There are numerous periodontal procedures that pay attention on the prevention and restoration of the gum tissue. These procedures help in improving the functionality, extending the long-term health of your teeth and improving the esthetic quality of your smile.

Receding gums can lead to a range of oral health issues including an exposed tooth roots, unsightly ragged gum line, and ultimately the loss of teeth with extensive decay or recession.

An irregular gum line may affect your self-confidence. It will have effect on sensitivity of the exposed roots and may further lead to tooth loss, which will eventually prevent your dental structures from functioning appropriately.

While gum disease and aggressive brushing have been considered as the most common contributing factors to gum recession, the periodontists should focus on identifying the root causes while providing the most effective possible treatment. This poses for the question that what is required to fix these receding gums?

Here are some of the treatment solutions for patients who are seeking to see results right away;

1. Routine Flossing is Essential

People who want to ascertain the ways to stop receded gums needs to begin with daily flossing. Maintaining basic dental hygiene is essential.

2. Consider Diet

Having a healthy and balanced diet is really important. So, what needs to be taken? Foods and drinks that are loaded with Vitamin C, B9, and D are really good for receding gums. There are several studies showing the significance of consuming these vitamins as well as the effects that they have got on the growth of gums. Having these food types will certainly start producing the results eventually.

3. Appointment with a Dentist

For cases, especially those concerning genetic issues, it is actually essential to talk to a dentist. Professionals have several years of experience in dealing with this concern and are able to suggest a solution that specifically caters to one's case and needs. They recommend solutions that can bring fastest results.

4. Surgical Solutions:

  • A soft tissue graft method repairs the damage and helps prevent additional recession and bone loss. The grafts are used to cover the exposed roots or support the growth of new gum tissue. In this, the tissue is taken from either your palate or from the tissue bank (external source). This procedure helps in reducing sensitivity and protecting against decays.
  • Bone grafting involves the replacement of damaged or lost bone structure due to extensive periodontal decay or an accident. Pieces of a bone (your own bone, donated bone, or artificial bone) are used during this procedure. These grafts help to boost bone re-growth, restoring stability, structure and functionality of your teeth.
  • In pocket reduction surgery, the gums are lifted back to remove the hardened tartar. Further, the smoothing of damaged surfaces is performed if required. After this, the periodontist replace the gum tissue around the tooth structure to eliminate any pockets for harmful bacteria to accumulate and grow.
  • Guided tissue regeneration is one of the options available, which is provided to patients whose existing bone structure has been destroyed. In this procedure, the periodontist folds the gum tissue back and remove harmful bacteria by inserting membranes or proteins. This process stimulates the surrounding tissues and encourages your body’s natural regenerative process.

An increasing amount of research has already linked gum disease to some chronic conditions like cardiovascular disease, diabetes, respiratory illnesses, and so forth. A person with gum disease is at high risk of getting other associated health issues. You can find an expert performing Gum Surgery in San Diego at Irresistible Smiles. Go ahead and get yourself treated today to prevent any further problems!

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  • Thanks for great article on how we stop gum recession. This article was very, very interesting to read. Overall, it was really cool to read and learn about this disease so that you can be aware of it and see how it can be fixed. I also have some related ideas on this topic. When bacteria invade the area around the tooth it causes the gums to detach and creep farther down the root. Other causes include the use of tobacco, abrasive tooth brushing techniques, tooth misalignment and grinding. It is important to stop gum recession before it progresses to the point where you need surgical gum grafting. You can encourage gum reattachment in areas of gum disease by reversing the disease and keeping the tissue healthy. Thanks for sharing all of this information about receding gums and its causes! Thank you for sharing!

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