Recently an email marketing services company conducted a poll of about 200 email marketers who stated that there will be an increased focus on video email in the next few years among small and medium sized businesses (SMBs).

Around 80% or roughly 160 of them said they're going to use it within a year. Here's why:

* 64% of them think they'll get a significant boost to conversion rates.
* Over 50% said that it will improve click-through rates and drive customers onto landing pages.
* Over 20% said that video emails can also reduce support and training costs
* On the flip side, only 4.7% of those polled saw no benefit.

These email marketers broke down the best uses of video email into the following categories:

* 29% said training courses use video email best
* 22% said product offers
* 19% said product demos were key
* 18% use it for customer testimonials.

TALK FUSION is an easy-to-use, affordable suite of video communications tools that includes video e-mail, video conferencing and coming next month; video newsletters.

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