It is said that the smile is the most beautiful curve of the body and a perfect set of teeth can only enhance it. If your teeth are not aligned correctly, there’s absolutely no need to worry about it because there are ways to fix this issue. While getting traditional braces also known as lingual braces was the only option available earlier, now you can also choose to fix your teeth with Invisalign. Although there are a few conditions that cannot be fixed with Invisalign and you would be compelled to opt for traditional braces.


What is Invisalign?

Invisalign is primarily designed to be invisible. It consists of aligner trays that are made of comfortable, smooth, BPA-free plastic which is worn over the teeth. These trays help gently move your teeth. The aligner trays are made with the aid of pictures, X-rays, and impressions which can contribute in creating a precise 3-D image of your teeth.


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Here are a few comparisons between the Invisalign and traditional braces to help you decide which option will work best for you:


1. Removal

Once you have your braces on there is no removing it unless your teeth are straightened and aligned. But with Invisalign, that’s something you don’t need to be worried about. It can be easily removed.


2. Colour

Most people opt for Invisalign over traditional braces because it is transparent, it would be hard for anyone to figure out if you’ve got it on or not. On the other hand, it would be impossible to hide your braces from people as it usually silver in colour. If you pay extra you can get it in a different colour or the enamel colour.


3. Duration of the treatment

With lingual braces you would have to leave it on continuously for an average of 2 years, depending on your condition. Invisalign must be left on between 22 and 24 hours a day for 6 to 18 months, based on your condition.


4. Cost

Invisalign is more expensive when compared to traditional braces  and can be a deterrent for a lot of people.


5. Maintenance

For braces, you must ensure that the brackets and wires are brushed properly, using a waterpik may also be helpful. For Invisalign, it would be best to use an Invisalign cleaning system, or brushing and rinsing the trays in luke-warm water would also help.


6. Follow up visits

If you are wearing braces, your follow-up visits would be every month. But if you are wearing aligner trays, your follow-up visits would be every four to six weeks, and you would have to change your trays every two weeks.


7. Follow-up treatment

The follow-up treatment for both, lingual braces and Invisalign are the same - you would either need to wear a positioner or retainer at night.


8. Benefits of using lingual braces

Traditional braces are very effective for complex issues. The cleaning process only requires regular brushing and flossing.


9. Benefits of using Invisalign

It is invisible, you wouldn’t have to worry about food particles getting caught, removable and there are no discomforts from wires.


10. Disadvantages of using lingual braces

This may cause some pain, sores or discomfort from wires, brackets or tooth movement. This may cause difficulty while eating sticky or hard foods. It may also cause some dislocation or breakage of teeth.


11. Disadvantages of using Invisalign

This may cause discomfort due to tooth movement. It has to be removed while eating or drinking anything but water. Must brush after each meal to avoid staining.


12. Which one suits whom?

Patients who play rough contact sports regularly must avoid lingual braces. The patients who must avoid Invisalign are those with bridgework, back tooth bite issues, the need to rotate canines or premolars, the need to move teeth vertically and those with lack of discipline to keep trays in for at least 22 hours daily.

These pointers can help you choose between traditional braces and Invisalign, based on your requirements.

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