA, is the founder and digital marketing expert of Beyond Marketing Solutions, LLC, a digital marketing agency that specializes in teaching and helping dentists to scale back their marketing budgets while increasing their patient volume and revenue through digital avenues. With his marketing experience in corporate dentistry, private dentistry, and dental laboratories, Yang has taken his passion for both digital and dental marketing to the next level by founding the first-ever e-commerce digital marketing agency to streamline and simplify the marketing and purchasing process for dentists. For more information on this topic and additional resources, email Adam at

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