Your Dental Health and Key Nutrients

We know oral care is just one aspect of maintaining dental health. The other is our foods. Our teeth and gums need certain nutrients, including vitamins and minerals to stay healthy and disease-free. Unless our diet is rich in these nutrients, we can never expect to achieve perfect dental health. They are as essential to our body as other nutrients that keep our body in shape and running. No matter how good you are with brushing, flossing, rinsing and cleaning, total dental health can never be a reality until you eat the right foods and get those key nutrients.

Take for example, your tooth enamel is all minerals and acid contact chips away at these minerals causing erosion. You will this need some minerals back in the body so that the teeth can stay healthy and strong. Foods rich in calcium can do that easily. You will also need to rely on foods rich in phosphorus to keep the enamel intact. While good sources for calcium include milk, cheese, yogurt, almonds, you can eat eggs, fish and tofu for supplying phosphorous to the body. Both these nutrients are key to ensuring the total dental health and you just can’t ignore them.

Similarly, your dentists often advise eating more of hard and crunchy foods with lots of water to keep your teeth and gums healthy. These foods can help in saliva production and scrub away food particles, plaque and bacteria from your mouth. They can neutralize the effects of acid, fight off bacterial growth and ensure total dental health. such foods are apples, carrots and celery and you can trust them to maintain superior dental health. They also get the jaw working which is very helpful in letting you maintain superior dental health. With these foods, your dental health will never suffer.

In the same way, your teeth and gums can’t be healthy unless they get the supply of vitamin D. Only then can they absorb calcium better and this must be known to you well. Although sunlight is a natural source of this vitamin, you can also eat fish and egg yolks to get this vitamin and maintain dental health. Likewise, vitamin c needed to keep your gums healthy by reducing the risk of inflammation. This is how you can keep away periodontal disease. Some of the good sources for this vitamin include oranges, kale and broccoli.

You can clearly see the role played by foods in helping you maintain dental health. For that reason, you should eat right apart from taking good oral care on a daily basis. You are also required to visit the dentist or dental clinic in Noida twice a year so that any problem can be spotted at an early stage. Such a visit can ensure that nothing developers into a bigger dental health problem as this might entail more inconvenience and more money in treatment. You can thus start eating right and follow oral care regularly to stay on top of your dental health. All this will ensure total dental health.

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