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Dentures in Astoria

High quality, affordable same day dentures.
Dentures are removable replacements for lost teeth and the tissues adjacent to them. They are produced using acrylic resin, which is something fused with various metals. We can help whether you are in need of complete dentures to replace an entire set of teeth, or if you simply need partial dentures to replace one or a few teeth. There are two types of complete dentures, “immediate” and “conventional”. We can help you decide which are right for you.

Dentures replace lost teeth while enhancing your gum health, and today’s dentures are affordable and well-fitting. When you lose teeth, it’s difficult to chew and talk properly. Your smile isn’t what you want it to be, and you may lose the confidence to make new relationships and find new job opportunities. Dental dentures can solve those issues. And dentures of old are nothing like the new dentures offered by your dental team at Astoria, NY dentistry practice.

Materials used to create dentures now are durable. They’re made to look natural and fit comfortably. Affordable dentures can give you a complete smile makeover while boosting your dental health.

Dental Dentures and Your Health
Our dentists Dr. Alexander Bokser and Dr. Irene Bokser always try first to keep your natural teeth, but it’s not always possible. Reasons you may lose your original teeth may include:
- Years of improper dental care
- An accident in which your teeth were knocked out or broken
- Inheriting dental problems
- Physical ailments that compromise your oral health
- Drug abuse and smoking

Since your family dentist also is a certified cosmetic dentist, he provides you with basic dental treatments before suggesting that you undergo more complex procedures like getting dental dentures. The team at your Astoria, NY dental practice understands your budget constraints, dental history and appearance goals, making them best suited to create a plan that serves your best interests.

Denture Options
There are many different kinds of dental dentures. Which one is best for you ultimately depends on how many teeth you’ve lost. At Precision Dental NYC, you’ll have access to:
- Traditional dentures, when the dentist needs to pull all your teeth. Once you’ve healed, your dentures can be made. It may take as long as 12 weeks, so temporary dentures are usually made available.
- Same day dentures are also referred to as one day dentures or immediate dentures. They’re made before you get any teeth pulled. And while you walk out the same day with your new teeth, you may have to return several times to get them adjusted correctly.
- Flexible dentures are malleable and quickly conform to the shape of your mouth. For many people, these are easier to wear. You can get flexible dentures as a complete set or as partial dentures.
- Partial dentures are ideal when some of your original teeth can be saved. They often are attached to a bridge. A bridge can be cemented permanently or made so that you can take it out.

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