The teeth were designed to last for a lifetime but unfortunately they do not. When a tooth is lost, one loses the ability to chew the food properly and it can cause issues with other teeth as well. The other teeth may be crowded or tipped. Thus, replacing the missing teeth becomes vital.  Replacing the missing teeth is important for the health of your teeth and an ideal treatment for missing teeth is dental implants. The implants sit perfectly in the mouth and do not need the support of adjacent teeth.

Poor appearance and low self esteem is also a major cause of missing teeth. The implants are perfect to be used in case of missing teeth and the treatment of implants can be done easily under local anesthesia.

Advantage of using the implants:

There are several advantages of using dental implants as these reduce the load on the remaining teeth and offers independent retention or support to the crowns, overdentures, etc. The implants also help to preserve the natural tooth tissue where the need of cutting down the adjacent teeth for conventional bridgework is eliminated. There is no need for succeeding restorations of the teeth and preserves the bone of the teeth. It helps to reduce the bone deterioration that may result in the loss of jawbone height.

The other advantages for the patients are, these implants lasts for a long time and a better alternative than the conventional teeth restoration techniques. With proper support, retention and stability of implant over dentures it becomes easy to replace the loose fitting dentures. Overdentures are useful for controlling as well as improving the facial contours that can minimize premature wrinkles. You will find it easier to chew your food and speak with clarity. As compared to full dentures, overdentures offer better chewing capability and speech tends to be clearer.

Other important information about implants:

Implants are the right treatment for patients of many ages and it is a practical solution for patients who no longer wish to wear removable dentures. Once the doctor performs the analysis about the dental and medical history of the patients, the doctor can tell, whether the implant is an ideal solution for you or not.

It is also important for the patient to have enough bone for the implant to be supported. In case additional bone material is required, the dentist will guide you through that and in case of bone deficiency, there are many effective ways to get it corrected. The treatment time will vary as per the condition.

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