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SEO and the factors that determine your search ranking are changing, backlinks are still vital but google is trying to move away from using backlinks as the main source for determining search position. Backlinks can be quite easy to fake by marketing companies and other people who are trying to game the system and artificially increase their search rankings. It is believed that google has now begun to include social signals in its ranking algorithm and the social network that is most closely linked to search results is of course Google+




Recent studies by several SEO experts are showing an increase in the correlation between activity on the G+ network and search positions.



Several recent studies carried out by leading SEO organisations are showing a higher correlation between activity on the G+ network and search positions. Another factor that experts expect to become more prominent in search ranking in future is Google Authorship. Aurthorship is linked to your personal Google + profile and it is expected that it will give people with established profiles higher rankings in the future.




The offspring of this is that if you want to rank well in search results in the future, you will need to have google +. Also establishing a profile and building up followers will take time so best to get started sooner rather than later.



Here are some steps to get you started from a post on the TeethWise blog:



1. Start using the Google + network – Firstly set up a profile on there. You will find lots of people you interact with on other social networks are already on there. You can also join groups to help you find people with similar interests to you. Start sharing your content on the Google + network. Build up your circles and start liking and commenting on people’s content. Although the layout is different and can be a little confusing at first it is a good and active network.


2. Create and share good content – As we all know content is king. If you are creating content anyway through your blog or site why not share on Google + and improve your search ranking. Keep your blogs relevant, informative, personal and educational and share it on the Google+ network.


3. Add google authorship details to your blog – This is easy to do and links all your blog posts back to your Google + profile. This has the added advantage of showing your photo and author details beside your posts in google search results. I am noticing more and more people have these authorship details logged and I’m afraid you are falling behind if you don’t.


4. Make you content easily to share – I’m sure most people are doing this already but make sure your content is easy to share on the google network by including G+ buttons.


5. Make your posts public – Posts shared privately don’t pass the same link juice as publicly shared post. For SEO purposes, you likely want your posts spread as wide as possible.


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  • Google+ circles are how you organise your list of friends, family,patients, business partners, associates, customers and leads. It gives you greater control over who you share your content with. Sharing your circles is another great way for you to introduce one group of people to another group of doctors, or business contacts. Commenting on other Google plus member's status is also an additional advantage.

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