Pediatric Dentists in Houston Help Calm Children

Pediatric Dentists in Houston Help Calm Children

There are so many aspects to taking care of a child. Everything from how much and what kind of food they eat, how often they need to see a doctor, what sort of vaccinations they need, and how often they see a dentist are all things that should be considered.

Seeing a dentist as soon as the first tooth comes in will help familiarize a child with a kid’s dentist in Houston. This early interaction fosters a trust that will last throughout their lifetime.

Beyond building trust, early interactions, especially for mundane checkups, will build a child’s confidence in visiting the dentist, reducing fear.

All children are different and what works for one child may not work for another, but a pediatric dentist has many tools to help children feel calm, safe, and secure while at a kids dentist.

Introduction to Staff

A child’s first visit to the dentist should be a pleasant experience; no drills, needles, or other unpleasantness. Instead, children should meet the dental staff.

By meeting the dental staff, it will imprint friendly faces on the child’s mind, allowing them to feel more comfortable. Of course, you are welcome to accompany them every step of the way (not that they’d go wandering off on their own if only their first tooth is coming in).

If a child is a bit older and is either coming to the dentist for the first time or perhaps the first time in a new location, this meet or greet interaction helps reinforce the friendly and welcoming atmosphere.

At most, the only procedures to be done (unless it’s an emergency visit) would be a gentle cleaning and visual examination and x-ray.

By only partaking in non-invasive checkups and cleaning, a child’s fear of the dentist will greatly diminish.

Removing Fear with Sedation Dentistry

Since every child is different, has their own personality, likes and dislikes, and personal preferences, it’s not guaranteed that a visit to the dentist and an introduction to the staff will be enough to allay their fear or eliminate fidgeting.

For these kinds of situations, pediatric dentists in Houston rely on sedation dentistry.

Sedation dentistry is perfectly safe for both children and adults, but there are much stricter guidelines for use with children.

Through the use of nitrous oxide or IV sedation, the dentist is able to calm a child and completely eliminate their fear.

This can work for just about any situation, from applying dental sealants to performing a filling or root canal.

More often than not, nitrous oxide will be used for sedation as it allows the patient to remain completely awake, but in a much calmer, relaxed state.

By keeping the patient awake and conscious, the dentist is able to give them instructions during a cleaning or procedure. But their relaxed state also allows the dentist to complete a lot more work in a shorter amount of time, especially for anxious children.

Whenever sedation dentistry is used by a kid’s dentist in Houston, the amount of sedation is continually monitored and adjusted to keep the perfect balance of consciousness and calming relaxation.

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