A Dental Shift: Implants Instead of Bridges

A patient mentioned a great article written by Jane E. Brody in the Health section of the New York Times regarding dental implants as the treatment of choice when compared to fixed bridges. The author unfortunately had experienced failure of a conventional three unit fixed bridge. Fortunately, she has the option of restoring her quality of life with an implant supported crown. In our periodontal practice in Framingham and Newton, Massachusetts, implant dentistry and related procedures represent the bulk of our daily treatment activities. We have placed thousands of dental implants since 1988, with a success rate of greater than 98%. The majority of our cases result from failing root canals, tooth fractures, and recurrent decay. Although conventional tooth-supported three unit bridges still have a viable role in dentistry, it is refreshing to see that the general public is becoming more educated about the most ideal treatment options. Kudos to Jane E. Brody for her article today. Please share your thoughts on this topic.

photo credit: Cary Feuerman DMD

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