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  • Hi Kara,

    I do a lot of work with production standards for the lab industry, and have some experienec with printing alloy, but not wax or resin. Are you doing any work with tooth colored resins?

    Thanks Kara, and feel free to caontact me anytime!!

  • Hi Mr. Jackson,

    I work at Solidscape, (3D printers), as their dental person. I am always looking for good information to share with my supervisors to help make their jobs easier, and recently it was suggested on an on-line forum, that you would be a good person to consult concerning the cost/ROI for printing. I am not a numbers person, so most of it goes over my head, but if have written on the cost of CAD/CAM, where printing is concerned, I would love to pass it on to the powers that be.

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