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Everything You Should Know About Braces

Crooked teeth are a quite common issue that affects many people all over the world. In most cases, teeth are shifted slightly and don’t cause any functional or serious aesthetic problems. But, if you have shifted teeth that make your smile look unsightly, complicate dental hygiene, or cause problems with speaking, it would be better to undergo treatment.

Modern dentistry provides a few options that can help straighten your teeth. Braces tend to be one of the most effective options. In this article, we will tell you everything you should know about braces.

What are braces?

Braces are special tools used in dentistry that help improve misaligned, crooked, or crowded teeth. That can be made from different materials and with the help of your dentist, you can choose the best option for your teeth.

Many people think that it is possible to straighten your teeth only in childhood. Indeed, it can be easier to cope with the aforementioned dental issues in children. But adults can also benefit from braces and get the desired smile.

Why do you need braces?

As mentioned above, braces can be used to help treat crowded, shifted, and misaligned teeth. If your teeth cause discomfort or some other problems, you may need to get braces. Timely and accurate treatment can help you get even teeth and a beautiful smile. 

Types of braces

There are four common types of braces. They are made of different materials and have different looks. If you are going to straighten your teeth, your dentist will evaluate your condition and recommend the most appropriate option.

1. Metal braces

Metal braces, also called traditional braces, are made of metal. They consist of brackets or bands that are attached to your teeth and flexible or arch wires to hold brackets or bands. Braces can also include rubber bands or metal ties that help attach the brackets and wire. Such braces are more effective since they cause more pressure that helps straighten your teeth.

2. Ceramic braces

If you want to make braces look less noticeable, you can ask your dentist about ceramic braces. Like traditional braces, they consist of brackets and flexible wire. These braces are made of tooth-colored ceramics. This means that they won’t bring so much attention, but will perform their job like traditional braces. Ceramic braces are a good option for teenagers and people who might be insecure about needing braces. 

3. Lingual braces

Another type of braces that is not as noticeable as traditional metal braces are lingual braces. These braces are attached to your teeth from the inner side of your teeth. Lingual braces are invisible from the outside but they have several disadvantages. For example, it is much harder to clean them and regular adjusting usually takes much time.

4. Invisalign

Invisalign are invisible clear braces that dramatically gained popularity. It is not surprising because they are completely transparent and don’t require any special attention. Invisalign uses pressure to gently align your teeth day by day. 

If you have transparent braces, you need to wear them for 22 hours a day and take them off to eat and clean your teeth. Invisaligns are perfect for both teenagers and adults since it is almost invisible and won’t cause you difficulty while cleaning.

The bottom line

If you want to improve your shifted teeth, braces are a good option that can help you get a beautiful smile. Make an appointment with your dentist to choose the most suitable option. A perfect smile and even teeth can help you smile often and feel more self-confident.

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Why are braces so expensive?

Braces have come a long way from their original inception. These orthodontic correction tools have helped millions of people to straightened their teeth. Braces do more than that though, they help us to improve our overall oral health. They can help you with your speech, and your bite to help when you are eating. There is no doubt that braces are more than just a cosmetic want, it is considered a necessity for most. 

But why are they so expensive? 

The expenses for this procedure are based on several determining factors. Time is the biggest one we will cover first.


The complexity of your case, in other words, how hard your teeth are to straighten will factor in how much time it takes. For any level of complexity, straightening your teeth is something that must be done slowly. If your teeth are shifted too quickly it will damage your teeth and gums. The longer the treatment time the more dental visits that will be needed thus increasing the cost.  


It is important that the parts used to correct your teeth are of high quality. The intricate parts used to straighten your teeth brackets, rubber bands and wires are not the only materials used. At times special appliances are also needed for more complex cases. Sanitization supplies and other materials add to the overhead cost of the materials. 


You are of course paying the doctors for their time, expertise, and knowledge. Dental assistants also help the doctor to do the more repetitive portions of the treatment. The doctor is responsible for mapping out the fastest most effective treatment plan for you. 


The time, materials, and labor all contribute to the expenses of braces. It is possible to find affordable braces depending on where you decide to get your braces. It is important that you find a good orthodontist that will give you the most straightforward and effective treatment plan. The less time you spend in braces the less the expenses will be. 



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What Are Gold Braces?

What Are Gold Braces?
Gold braces are made up of the same components as traditional metal braces such as wires and brackets. However, they are made with high-grade stainless steel coated with 24-karat gold. Dr. Kanaan developed these gold braces in Houston in 2006 specifically to help his patients with a nickel allergy. These braces are also for anyone that wants a more luxurious appearance for their braces. They stand out more than silver braces and are a symbol of power. 

These braces maintain most of their shininess and glory during the treatment. There are also gold accessories that can be added such as gold wires, gold hooks, gold elastics, and gold retainers. Gold braces are a great stylish choice for your orthodontic corrections. They are affordable, durable, and will make your teeth as straight as if you are wearing traditional metal braces.


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Voted Top Orthodontist In Houston

Choosing an orthodontist in Houston with more than 100 orthodontic specialists should not be hard. However, finding an orthodontic engineer who can design your complex case to get the best beautiful smile with the most economical price is not easy! Dr. Kanaan is a board-certified orthodontic specialist with additional special training to treat complex cases of orthodontics that require dental implants, surgery for impacted teeth, cleft lip and palate and other special cases. Dr. Kanaan completed a mini-residency program at Harvard Dental school in 2002 and graduated from St. Louis University in 2005 with a Master's degree in Orthodontics. He has been an active member of the American Association of Orthodontist AAO since 2003. 


Dr. Kanaan has been voted the top orthodontists in Houston. His dental experience and knowledge are unsurpassable! He takes the time to meet with you and address all your concerns to set your mind at ease. Dr. Kanaan also has patented and innovative inventions that are utilized in his unique dentistry. 


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Braces Types | Advantages and Disadvantages

When it comes to orthodontic correction a patient will most likely require some type of braces. The type will be determined depending on the individual person's dental needs.  Traditional metal braces are amongst the most common and are still as effective as ever.  

Throughout the years, orthodontics has developed different types of braces to cater to people's cosmetic appearance. In this post, we will cover the differences between the variety of braces available. 

Traditional Metal Braces | The Original Braces 

Metal Braces are a great choice for anyone looking to get a straight smile. These braces can be for kids and adults but are generally the go-to option for children. Metal Braces are made of a very strong stainless steel alloy. They are super strong and durable.  

Metal braces are by far the best option to correct severe cases and can also cut your treatment time down. Other teeth straightening options like Invisalign can take longer to achieve the same result.  


  • Less expensive than clear braces or Invisalign
  • Better at treating severe overcrowding of teeth
  • Durable and Strong
  • Better for more difficult orthodontic cases 
  • Faster treatment time 


  • Metal Braces are more noticeable than other braces types
  • Can be harder to clean 

Clear Braces | Also Known as Ceramic Braces  

Clear Braces are much less noticeable than metal braces. These braces are favored by teens and adults who are self-conscious about the way braces look. Ceramic Braces are still effective at treating your orthodontic problems and do not increase your treatment time. 

 This is a more expensive treatment option than traditional metal braces. They do cost more to purchase and often take more visits and more time to install also.  


  • Less noticeable than metal braces.
  • It does not increase treatment time. 
  • Effective at treating most orthodontic problems 


  • More expensive than metal braces
  • Can take more time to install
  • The patient is required to qualify 

Incognito Braces | Also Known as Hidden Braces 

Lingual Incognito hidden braces are a unique treatment option in orthodontic dentistry. The braces are customized to be placed on the backside of your teeth so they are completely hidden from view. The price range can be about the same as metal braces or can cost up to $5,000 more. You will have to consult your orthodontist to determine a final price.  


  • Completely invisible 
  • The cost can be about the same as metal braces
  • Easy to keep clean
  • Effective Treatment Option 


  • Will take getting used to and affect your speech initially
  • Cost may exceed metal braces 


Invisalign | Also known as Clear Aligners 

Invisalign is one of the more modern approaches when considering orthodontic treatment. Clear Aligners now addresses many cases, from simple to more complex. These aligners are made of a smooth, comfortable, BPA-free plastic that won't irritate your cheeks and gums like traditional metal braces often do.  

Simply wear them throughout the day, and remove them when you eat or to brush and floss your teeth. You need to wear them at least 22 hours each day. As you wear each set of aligners, your teeth gently and gradually begin to shift into place. And because they're virtually invisible, most people won't even notice you're wearing them 


  • More comfort than metal braces
  • More attractive and less noticeable than metal braces  
  • Can be removed to eat, brush and floss
  • Minimal Maintenance 


  • More Expensive than traditional metal braces
  • Patients are responsible for wearing them 22 hours a day 
  • Brushing is required after removing to eat


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