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Closing The Gap Between You And Your Patients

Re-imagining practice management with patient-centered focus is the way ahead for any dental practice planning to scale up. Take back from this webinar, how to meaningfully engage your patients by streamlining practice workflow and ensuring a wholesome experience before, during, and after the visit.

Panelists: Lynne Leggett & Teresa Duncan, MS

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You are no longer the person you used to be. Nowadays, you make a conscious effort not to smile as your teeth condition for some reason appears unpleasant. Understandably, not responding to the smiles of the opposite person makes you rude, thus, you decide to withdraw from all social gatherings.


However, you are not alone; many others deal with such problems. Regardless of the reasons eclipsing the pearly white smiles, the solution is not far away. By visiting the dentist you can not only regain a confident smile but also improve your oral health. Here is an insight into some of the treatment methods the dentists will prefer. Furthermore, you can also check out for more information on how the dentists can help.


One of the commonly used treatments is dental crowns. For the unversed, the dental crowns are usually made from ceramic or porcelain. Thus, it suits well with the teeth-color. It is designated for repairing and strengthening fragile teeth and also attends the discoloration problem.

The dentist will usually fit these crowns over the tooth. Gradually, the tooth will regain its functionality and appearance.  The best part, you need not require visiting the dentist more than twice to get this treatment. In some instances, placing of these crowns becomes mandatory after someone undergoes a root canal treatment.


Most individuals with teeth issues will find the remedy with dental veneers. The procedure involves the necessary restorations to the frontal teeth. As you age, the teeth may start spotting gaps, cracks, or misalignment. The veneers are also made from porcelain and easily fit in over the existing teeth structure. The dentist may also go for composite resin veneers if necessary.

As already mentioned, veneers are the ideal solution for most people. Let the dentist make the final call on the veneer material so that it becomes the best match for the natural teeth. However, if your teeth are severely misaligned, veneers won’t help your cause. It requires the intervention of another treatment which we will read a bit later.


As the name suggests, if the dentist recommends you to go for an implant, it indicates replacing the whole tooth. Several reasons attribute towards teeth loss. It can be an accident, an underlying medical condition, tooth decay, gum diseases and more. The dentist will place an artificial tooth which comes with a root and gets support from a crown. However, not everyone requires undergoing implants. Particularly, if you are dealing with diabetes, implants are never an option.


Bridges mimic the implant procedure but it is different. With this method, the dentist aims to attach a false tooth between two crowns. If you are a candidate for the aforesaid treatment, you have to visit the dentist regularly, as it requires some preparations before commencing with the treatment procedure. The biggest difference between bridges and implants are, the former is not a permanent solution. Then again, it is up to the dentist in deciding whether a bridge or an implant will be more feasible.


For some adults, veneers are not sufficient to overcome the problem. In such situations, the dentist goes for the orthodontics treatment. By using veneers dentists take care of the crooked teeth and misaligned jaws. Ultimately, it will restore the shape of teeth and provide you with the necessary boost in confidence. However, you must keep patience, as orthodontics treatment can take much longer than the other form of dental treatments.

Teeth Whitening

Maybe, some of the names above are unfamiliar, but the term teeth whitening must be familiar to everyone. You find a host of products in the form of “home teeth whitening kits” in the market. Although tooth whitening doesn’t have permanent health benefits, it is still one of the most popular treatment methods. Before considering the take-home kits, you should consult with a dentist, as the reasons for tooth discoloration may have a relation to some other oral problems.

So, as you can see, there are wide arrays of treatment facilities that promise to make you smile confidently once more. Thus, it is not the time to shy away from social gatherings, rather seek an appointment with the local dentist, and watch how their services help you.

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Going to the dentist makes many people nervous, especially if they’re self-conscious about their teeth or worried that a procedure might be painful. Having a good relationship with you and your staff can make all the difference in whether or not patients return to your practice for regular dental care. How can you build a good relationship with your dental patients?

  1. Begin at the beginning. Whenever you get a new patient, put a lot of effort into welcoming them into your practice. For example, you can send them a welcome text or email (provided they've signed up to receive such communications from you) prior to the appointment to let them know what to expect, such as any forms they’ll need to fill out or a reminder to bring their insurance information. 
  2. Be authentic. Patients know when you're trying to "fake it" or be someone you’re not. Tap into your genuine curiosity about other people to ask patients questions about themselves, their families and their lives. You'll undoubtedly find some common interests or conversational avenues to pursue. After the patient’s visit, make notes of what you learned so that you can follow up on these topics at the patient's next appointment.
  3. Show patients you care. One way you can build a strong relationship with patients is by demonstrating that you care about their dental health. CareStack’s patient communication tools, for instance, allow you to automatically contact patients when they are due for a hygiene appointment, follow up on treatment plans so patients don't miss important treatments, and even reach out to dormant patients to get them back in the office.
  4. Listen more than you talk. There’s a “sales” aspect to gaining treatment acceptance from patients—and like any salesperson, dental professionals can learn a lot by listening. Talk less and listen more, and you’ll uncover what matters to the patient, as well as any objections they may have to recommended treatments. For example, if a new patient admits he hasn't gone to the dentist in a couple years because he was out of work and couldn't afford it, you probably shouldn’t suggest $3,000 worth of dental work right away. Start small, recommending treatment for the most pressing issues, to gain the patient's trust.
  5. Share information among the dental practice team. Dental hygienists (and sometimes even front office staff) often spend more time conversing with patients than dentists do. All of your employees should be educated in how to build patient relationships, starting with gathering information about patients. That knowledge should be shared with the rest of the team and recorded in your patient records. For example, if your receptionist learns that a patient is getting married in six months, you may want to broach the subject of cosmetic dentistry that can give the patient a beautiful smile for the wedding photos.
  6. Interact on social media. Personal interactions are key to building patient relationships, but these days, digital interactions matter, too. Maintaining an active presence for your dental practice on the social media sites where your patients spend time will create bonds and help them feel like you're part of their lives. 
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Best Dental Care Insurance: Learn The Benefits

Numerous individuals don't think about their teeth as something that can influence their general wellbeing. Actually, it can. It is hence that numerous dental specialists suggest that an individual gets an oral test no less than six months. During an oral test, a dentist near me will figure out what dental work, assuming any, should be finished to guarantee appropriate dental wellbeing. These normal oral tests and resulting visits that might be expected to get dental work finished can be depleting on the finances. Having a dental care Insurance plan can help ease a portion of the financial burden.

Why People Avoid Purchasing Dental Insurance Plans:- 

Individuals avoid buying PPO dental insurance Texas since they consider it to be an extra cost and they believe they can live without. The truth is it is without a doubt an additional cost however individuals who avoid it are not resembling at the big picture. When contrasting the measure of cash spent on best PPO dental insurance and the patient's part of cash spent paying 100% of the dentist bill, the thing that matters is remarkable. This demonstrates an individual can set aside cash over the long haul with dental care insurance

Sorts Of Dental Insurance Coverages:- 

Most dental care insurance plans will totally pay for precaution support care. This will ordinarily incorporate dental x-beams and two standard dental tests. With a normal expense of around 100 fifty dollars only for the test alone, this changes into instant money saving. In the event that during the normal dental tests the dentist office near me decides there is further dental work to be done, dental care insurance will cover that as well yet not totally all things considered with safeguard support care. 

All things considered, dental insurance will cover around the vast majority of most kinds of dental work that might be recommended by a dentist Houston Tx. Before the protection covers this rate, protection strategy holders should meet a particular deductible. This sum will differ among the delta dental preferred providers. The deductible is paid straightforwardly to the dental office at the hour of administration. When the deductible is met, at that point ensuing administrations will be charged to the insurance agency for the part secured by the dental insurance policy.

There are dental treatments that are viewed as cosmetic dentistry procedures since they won't influence dental wellbeing or generally speaking wellbeing. A case of cosmetic dentistry procedures is teeth bleaching services. Some best dental care insurance plans s will cover cosmetic dentistry veneers at a much lower rate than that of commonplace dental work.

Dental wellbeing is important but the vast majority don't understand it. Having dental care insurance will permit an individual to keep in great oral wellbeing just as well saving a huge amount of spending over the dentist bills.

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Better Teeth…Better Health!!!


“Best way to have healthy teeth and gums is to maintain a good oral hygiene and regular dental visits”

Here are some tips to look after your teeth and maintain a good oral hygiene and healthy teeth…


  • See your dentist for regular check-ups.You should also visit your dentist if you have a dental problem such as a toothache or bleeding gums.


  • Avoid using your teeth for anything other than chewing food.If you use them to crack nuts, remove bottle tops or rip open packaging, you risk chipping or even breaking your teeth.


  • Limit acidic drinks like soft drinks, cordials and fruit juices.Food acids soften tooth material and dissolve the minerals in tooth enamel, causing holes (cavities or caries). In severe cases, teeth may be ‘eaten’ right down to the gum.


  • Floss your teeth daily.Use a slow and gentle sawing motion.


  • Use fluoridated toothpaste. Fluoride helps to harden tooth enamel and reduces your risk of decay.


  • Limit sugary foods. Bacteria in dental plaque change sugars into acids.


  • Brush at least twice a day.The best time to brush teeth is after meals. Choose a toothbrush with a small head for better access to back teeth. Soft bristles are kinder on your gums.


  • Try to save a knocked out tooth.If possible, hold the tooth back in place while you seek immediate dental advice. If this is not possible, wrap the tooth in plastic or place it in milk and seek dental advice


We at Dr. Krinita Motwani’s Dental Clinic strive to give our patients the best dental care, book your appointment now. Call / Whatsapp at 9820280343, visit us at


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Veneers refer to exterior implies slender layers of restorative materials generally speaking strengthened over the outside of the teeth with a state of offering security to the hurt teeth or improving the presence of the teeth. Veneers near me are classified into two groups based upon the sort of material used for instance composite veneers and porcelain dental veneers.


What Are Porcelain Dental Veneers?

Porcelain dental veneers have a thickness of a huge segment of a millimetre being fixed onto the teeth front with a state of making a smile makeover hence making a phenomenal outcome. Generally, teeth porcelain veneers reflect teeth structures better when appeared differently in relation to other accommodating materials because of being hard, fit for restricting wear, and fit for continuing for a genuine broad interval. By and large, porcelain veneers are utilized by dental experts as a system for turning out remedial enhancements for various teeth issues. 

What Can Be Developed With Veneers? 

Affordable dental veneers are used to give food to different teeth disfigurements, for instance, recovery of chipped or worn teeth. They can be used for recoloured teeth especially if an individual has antimicrobial medicine teeth stains as the best dentist for veneers is good for changing the teeth shapes similarly as controlling their exact shades. Porcelain veneers can similarly be used in hiding the gaps existing between the teeth, growing the length of the teeth, or can in like manner fill in as substitutes to underpins. 

Things Need To Be Taken Care While Making Veneers:-

Dental Veneers Cost:- 

This is probably the first thing we suggest you take care of. You always prefer to choose the veneers as per your budget. If dental veneers cost is higher than your budget then you can face financial crises. It would be better if you have an active insurance plan that offers support veneers. This will help you a lot in reducing the cost of dental veneers. You will be able to see the number of insurance policies that offer support veneers cost. 

Taking An Impression Of The Tooth: 

This cycle incorporates making the copy of an oversaw tooth thusly, using it for the formation of the exterior. The impression philosophy can when in doubt takes two circumstances for instance creation of dental moulds of the tooth by methods for impression dirt, by then sending the copy of the tooth to a dental exploration office where porcelain or composite veneer is to be made. Making of veneers normally takes between two-three weeks. The ensuing circumstance is whereby the impression is taken using a remarkable machine including a camera known as a dental handling machine. This machine by then makes the tooth veneers by simply crushing the image gained from the dental terminated square. This procedure is a great deal of significance as both overseeing and exterior holding can truly occur at once. 

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How to Spot A Bad Dentist?

You may not be aware of it, but your dentist's awards placed in a rack and his extravagant foyer won't make up for questionable practice. You're spending sufficient money to get the treatment you want. And in the United States, the best dentist near me is a luxury. Before you get spend off for your hard-earned resources and time, give this article a glance:

  1. Dentists who are dependent on everything to their staff.

Agreed, staff are there to assist out, but that doesn't inevitably mean that they'll have to perform dentures, set braces, and complete other surgical responsibilities a dentist is meant to do. Even at a dentist's plea and demand, a dental staff or junior should never handle procedures at dental office on you.

Even if the treatment went perfectly at the hands of the staff, you can nevertheless use your dentist for allowing his staff to perform the work; if the staff is the alone handling on your dentures/root canals, you can sue your nearest dentist as well or seek help from dental associations.

  1. Dentists who attend phone calls / chat with other patients while performing a surgical treatment on you.

A dentist near me should be concentrated, period. A method (or even a testing/prognosis) can go sidelong if the one who's controlling it can't even sympathize with the anxiety of the patient.

We've noticed a lot of situations wherein a badly installed composite filling had created continuous aching. Having a word with the patient, they consistently said that during their operation period, their dentist was also serving a "major matter" or "had a lot of patients queued up."

In short: If a dentist around me can't concentrate on you, how you can expect him to concentrate on solving your dental disease?

A piece of advice to the patient: Before listing your name onto an appointment program, make certain you're a first one in line. Dentists are likely to abate off their skills during brunches and late middays.

  1. Recommending costly procedures for diminutive tooth issues.

There are many doctors who recommend going for root canal treatment near me for a tooth that only requires a filling. These dentists will push and preempt your interrogations with their deception and technical talk. They usually times would recommend costly, not required X-ray investigations because they've collaborated up with a radiographer, and they get massive fees for every patient they transfer in. 

Unless you have a severe problem, such as gum infection or periodontitis, try to ask the suggestion of other dentists. Many doctors allow free consultation on proposed clients. Also, look out for newly-practicing dental clinic near me, as they are seldom unintentionally become inconstant about recommending procedures that have zilch to do with the current condition of your teeth.

 Manhandling or misbehaving with you for not staying still on the dental chair.

 Dentists should have a gentle touch, and should perpetually confirm the patient of the likely irks and jolts that could emerge from the operation/method. A few dentists get severe with their cases when they remove teeth, fix cavities, set braces, and even while scaling and cleaning sittings, ending in either additional pain and bleeding in the mouth area. 

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How can I get the best orthodontist near me?

We see many people having crowded teeth, crooked teeth, and to improve the appearance they may want to align the teeth in a systematic pattern or structure. For this purpose, a different study is there called orthodontics where students are taught and practiced how to align the teeth structure, It is far different from that of the dentistry department. The orthodontists basically correct the dental crowding and straighten the teeth pattern that will result in a comfortable bite when the front and back teeth meet evenly. Again the orthodontists play the important role in reducing the chance of damage to the prominent teeth.

If you are also looking for the same, simply type ‘orthodontist near me’  on any search engines and you will see a long list of orthodontists nearest to your location. Now compare the ratings of each orthodontist which is allotted depending on the quality of dental services they are providing and the maximum number of patients or customers have visited till now. 

Many of us also prefer teeth whitening. The teeth whitening is the process of lightening or bringing charm to your teeth that will result in carrying a beautiful smile. Do not expect that teeth whitening will completely change the discoloration of your teeth, but yes, it adds some brightness and lighting in your teeth. People choose this procedure when there is a need of removing discoloration of teeth or any occasion is coming or job interview is there or to reduce the smoking effect and aging effect or to improve self-confidence and many more are on the list. If you are also in need of this treatment, you can search for ‘teeth whitening near me’ and consult the best dentist for the same purpose who belongs to the highest ratings on the internet for his dedicated dental service.

Now coming to one more service in dentistry is dentures. The dentures are the artificial devices that are placed to replace missing teeth and supported by hard and soft tissues of the oral cavity. There are many designs available for dentures in the market. The traditional dentures are removable in nature. As time is flying, new additions in the technology in dentistry is coming. So if you are also interested in using dentures for the missing pairs of teeth, you can search for ‘dentures near me’ and you will a full long list of dentists providing the same service. On the basis of the quality of service and attraction of the maximum number of patients, ratings are alloted to each dentist on the internet. So before fixing an appointment, do check the ratings and read the comments.

Apart from these reasons, you can also visit a dentist for a regular checkup that is on a half-yearly basis or yearly basis. In this appointment, you can ask your all queries to the dentist to keep your oral health healthy and sound. Search for ‘dentist near me’ and take an appointment very soon so that you can know all the necessary care to be taken for your oral system.

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At the point when you have to save a tooth that has harmed roots, you need a root canal procedure and you can't go to any centre to get root canal treatment. Certainly, there are a number of root canal dentist near me in the nation however not every one of them can perform affordable root canal near me. You have to locate a certified root canal doctor near me who can deliver the expected outcomes. With a huge number of root canal treatment near me, discovering the correct skilled specialists would end up being an overwhelming errand. You have to direct research and meetings to find the ideal individual to carry out the responsibility to reduce the torment you are in.




Necessity Of Root Canal Treatment:-
Root canal treatment is important when the blood or nerve flexibly of the tooth, called the mash, gets tainted. The disease is regularly incapable of being felt in the beginning phases and may possibly become obvious when the tooth obscures in shading. This obscuring is an indication that the nerve of the tooth is biting the dust. It is regularly under these conditions that treatment is essential to feel the relaxation in root canal pain.


Numerous individuals think little of how primary the treatment can be, the mash zone, being situated in the mouth is at a lot higher danger of disease. On the off chance that this happens a sore will shape, an irritation of tissue encompassed by discharge, this can be unimaginably painful as well as welcoming further complications, for example, septicemia also the more clear risk of the tooth dying on and being eliminated. A few people select to just have the tooth taken out straight away so as to forgive the issue of having the treatment, regardless of whether you wish to take that choice don't just leave the disease.


How Root Canal Treatment Take Place:-


The strategy is a standard one that can be done at the best root canal dentist near me. You may likewise refer to an endodontist which is a clinical pro in this field. It relies generally upon how serious your disease is. The point of the methodology is to eliminate all contaminated tissue from the mash territory so as to save the foundation of the tooth. The root is cleaned down so as to stop any further contaminations. You will at that point get an impermanent filling that will keep the space open while as yet permitting the tissue to mend.


When the root has been permitted some an ideal opportunity to mend the impermanent filling will be supplanted by your root canal Tomball specialist with a permanent filling that has been uniquely formed to fit the zone made by the evacuation of the mash.


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Making The Switch and Managing The Unknownv

Changing anything within your practice is hard, especially the key clinical and communication system. But, it doesn’t have to be as hard as you think. 

Dr. Raf shares his service experience in the United States Navy and how the learnings from the Navy is brought into his dental practice. Having processes and strategies in place, he explains why the basic flow of the office should be familiar to the staff and patients. Making a bold switch to a cloud-based practice management software anticipated strong change management. With an aim at fulfilling his aspirations to improve access to quality dental care for the underserved, Dr. Raf expresses throughout the podcast on how multiple technology modernization like CareStack has helped him give his best to the patients.

Listen here:

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These are troubling times for patients and for dentists also. Lack of jobs, patients without insurance, patients holding their jaws in the front office in pain, more lockdowns. It all seems never ending. 

However many people wince at the sound of the word 'root canal'. 

However recently we have seen a fairly large amount of patients presenting in need of root canal treatments.

One question patients many have is "does having an infected root canal and resultant pain warrant emergency treatment during COVID 19 or should you try and wait  it out." 


The main reason behind this is root canals do not just 'go-away'. 

Root canal do meet several of the criteria for an essential service - even during a pandemic like COVID 19.

1) Root canal treatments can be used to treat an active infection

2) The root canal treatment can relieve significant pain which is a common symtom of the infection. Root canal treatment is neccessary due to infection or an injury that may have affected the dental nerve or interior of a tooth. 

3) Root Canal treatments relieve swelling or cellulities of the tooth. They are the warning signs of an impening abcess. This is when it can reach a dangerous level wherby infection has formed at the tip of the tooth - at this point it can filter into the bloodstream - in extreme cases there is danger of sepsis. 

Another piece of advice that I give patients is not to go to the 'emeregncy room' if you have toothache or an abcess. Best to wait it out until the morning.Going to the meergency room for a dental pain at this tim is not a good idea due to the coronavirus pandemic. 

If you have toothache it is best to see the dentist as soon as possible. Delay can be dangerous and can be more costly in the long run.

Aleksandr Dayanayev, DDS is a cosmetic and generaldentist in Astoria. The practice has 3 emergency dentists in Astoria treating patients 6 days a week. They offer teeth cleanings, dental crowns, root canal treatments, dental implants, dental bridges, periodontics, INVISALIGN, porcelain veneers and all forms of cosmetic and general dentistry. Aleksandr Dayanyev, DDS has been practicing for over 20 years.  

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How To Make Technology Work For Your Practice

People have always avoided going to the dentist. There are a number of reasons for this trepidation. Some people have had a rough, even painful experience. Others simply don’t like the idea of having strangers probing and prodding in their mouths. Some think that dental work will be too expensive. Many are worried about what they will hear when the dentist finally takes a look.

We also live in an increasingly demanding world, and it can be difficult for your patients to take the time and effort out of their busy schedules to go to a dentist. Whatever the reason, your practice needs to understand this and help alleviate your patient’s concerns.

Help patients make dental visits a priority by emphasizing points such as early intervention can help ensure a quicker and less costly resolution to a dental problem.

Dental  Technologies:

Advances in dental technology have helped make trips to the dentist faster and a more pleasant experience for your patients.

Just as technology has modified our homes, workplaces, and even relationships, modern developments have revolutionized the way people feel about going to the dentist.

Technology is changing some of the more arduous tasks of dentistry, streamlining the process for the benefit of all involved.

PMS technology

If you are starting new or migrating, it is highly recommended that you explore cloud-based dental software rather than traditional in-house or cloud-hosted solutions because the latter is expensive for what it is worth. They have it all Scheduler, Ledger, Payment Posting, Payment Audit, and Reports, etc. to make your day today activities faster and efficient.

Digital Dentures

Historically dentures were created over a period of time, and people who needed them had to make several trips to the dentist to get impressions. This was a bit of an arduous process and often took trial and error to get the perfect fit.

Computer-aided design (CAD) and computer-aided manufacturing (CAM) are new technologies that allow dental technicians to create new dentures out of material discs in a fraction of the time. A complete prosthesis can be manufactured in just a few steps.

Augmented Reality

While the majority of us think of video games when we think of virtual reality, we are just beginning to discover the incredible implications of this technology in modern medicine. Augmented reality allows you to explore a computer-generated image of a patient’s mouth. This will be particularly useful in the training of future dentists.

Robotic Dental Implant Surgery

Dental implants are one of the leading ways dentists help patients restore teeth that would otherwise be lost to decay. Modern dentistry relies heavily on plastic drill guides when placing a dental implant, but that is all changing. With this new technology, a computerized navigational program provides sensory information and holds the drill in position.

You still remain in control but. Robotic dental implant surgery can aid in both preoperative and surgical stages.

Intra-Oral Camera

This technology enables you to explore the inside of a patient’s mouth using a mirror with a small camera in it. This allows for a much more comfortable experience for your patients.

You or your staff no longer need stretch lips back or ask patients to keep their jaws open for long periods. This tool also allows you to see problem areas much more clearly.

Smart Toothbrush

As a dentist, you can also advise your patients about dental technology he or she can use at home. There are several new inventions on the market to assist patients in practicing good oral care at home.

The newest invention is the development of smart toothbrushes. These can you’re your patients correctly measure the amount of time spent brushing. Newer models can even play games to keep the interest of children and help them learn good habits.

In short, with the help of advancements in dental technology, patients have much less reason to dread trips to your practice.

Your job is to educate them on how the latest technology can help assuage their fears. Dentists can now quickly assess what issues patients are facing and accurately determine a course of treatment.

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Dr. Meg Specializes in Oral Appliances for Families with Restless Children.

As every parent knows, when your child doesn’t sleep, you don’t sleep. Being the parents of five young kids, my husband and I understand this all too well. Last year, we began to notice that our 6-year-old son was regularly struggling to focus in school, waking up in the middle of the night, obscenely snoring, and running laps in his bed. My husband, my son, and I were all groggy from his restless behavior, and the rest of our children were suffering because of it, too. To make matters worse, we have a baby at home, who already wakes up at random hours of the night. 

But it wasn’t until I took a course through Healthy Start that I realized why this could be happening. 


I was introduced to Healthy Start by a group of dentists in the U.S. The organization offers safe oral appliances to treat the symptoms of sleep-disordered breathing in children. This includes snoring, trouble concentrating, irritable behavior, constant movement in their sleep, and various other conditions. (Sounds familiar, right?) The oral appliance persuades a child’s teeth and tongue to sit properly in their mouth, allowing for proper airflow during sleep while also encouraging proper development for a child’s impressionable mouth. This prevents further conditions from developing and can help your child avoid extensive treatments and issues with their cardiovascular health, mental well-being, and cognition. 

Oral appliances are common for teens and adults, whose mouths are nearly fully formed, but formulating these appliances for children, who are constantly developing, is a new area of dental sleep medicine. In fact, in our region, there were only four other practitioners who offered this care for children. It was shocking to find out there are so few resources for families who are kept awake each night and struggling with their children’s behavioral issues. It’s even more surprising when you consider the fact that 9 in 10 children suffer from these symptoms. 

But then again, I was one of those moms who didn’t connect these symptoms my son was showing to a larger issue. It wasn’t until I took this the course to become certified through Healthy Start that I realized the very same issues that I was becoming an expert in were symptoms that my son was displaying! As a mom, I get it. It’s hard to balance everything you have to do on top of working or any other tasks you may take on. The connection between my son’s lack of focus in school and his crazed sleeping patterns just didn’t occur to my husband and myself until I took this course. 

Now my son wears an oral appliance to bed each night, and at the time of writing this, we are only a few weeks into his program. But we’ve already seen an improvement in his mood and his sleep schedule. (As a bonus, we now get to sleep through the night, too. Well, mostly. We still have a baby at home!) 

The last thing you need as a parent is less sleep. I’m proud to offer Healthy Start oral appliances for children because I have seen the direct impact these devices can have on children and their families. As parents, we just want our children to grow up happy and healthy. And I know that begins with a Healthy Start.

Get started with this program by contacting our practice, and learn more about Healthy Start at I guarantee we can help your home find peace each night

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Helping Your Baby Find Relief From Teething With Dentist in Ancaster


Many sleepless nights and screaming fits can result from teeth erupting from a baby’s gums, but with gels, toys, and teething rings, it can be hard to discern which option is best for relief. As a dental expert and a mom to five children, Dr. Meg has a few tips to help!


Unfortunately, numbing gels can be dangerous for your baby and do little to actually numb the pain. These gels will likely rub off before the numbing agent can go into effect, and the numbing agent can kick in after the saliva washes the gel off the gums and carries it around the lips and into the throat. This impacts a baby’s ability to swallow, which can become detrimental to their well-being.

Instead, Dr. Meg recommends the following home remedies that are sure to soothe a baby’s aching gums!

  1. She will often freeze low-sugar yogurt with Popsicle sticks poking through the bottom. Freeze the yogurt to the point where it’s solid but not too frozen, so the baby can gnaw on this homemade Popsicle and enjoy a healthy snack. You can also do this with seedless watermelon and peel-less apple slices.
  2. Find rubber, mesh, or gel-like rings or blocks, and cool these toys slightly. Again, as your baby chews on these items, they will feel cool relief. Some toys and chewers even have options for including food into the mix!
  3. Wet a washcloth with cool water, chill it in the refrigerator or freezer — be careful not to freeze it completely — and allow Baby to suck and chew on it.
  4. If all else fails, your finger can offer the pain-relief your baby needs. Just make sure your hands are clean when Baby needs relief in a pinch.


While gels may not be the solution they promise to be, other medicated creams can work wonders. Rotating the appropriate dosage of Tylenol or Advil can offer relief, while petroleum jellies or lip balms can soothe the region around a baby’s lips from drool-related rashes. Do not smear these products directly onto a baby’s lips to avoid as much ingestion as possible.

Teething is an unavoidable part of development for babies, but you can make the experience bearable for your child.   When in doubt, ask Dr. Meg for more Supermom Tips!



For More Details Contact Us :

Dentist in Ancaster ON

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Life is busy. You may think there’s no way you could possibly fit a regular dental exam in between juggling your family’s schedule, completing tasks for your job, and maintaining a clean home.

Think again! In fact, your finances may require it.


Attending regular dental cleanings is the best way to prevent costly and painful conditions from developing and festering to the point of dire treatment. Skipping a dental appointment could cost you thousands of dollars, and dangerous conditions may not be caught until the problem hits crisis mode.

Consider this: The date for your yearly exam rolls around, and you think you are just too busy to attend. Eight months later, a piercing toothache forces you into the dental chair, and as the dentist peers into your mouth, you learn of a few cavities that have eaten away at your teeth. If you regularly brush your teeth, you may be shocked! But if you had attended your dental appointment eight months ago, you might have learned your teeth were showing signs of wear and tear. Your dentist could have taught you preventive methods or applied a coating of sealant for extra protection. Instead, you are shelling out hundreds of dollars for completely preventable cavities.

Still not convinced? Consider this as well: You may be paying money every paycheck for dental insurance. Why let that money go to waste and spend extra money on painful conditions that your dentist could have caught at a regular appointment? Don’t let your dental benefits go to waste.

Oral health care is as much about preventing cavities, oral cancers, missing teeth, and other painful conditions as it is about diagnosing and treating these conditions. Dental science has made significant strides in recent decades to offer patients top-of-the-line treatment options, but it’s also made detecting warning signs easier than ever.

Don’t let your busy lifestyle dictate when your oral health matters. Schedule your dental appointment today and smile brighter as you save money and your oral health with a dentist near me.

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If you’re not happy with the way your smile looks in photos, it might be time to do something about it.  If you’ve noticed that your teeth have shifted, especially if you’ve had braces in the past, then they might continue to shift in the future.  As we age, it’s very common for our lower front teeth to become more and more crooked and crowded.  The more crowded your teeth are, the longer and more expensive it becomes to straighten them later.


You have options!

  1. Braces – Metal braces and wires are the traditional way of straightening your smile.  Treatment varies depending on the severity of your case, but adults can expect to spend between 8 and 18 months and $5,000 to $7,000.  Metal braces have been used for decades because they just…work!  Some patients, especially adults, find them to be annoying to keep clean because food gets trapped around the bracket and wire.  Many adults feel self-conscious about showing a smile full of metal while they are in treatment.
  2. Invisalign – Invisalign Ancaster ON is the nearly invisible, clear aligner alternative to traditional metal braces. There are no metal braces or wires glued to your teeth. Instead, we use a series of removable, clear plastic aligners that gently nudge your teeth into the proper position. While you are wearing them, they are nearly invisible. And since they are removable, you can take them out to clean them (and your teeth!). The cost and time involved is very comparable to regular braces and is actually sometimes FASTER and LESS EXPENSIVE than regular braces because our main treatment goal is simpler: To make your smile look better.


Most of our Invisalign patients end up paying less than $500 per month.

The Bottom Line:

Most adults these days choose Invisalign over regular metal braces. They are usually faster, less expensive, more comfortable, easier to maintain, and most importantly they are virtually invisible while you wear them! There is one catch though… not all situations are appropriate for Invisalign.  The technology continues to get better and better, but still, there are certain situations where regular braces will work better. The only way to find out is to ask your dentist! You’ve got nothing to lose!

Our practice offers Complimentary 3D Smile Simulations where you can preview your own virtual before and after photos. Call us today!

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Ancaster ON Dentist Teaching Healthy Habits

Getting your child to eat a snack that they enjoy and is good for them can feel like an impossible feat. As the mother of five children, Dr. Meg understands this challenge. She has compiled a list of teeth-friendly snacks for the whole family, so you can enjoy the sweet sounds of happy eaters.




Lots of Moo Juice

It might be gross, but saliva is a blessing for your teeth. Your body creates saliva to continually rinse your mouth of all the gunk that gets lodged in your teeth. Foods that require more chewing stimulate this production and one of the best foods to use is cheese. In fact, cheese slices, milk, and low-sugar yogurt are some of the best snacks for your child and their growing mouth. In addition to its saliva-inducing qualities, dairy is best known for its high volume of calcium, which can create stronger teeth. But there is a caveat to eating dairy for oral health: Opt for low-sugar items to avoid tooth decay.

An Apple a Day

Apples don’t just keep the doctor away; this handy fruit also promotes proper oral health! Apples rub away the grime and plaque other food leaves behind on your teeth, but unlike other crunchy foods, apples are not just supplying you with an edible toothbrush. While they can taste sweet, apples tend to be lower in sugar than other crunchy foods, such as granola or crackers. Apples are also packed with nutrients that specifically target the health of your teeth and gums, making the apple an oral superfood.

Go Green

Raw vegetables are some of the best foods for your teeth. Much like apples and cheese, vegetables can scrub away bacteria and plaque that stick to your teeth and rot your mouth. In addition, crunching produces more of that handy saliva that scrubs your teeth naturally. Lastly, raw vegetables are packed with vitamins to support oral health. Leafy greens, like kale or Swiss chard, boost your oral health with calcium, while carrots boast vitamin A, a gum-building nutrient.

Steer clear of sugary snacks and high-citrus foods, and instead, pack your children’s lunchboxes with delicious snacks that promote their mouth’s defenses.


Visit The Best Pediatric Dentist in Ancaster!

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Most dentists spend 3/4 of their day staring at teeth. We obsess over the precise position and angles of your teeth. We eat, sleep, and breathe teeth.


We went to school for years to learn all about teeth. We’re always reading about new techniques and discoveries and research… about teeth.


And, of course, you want a dentist who takes your teeth seriously and knows what he or she is doing!


Sometimes we dentists make the mistake of thinking that YOU want to know EVERYTHING about teeth…just like we do!

Which means we love to EDUCATE. And give you lots of facts.
And technical details.

And options upon options upon options.

We forget to cut through all the confusing details and give you a CLEAR RECOMMENDATION.

good Ancaster dentist will give you all the options.

But a GREAT dentist will go one step further and strongly recommend ONE option.

And the reasons they give for recommending that option should be based on what’s important to YOU, and your priorities. And they can only know those priorities if they talked to you about them before making the recommendation.

Lots of options, without a clear recommendation based on your priorities only lead to confusion.

And many patients end up choosing something that does not fit their “smile goals.”

They pick the cheapest…or the one covered by insurance…

And then they’re back at the dentist a year later wondering why it didn’t work out!

Smart patients know that the BEST way to make the BEST decisions for their health is to find a dentist in ancaster they can TRUST. A dentist who will explain all the options, but make a clear recommendation based on YOU.

Think of it like your favourite server at your favourite restaurant. Instead of handing you a menu and saying, “Pick something,” they recommend something that they KNOW you will enjoy. And if they REALLY know you…you will!

If a server only recommended the most expensive item…or the least expensive… or the daily special…every time you went… would you trust them? No. You know they are recommending the same dish to every table they serve tonight. Their recommendations are not based on what YOU like.


A great dentist knows that you are free to make whatever choice you think is best for your health. But we also understand how confusing and overwhelming it can be.

A great dentist spends LESS time describing the technical details of each and every option… and MORE time asking questions to understand YOU

  • What do YOU want for your teeth?
  • What are YOU worried most about?
  • What are YOUR priorities?


Once your dentist understands where you are now… and where you want to go… then they can make a CLEAR RECOMMENDATION about how we can best go from HERE to THERE.

In my career, I have recommended completely different plans of action for the SAME exact situation for different patients. Because I knew that the patients all had different priorities and desires.

So beware of any dentist who:


  • Leaves you with a list of options and then makes it YOUR responsibility to choose
  • Makes “boilerplate” recommendations
  • Makes recommendations that might be great for your TOOTH…. But not as great for YOU.


Instead, do this: Find a Family dentist you trust.

How do you know you can trust him or her?

  • Do they take the time to get to know you – your worries, your values, and your priorities? Or do they just talk about teeth all the time?
  • Do they take time to make clear recommendations? Or do they leave you “dazed and confused” about which you option you should choose?


Your mouth is important. Smiling, eating, talking…most of the joys of life revolve around your mouth! Don’t trust it to someone who isn’t interested in what YOU want.

Are you open to seeing if we are a good fit to work together? If so, click here (link to contact)  to get started.

The dirty little secret I’d like to share with you today is that your insurance is not doing stuff for YOU. I get a lot of clients who tell me “Oh, my insurance doesn’t cover that because it’s cosmetic”, or “My insurance doesn’t cover this because of this”.

Your insurance doesn’t cover stuff because it’s not profitable for them. It doesn’t mean that you don’t need it. So, when your dentist recommends a crown and the crown is not covered, it doesn’t mean that it’s not needed or the insurance doesn’t feel that it’s needed, It’s that is not covered in your plan because the insurance doesn’t want to invest the money in it and it’s not profitable for them.

You need to kind of step away from that insurance mindset because the insurance is not looking out for your best interest! If you get a recommendation from your cosmetic & implant dentist and it doesn’t match up with what’s covered by your insurance plan – Do not fall into that trap! Like I said, the insurance is not there for you, they do not care about you, they’re focused on the profitability of the plan. That is a dirty little secret that I’m glad I got out there! 

I always take your budget (and your priorities, and goals, and worries) into consideration. And I can help you coordinate with your insurance company to make sure you get the coverage you are entitled to. Plus, I can help you time your treatments to make them as affordable as possible.

But don’t assume that a dentist’s recommendation is the right one for you just because your insurance covers it.

Decide what’s most important to you first. Then select at the treatment that best fits what you want. After you’ve decided that, THEN you can decide whether you can afford it or not, with or without the help of your dental insurance. (And if you CAN’T afford the “perfect” treatment plan… that’s ok. There are dozens of other options, and I can help you find the one that IS perfect… for YOU)

Ready to learn more? Click here to get started.





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As a parent, you’re busy. You have to prepare lunches, get your kids ready and sent to school on time, and remember that there’s piano practice tonight and youth group tomorrow. When you get a message from our dental practice that it’s time to schedule your next dental appointment, you may think you don’t have time to squeeze one in. How could you possibly need to see the dentist again?

You may want to rethink that!




When it comes to dental appointments and the frequency they occur, every schedule should be unique. It is financially beneficial and healthy to attend regular dental appointments based on your individual needs. Your teeth and mouth’s susceptibility to tooth decay is reliant on many factors, including your genetics, diet, and oral health habits. As a result, your neighbor may only need to see the dentist twice each year, but your dentist may recommend you visit every three months.

Many families opt for one or two days out of the year when the entire family is seen for dental cleanings and care. While this is a busy mom’s dream, it could also be detrimental to your children’s oral health. Instead, we will assess the individual health risk of every member of your family and make recommendations for the frequency of cleanings each person needs.

Think about it this way: How much does your child change over the course of a year? At 1 month old, they may start registering sounds and sights, but at 1 year old, most babies are crawling or walking, gabbing away with baby sounds, and exploring their world in ways they never could before. Likewise, your child’s oral health changes rapidly. It’s imperative they see the dentist on a regular basis as established by the dentist Ancaster.

As an adult, your physical growth and development are much different than a child’s. Your individual needs vary as you age and common aging conditions and circumstances take a toll on your oral health. Once again, it’s crucial that you and your dentist establish a timeline that fits your needs and health risk.

Our team can work with you and your family to establish a timeline that fits into your schedule.

Learn more by giving us a call. 289-768-9905

Smiling Dental Ancaster, Ontario

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Staying on top of everything your kids need can feel like a near-impossible feat, and it’s easy to sweep a few tasks under the rug. But managing their oral hygiene is a must! Our very own Dr. Meg Ling has a few tips for preparing your kiddos for those ever-important youth dental visits.




Early Bird Gets the Great Oral Hygiene

The later your child begins regularly seeing the dentist in Ancaster, the harder it becomes to prevent onset cavities or infections. When dental professionals are first examining a 1-year-old child’s mouth, the experience is vastly different than when they first examine a 4-year-old child’s mouth, Dr. Meg explains. She recommends bringing children in for their first appointment when they are about 1 year old. The dentist can then establish a good baseline for your child’s smile, and they will be less likely to fear those biannual appointments as they get older.



The element of surprise is a tool many parents use to convince their children to do a daunting task. However, this tactic isn’t the best option for the dentist. Your child is going to be naturally curious as they age, so answer their questions, quench those anxieties, and avoid future dental distress by explaining that the dentist wants to take pictures of their teeth (X-rays), count their teeth (regular checkups), and keep their chompers clean (brushing and polishing).


Sweet, Sweet Victory

When it comes to parenting, the ultimate win is when your child is capable of doing daily tasks on their own. If they can put on their pajamas, put their toys away, and pack their backpacks for school, you’re a parenting champion! But when it comes to oral hygiene, don’t be so quick to kick them out of the nest. Dr. Meg recommends brushing your child’s teeth and monitoring oral hygiene habits until they are in junior high school. You cannot expect children under the age of 10 to thoroughly clean their teeth enough to avoid tooth decay. (Check out how messy their bedroom is if you want proof!)

Don’t fret about taking your kids to the Pediatric & Family dentist! Dr. Meg and our dental professionals can help you and your family get the smiles you all deserve!

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