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Smile is the ability of the person to express range of emotions and this also determines that how well a person function’ in the society. Smile design helps people to maintain good oral and physical health of the teeth. There are some cosmetic dentistry procedures that can help to design your smile. With composite bonding, tooth implants and teeth whitening, you can get the smile of your dreams. All you need to do is go for the smile designing cosmetic procedure. It is important that an organized and systematic procedure is followed to get a smile makeover. This is possible in the cosmetic dentistry field and one can take certain treatments to design their smile.

Goals of smile designing:

The final result will not just be about good looks but in proper smile designing treatment, the ultimate goal will be to achieve a pleasing composition in smile by creating appropriate arrangement of several esthetic elements. The teeth, muscle system, skeletal structures, etc, will move in harmony with each other after this cosmetic treatment. Achieving a successful and functional result, your dentist will need to have a proper understanding about the relationship between the supporting oral structures, occlusion, joints, bones, muscles, etc.

A few aspects of your smile that need to be reviewed by the cosmetic dentist:

There are various aspects of your smile and these can be improved with a smile makeover which includes the tooth color, alignment and spacing, missing teeth, etc. Teeth whitening will help to improve the color of the teeth. Tooth color is also considered for a number of preparations and procedures which includes putting the teeth braces, invisalign, crowns, bridges and much more. Dark or discolored teeth suggest an aged mouth. White teeth assure you have a well shaped and white smile and this will also improve you overall appearance.

Alignment and spacing of teeth is equally important like tooth color. The overlapping teeth, crooked or teeth with gaps can be aligned properly with orthodontic treatment and the use of veneers. Missing teeth also impacts the appearance of your teeth and this need to be fixed with the help of dental implants, bridges, etc. cosmetic design will need to work on the missing teeth so the bite is improved and there is no risk of tooth decay. So, all aspects of smile designing need to be considered appropriately by the dentist.

The gummy smile need to be re-contoured and uneven, chipped or cracked teeth should be bonded cosmetically. It improves the overall look of the smile. A cosmetic dentist will work closely on all the smile aspects which will also include fuller lips, smile and cheeks and thus redesign your smile aesthetically giving it a graceful touch.

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  • I really appreciate your article, it was just fantastic. Smile makeover is an important process in cosmetic dentistry. It is the process of applying any one or a combination of various cosmetic dentistry procedures with the purpose of improving the person’s smile. You can restore your smile with porcelain or resin veneers. Dental implants can help return your self confidence as you deliver a full smile with beautiful teeth. Having dental whitening services done professionally can help restore and rejuvenate your smile. Keep it up with those ideas.

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