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Mini dental implants are a slightly different type of implant, as the actual implant is narrower and uses a screw instead of a post. Originally introduced during the 1980s, the FDA accepted mini dental implants as a suitable long-term implant solution in 1999.

The diameter of mini dental implants can range from as little as 1.8 mm, up to 2.9 mm. The implant screws range from 10 mm to 18 mm in length, and the length of the screw determines the strength of the implant rather than its diameter.

At our dental implant practice in Brooklyn use mini dental implants in specific situations and where traditional-sized dental implants aren’t suitable. Typically, they are used to replace small lower incisors or other teeth where there isn’t room for a traditional larger width implant. Mini dental implants are exceptionally useful for securing loose dentures and especially when a person has significant jawbone deterioration and who is unsuitable or who do not wish to have bone graft surgery to build up their jawbone.

Why Choose Mini Dental Implants?
Mini dental implants are ideal for anyone missing a lower front tooth or another tooth where the space is too narrow to fit a conventional dental implant without negatively affecting the adjacent teeth and avoiding essential structures like nerves and blood vessels. If your mini dental implant is being used to restore a small front tooth, you will be provided with a temporary tooth and eventually an implant crown once the front tooth implant has fully healed

Because mini dental implants are smaller than standard implants, the price is more competitive, and they can be a cost-effective solution for anyone wishing to retain their dentures more firmly.

The surgical procedure to place mini implants is less invasive because the implants are inserted directly through the gums, avoiding the need to make an incision in the gum for each dental implant. Dr. Umanoff, Brooklyn dental implants dentist is using this less invasive treatment to appeal to anyone who is slightly nervous about having dental implants or who would be less suitable for conventional implant surgery.

Who Is Suitable for Mini Dental Implants?
Mini dental implants could help people currently struggling with loose and uncomfortable dentures, and implant treatment isn’t affected by age or gender once the jaws have finished growing and developing. Everyone considering implant treatment at LuxDen Dental Center will need an in-depth consultation with the best implant dentist in Brooklyn Dr. Leonard Umanoff to discuss their dental health and general health, and their aims for implant treatment.

We must make sure mini dental implants are the most suitable treatment for you and will provide the outcome you desire.

Dr. Umanoff can talk to you about the treatment more fully and can answer any questions you may have. You will need diagnostic tests before we can provide an accurate estimate as to may dental implant costs, but we can give you a rough guide during this meeting. If you decide you wish to proceed, the next stage is to have diagnostic tests.

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