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  • A Deep bite treatment often requires a multi-discipline approach with orthodontics and restorative dentistry usually involved. Modern orthodontic treatment is able to correct an improperly aligned bite by intruding your anterior (front) teeth and/or erupting your posterior (back) teeth; many of the options available today are very discreet.The different types of orthodontics offered at Advanced Dentistry include:Hidden (lingual) braces.Conventional fixed (labial) braces.Clear braces.Removable Inman Aligners and Clear aligners.

    Missing back teeth often creates or worsens a ‘deep bite’ situation and in these cases restoration of the missing teeth with dental implants and/or bridgework is needed to re-establish the correct bite.

    In severe cases, orthognathic surgery may be the best solution. The choice of treatment will depend on the extent of your deep bite, your facial profile and likely growth, but we will always recommend the least invasive, longest-lasting solution to meet your overall needs.

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