Underserved patients have benefited from $1,112,469.00 worth of dentistry at no cost to them over the last year. This dental work was performed on patient populations who might not otherwise receive or been able to afford these services.

The patient participants in these programs are typically phobic patients who have avoided dental work for many years not only because they can't afford treatment; they are also very fearful. Dental work included cleanings, extractions, fillings and endodontic dentistry treatments as part of an I.V. or Parenteral Sedation Training Program hosted by Conscious Sedation Consulting in association with dental clinics nationally. 

Sedation for this patient population is an excellent solution. Randy Pigg, BSN, chief executive officer at Sedation Consulting, says, "The patients just don't want to see, feel or remember anything, in the hands of doctors with appropriate training, I.V. sedation can provide this safely for many patients."

The programs are part of the clinical component of a comprehensive post doctorate continuing education program for dentists to obtain parenteral sedation permits in their perspective states. Presented throughout the U.S., each doctor participant administers intravenous sedation to at least 20 patients while supervised by an anesthesia provider. Patients are volunteers that have agreed to have their dental work done while sedated.

Mr. Pigg who has participated in several medical missions oversees stated, "The company was started to provide quality anesthesia training for dentists and staff in response to the many adverse events being reported in dental and oral surgeons offices nationally as related to sedation. We have trained many doctors nationally with practices and techniques used in medicine to increase patient safety and to provide these doctors with the skill sets to handle medical emergencies and manage the airway. So when the opportunity presented itself to provide quality education to these dentists and be able to provide needed dental treatments to underserved communities here at home, we jumped at the chance. It has been inspirational to see these doctors learn these skills and apply their talents to make such a large contribution to the lives of others and they are the ones that deserve all the credit."

The company which is comprised of medical and dental anesthesia providers stated that it looks forward to expanding these offerings to additional communities throughout the country and that volunteers who would be interested in participating can contact the company at the number below or email at info(at)sedationconsulting(dot)com.

About Conscious Sedation Consulting: The nation's leading provider of continuing education and training on the administration of procedural sedation, medical emergency and airway management to medicine and dentistry. For more information please visit http://www.SedationConsulting.com or contact the company by phone 888-581-4448.

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  • It is really a big factor, of lack of knowledge about oral care.Due to this reason many people are suffering from various kinds of gum and oral problems.Such kind of activity of spreading proper awareness is beneficial for mass.Organizing time for time free oral check up camp is a good initiative.

  • Great article Randy, it is truly a good initiative to treat undeserved patients who are devoid of dental treatment, due to high fees of practicing dentists or other reasons. Through this initiative many get to know ways to take care of dental issues & starts practicing healthy habits of maintaining good oral care. I believe such more initiatives should be organised from time to time to make the world free from oral problems.

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