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Teeth Cleaning in Yonkers


Teeth cleaning costs are worth the investment because regular and deep teeth cleaning are investments in your future appearance, as well as your overall general well-being. Our dentist can answer no when you wonder, “Do teeth cleanings hurt?”. Dr. Farokhzadeh makes sure you’re as comfortable as possible. We ensure you won’t have to miss dental cleaning ever again. Call or visit our practice to set up your next dentist’s teeth cleaning appointment.

Everyone needs teeth cleaning every six months, no matter how old you are or what condition your teeth are in. You may even find yourself in need of deep teeth cleaning if your dentist finds evidence of gum disease, which involves going below the gum line to ensure your mouth has been properly cleaned.

But a regular cleaning from your family dentist can be easy if you’ve built a trusting relationship with your dentist. Cleaning out plaque and tartar, if they’re present, and showing you how to maintain your smile between visits are all part of the dentist’s job.

Regular dental cleaning, combined with the skills of a cosmetic dentist, can leave your smile looking brighter and whiter than you ever imagined.

What Are The Different Types Of Dental Cleanings?
There are two types of procedures involved in professional dental cleaning at Park Avenue Smiles in Yonkers: one is the bi-annual teeth cleaning checkup and the other is deep teeth cleaning. Talk to your dentist about arranging a weekend visit if you can’t make it during the week. It’s far better than skipping your regular treatments.
- Regular teeth cleaning. This procedure involves checking for cavities, removing plaque, using a fluoride treatment, flossing your teeth and polishing them. Doing this twice a year keeps teeth from building up plaque and tartar. It helps your mouth stay healthy and free from further problems. The focus is on the teeth that are above the gum line.
- Deep teeth cleaning: If you’re at risk for periodontal disease, you may need oral deep cleaning, also called scaling or root planing. During this procedure, your mouth is numbed, and your dentist can focus on removing plaque, bacteria, debris and other problems happening below the gum line.

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