Your Gums are Important

A cleaner and healthier mouth can improve your overall look, sans any dental problems. Hence it is essential to have your teeth clean and get it checked by a dentist on a regular basis.
At Oracare Dental Centre, Pune we provide the highest standards of dental care. We use the best oral components with innovative dental techniques. Our professional team of periodontologists carries out complicated gum treatment quite efficiently. Gum disease is the inflammation that is accompanied by pain or discomfort in the gums. This can be classified into two categories based on the intensity of the infection.
Gingivitis: This disease indicates the inflammation of the gingiva. The area around the tooth becomes red and can also be painful. This is caused due to bacterial plaque and is characterized by swelling, slight pain and bleeding while brushing teeth.
Periodontal disease: Also referred to as periodontitis, this infection is usually the aggravated form (in the absence of treatment) of gingivitis. In this condition the soft tissue bone that support the tooth are damaged. This can result in the loss of tooth.
To avoid this disease, it is essential to maintain a good oral hygiene, regular dental checkups, and eat a balanced nutritional diet. Professional cleaning once in a while is necessary to prevent gum diseases.
You can undergo gum treatment, orthodontics, root canal, smile designing and makeover, teeth whitening, etc. at our clinic. We also offer dental tourism so that you can enjoy the sights and sounds of Pune, after treatment. So give us a call and watch your dental problems melt away.
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  • It is very basic thing that you should go for a regular checkup (after 6 months or 1 year at least) so that your teeth remain healthy and disease free. People should not avoid this routine. It will protect your form various disease. It is necessary for your teeth.

  • Well, I do agree with the facts that Dental cavities and tooth decay is one of the most common medical conditions experienced and maintaining proper oral hygiene are very essential for maintaining dental health. The improved techniques like gum treatment, orthodontics, root canal, smile designing and makeover, teeth whitening is doing great job in resolving dental issue. 

  • Good post for those suffering from gum or tooth problem, it has been recommended from ages that dental check ups should made on daily basis, i.e. a once in a 6 month to avoid unnecessary problem related to tooth decaying or swelling. Also if possible consulting dentist or getting in touch with us, can help to enlightened many on tooth or gum problems.

  • Yes, regular dental checkups are necessary for both children and adults to maintain oral hygiene and healthy gums and teeth. Also regular and routine checkups will help your dentist to detect any problem, if persists.

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