What to Do If My Tooth Is Broken?

What to Do If My Tooth Is Broken?

It's scary when a tooth breaks. The damage might develop due to an impact on your face or your daily life. Fortunately, there is no need to fear because mending a fractured tooth is simple if you visit a competent dentist immediately. However, if you have a cracked tooth, the information below will be helpful for you.

What Are the Causes of Broken Tooth Pain?

Your teeth, like your hands or fingers, are a body component. As a result, if you sustain an injury to any part of your body, you will surely feel pain. Similarly, if you play contact sports and experience an impact on your mouth that breaks your teeth in two, you will feel pain that can cause you to panic.

It is also possible to sustain a fractured tooth as a result of general wear and strain on your teeth from daily life. If you enjoy crunching on hard foods like candy or ice, you can get a fractured tooth. Problems such as bruxism, which causes teeth grinding and jaw clenching, can potentially harm your teeth. Because your tooth enamel weakens and breaks over time, you might expect pain from the damaged tooth.

How Can You Tell If Your Tooth Pain Is Caused by a Broken Tooth?

You will most likely experience dental pain as soon as the tooth breaks. For example, sudden pain when eating extremely hot or cold meals may suggest that you have a damaged tooth. You may also suffer pain when chewing food with a broken tooth.

What to Do If Your Tooth Splits in Half

If your tooth has fractured in half, call your dentist's office immediately to schedule an appointment. Ignoring a fractured tooth is not advised since your health may deteriorate and the tooth may become infected.

The infection could start in the dental pulp and extend to the gums and bones. If you can't go to your dentist immediately, you can keep up with your regular dental hygiene routine, carefully brushing the fractured tooth gently.

Do not leave the damaged tooth untreated because your oral bacteria attack the tooth quickly. Instead, go to an emergency dentist near you right away for treatment.

What Are the Possible Treatments for Broken Tooth Pain?

The sooner you see an emergency dentist, the more likely you will save the tooth. The dentist will examine the broken tooth and determine the best way to salvage it. Some treatment options available to dentists for a damaged tooth are listed below.

You may not need extensive repair if you have lost some tooth enamel or have a damaged filling. Instead, the dentist may replace the filling or bind the tooth with tooth-colored composite resin bonding material.

If only a little bit of your tooth is damaged, your dentist may propose dental fillings or a dental crown to safeguard the remaining portion of the tooth.

If you have a significant fracture, your dentist may recommend endodontic surgery to remove the broken piece of the tooth and safeguard the dental pulp.

If you resist treatment and the fracture extends to the dental pulp, you may need a root canal or tooth extraction.

Breaking your teeth in half is terrifying and makes you believe you'll need a costly new tooth. Fortunately, dentists provide various treatment choices for tooth restoration. However, you should have the tooth assessed soon to achieve the best possible outcome. Delaying therapy or neglecting the problem will result in tooth loss and the need to replace them with dentures, bridges, or implants.

How Can I Keep My Teeth From Breaking Off?

It is not difficult to keep your teeth from breaking off. Assume that you are conscientious about your oral hygiene practices and make regular appointments with your dentist for checkups and cleanings. In that situation, your dentist can offer preventive measures to help you avoid ever dealing with a damaged tooth.

Dentists, for example, advocate against using your teeth to bite on things like ice or hard candies and wearing mouthguards if participating in sports that have the potential to harm your mouth. Furthermore, teeth grinding and jaw clenching treatments necessitate the use of custom night guards to prevent your teeth from contacting each other while sleeping.

As a result, if you follow the preventive measures prescribed by your dentist, you can comfortably avoid a situation that causes tension and requires the assistance of emergency dentists.

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