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  • Thanks for the prompt action :)
  • Thank you Jamie. Hope to learn a lot from this site!
  • Hello Jamie,
  • Thanks Jamie, looking forward to this forum developing.
  • Dear Jamie,
    Thank you for your comments. I am a life/dental coach aspiring to assist dentists to gain more personal satisifaction in managing their private practices. I have essentially "married' my educational, life and dental exeperiences into my coaching practice. I have a unique 360 degree perspective of a dental practice, as a co-owner, a spouse, an employee and as a person who highly values the profession of dentistry and dental wellness. I am currently in the process of developing my website and will notify you when it's live. I look forward to being on this unique forum. Kudos to you! Take care, Helen
  • Thanks for noticing! You can borrow them anytime.....
  • Thank you, Jamie. This could develope into an interesting forum.
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