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What Is Orthodontics?
When you have misaligned teeth, you may be self-conscious in public and unhappy with your smile. The team at Stamford Dental Arts provides adults and teenagers a range of options that can put a smile on your face for good. The goal is to provide you with a smile makeover that also keeps your teeth and gums healthy.

Alternatives to correct teeth problems are available at your nearby Stamford, Connecticut office. So when you or a family member needs orthodontics, you have choices, including state-of-the-art teeth straightening with Invisalign clear aligners. Call today to talk with the team about the solution that’s best for you.

Orthodontics is the treatment of misaligned teeth and jaws. When your teeth aren’t straight or don’t fit together properly, it’s called a malocclusion. This condition can cause self-consciousness, but it goes beyond that. It also leads to difficulty chewing, grinding your teeth, speech impediments, jaw pain, abnormal wear of your teeth and an increased risk of tooth decay, gum disease and other dental problems.

When choosing a dental professional for your orthodontic treatment, you need someone who is highly experienced in the field of orthodontia and dedicated to regularly improving their knowledge of advanced technologies. You want to find a dentist who learns about the latest treatment options. That’s exactly what you find at Stamford Dental Arts.

Your nearby team of family dental professionals is highly trained and well experienced in all areas of general dentistry. And since your Stamford dentists also are trained in all aspects of cosmetic dentistry, they consider your appearance as well as your oral health. The dentists at Stamford Dental Arts use the latest techniques and technology to straighten your teeth as quickly and painlessly as possible.

Do You Need Orthodontic Treatment?
Orthodontic treatment is performed to move teeth into their proper position and better align the way they bite together. In children, orthodontic care can guide proper jaw growth, which helps permanent teeth come in properly. Orthodontic treatment can also benefit adults who may have postponed getting care at an earlier age.

It’s never too late to get orthodontic care, whether for cosmetic reasons or for the health of your teeth. Straight teeth have the best chance of being healthy teeth, and after orthodontic correction, you’ll enjoy improved facial structure, healthier teeth and gums, and improved self-esteem. Straighter teeth also turn back the clock on your appearance, as crooked teeth make you look older than you actually are.

Your top Stamford dentist determines if you or your teen can benefit from orthodontics. By doing a full dental exam, including using digital x-rays and other diagnostic tools, your dentist develops a treatment plan specifically for you. You then have a conversation about goals, expectations, and budget. Stamford Dental Arts make sure your insurance carrier pays its share, and the practice offers financing options for the rest.

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If you're considering getting braces or are already wearing them, there are a few things you should know about straightening your teeth. Orthodontic treatment consists of more than just wires, brackets, and elastics. There are numerous fascinating orthodontic facts to learn, such as why tooth straightening is now easier than ever. Read on for some of the most fascinating facts about teeth straightening you should be aware of.

1. Wires used in braces were originally created by NASA

You may be aware that wires in certain braces contain nickel titanium. In fact, NASA developed this alloy with the purpose of employing it in the space program. These small, incredibly elastic, and flexible wires used in orthodontic equipment are activated by body heat and can retain their shape after being bent and bonded to the teeth.

2. First braces were created almost three centuries ago 

The first documented braces were created in 1728 by Pierre Fauchard, commonly regarded as the Father of Dentistry. These braces were made of flat metal that was threaded onto the teeth. Later, in the 20th century, as humanity gained a better understanding of malocclusion, dentist Edward Angle created more sophisticated and contemporary orthodontic tools, including brackets.

3. All orthodontists are dental specialists 

Only around 6% of dentists are orthodontists, yet all orthodontists are dentists. An orthodontist is a dental specialist focused on the prevention and treatment of dental abnormalities, such as an incorrect bite. It's essential to finish an additional two to three years of study from a recognized orthodontic residency program after graduating from dentistry school to become an orthodontist.

4. Some of the first attempts to straighten teeth have been found in Ancient Egypt 

Despite the fact that braces weren't invented until the early 18th century, people have always yearned for a healthy and aesthetically pleasing smile. Archaeologists think that the use of animal intestine cords, which resemble the wire seen in modern braces, to wrap around the teeth of several mummies was one of the first attempts to straighten teeth in ancient times. 

5. It’s essential to wear retainers afterward 

Your commitment to wearing a retainer after completing the treatment will dictate how well your results will hold up over time. Unfortunately, over 25% of individuals who have worn braces must undergo the procedure once again due to not using their retainers as they should have. Their teeth often return to their natural, misaligned positions as a result. Hence, wearing your retainer is essential to keep your teeth straight and attractive.

6. Braces have no age restrictions 

Think again if you believe that the best time for getting braces is your teenage years and you're no longer eligible for orthodontic treatment as an adult. In fact, the American Association of Orthodontists reports that a majority of those wearing braces are in their 50s, 60s, and 70s, and around one in five orthodontic patients are adults. This implies that orthodontic treatment can benefit everyone, including children, their parents, and even grandparents.

7. Millions of Americans are undergoing orthodontic treatment right now

According to the American Association of Orthodontists, 4 million Americans are now using braces or another type of orthodontic appliance to correct their teeth. Additionally, 75% percent of individuals undergoing treatment are under the age of 18.

8. There are plenty of myths surrounding braces 

It's safe to say that a great deal of the myths you have heard about braces are untrue. You should be aware that metal detectors won't detect braces, braces cannot be locked when kissing, and they do not interfere with radio signals. Braces won't make you more likely to get struck by lightning. Also, while wearing braces, you may still perform musically and take part in athletic activities safely and productively.

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