Coffee Can Decrease Tooth Decay

Statistics show that 54% of Americans drink coffee daily. Some of these people know the benefits of coffee while others don’t. Some only drink to boost their energy levels without caring about any other benefits or risks. Coffee has numerous health benefits. However, do you know the effects it has on your teeth?


Dental Benefits of Drinking Coffee
The major benefit of drinking coffee is that it decreases tooth decay. According to several studies, when roasted coffee beans were tested against S. mutans (bacteria that causes tooth decay), the coffee beans turned out antibacterial against the S. mutans. The roasted coffee also prevented the bacteria from being absorbed in the teeth. The conclusion is that coffee does not prevent growth of the tooth decay bacteria but actually decreases the amount of the bacteria that sticks to teeth.


The study was carried out using four different types of coffee beans; roasted and unroasted Arabica and samples of roasted and unroasted Robusta. The results showed that all the sample types yielded similar results. The roasted samples were more active in reducing bacteria that sticks to the teeth than the unroasted ones.


Although coffee is known for staining teeth and causing discoloration, you can maintain white teeth through simple methods. For example, you can prevent staining by drinking coffee made from Arabica beans through a straw. Arabica coffee contains less staining agent than Robusta. When you drink from a straw, it is less likely that the coffee will get into contact with teeth. You can also mix your coffee with high fat milk which counteracts the staining agent. Finally, brush your teeth after taking coffee. If discoloration still occurs, visit a dentist for professional whitening or use home teeth whitening kits.


Coffee has its good and bad sides and should be taken in moderate amounts.



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