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One of the best treatments for a lost tooth is a dental bridge. Dental bridges restore the look and feel of a natural tooth that has been lost due to decay or because of an accident.

In addition to restoring the appearance of natural teeth, a dental bridge can also restore the function of natural teeth.

Dental bridges are made to be a durable, effective replacement for a lost tooth that allows the patient to regain their ability to eat, drink, and speak naturally, while simultaneously giving them the confidence to smile again.

Tanglewood Dentist Dental Bridges Treatment

In order to get a dental bridge, your teeth need to be prepared and an accurate map of them needs to be taken.

Your Tanglewood Houston dentist maps your teeth by creating a cast of them. The cast covers all the surfaces of your teeth and creates a mold from which perfect replicas of your teeth can be made.

These replicas help the dental laboratory to create a dental bridge that matches the shape, alignment, and size of your original teeth so it will fit comfortably and snugly.

A comfortable fit is important for longevity and to prevent bacterial infections from occurring.

To prepare your teeth, the dentist files down the teeth adjacent to the gap, which gives space for a crown to be placed over them?

The cast is used to create a dental bridge consisting of a false tooth with crowns on either side that will perfectly fit with your teeth.


Once the dental bridge is complete, which can take a few days to over a week; you will return to the dentist and have it installed.

Your Tanglewood dentist will ensure the fit is comfortable before securing the crowns to the anchor teeth. If it’s not quite right, they’ll make minor adjustments or, if necessary, order a new dental bridge be constructed.

Once secured, your dental bridge is complete! You’ll be able to eat and drink as normal, and taking care of your dental bridge is as simple as brushing and rinsing your teeth.

With constant care and regular dental checkups, your dental bridge can last five to ten years, and sometimes even longer.

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  1. Clear braces for adults are contrary to the traditional braces that give way to individuals who do not want to be stopped by the stigma of having an uncomfortable smile while having that choking metallic design. The principal distinction between Invisalign braces and traditional braces is very obvious even without wearing you can think of the aftermaths related to it. As the design of clear braces Hollywood fl does resemble actual teeth. They are actually designed over your teeth and are kept together by brackets of metal as well, but are not as bothering as the normal braces. Because of the way they are similar to the real teeth and Invisalign braces have the tendency that they don’t look as obvious. For the rest of the things, you can talk to the experts of clear braces Miami.


  1. While the obvious advantage of clear braces Miami fl would be that they give assistance to the self-confidence of people who need braces, another advantage would be the less irritation while using them. This gives with better ease in which to show their teeth more likely, something that traditional braces could be doubtful because of the strain they place while being on the jaw when worn. If you are fascinated by this type of braces, contact the office of clear braces near me.


  1. Many have inquired if paying for clear braces is logical only in those cases when you are using them for correcting the alignment of teeth. The truth is that in many events in the past, those who have had to wear braces have often been confronted by name-calling such as “metal mouth” because of being uptight in the wires. It does not look nice, and it lowers the self-esteem of wearers. They are expected to start ignoring others and stop themselves to show their beautiful smile, for fear of ridicule if others were to see their braces.


  1. With Invisalign braces, this problem can be bypassed with ease. Unless one is out to observe what others have in their mouths, otherwise they are quite unnoticeable to anybody. The less restrictive and painful feelings of clear braces help the person to eat and smile without discomfort and had no issues with the same. They are also easier to wear and remove, and that provides improved control for the individual when deciding when and where to wear their braces. The extra advantage this particular benefit gives is that it makes managing Invisalign braces very easy, as you can remove them without any problem and put it back as usual, or after a meal when they need some brushing. This also limits the easy accumulation of food scraps that could point to bad breath for brace wearers, which is a famous issue with those who are on braces treatment. Following it you can take the clear retainers for seamless teeth straightening procedure.


  1. Another thing that you might like about the invisible braces is that they are able to correct even the severe problems as it has seen a lot of variations. With the invention of a clear retainer, things have got a lot easier in every way. You can directly switch to the clear retainers after braces without much hassle.

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We agree on a couple of genuine causes why people do not try clear braces to correct any sort of dental ailments they are facing even it is very inconvenient, there are also many ideas given by people to support the fact that you can rely on dental braces which is obviously wrong. In this article, we will discuss the common misconceptions regarding the best clear aligners, what they can get, and problems that are just myths and has no solid relevance.


  1. Clear braces are not suitable for major teeth alignment issues.



It is surprising to many people believe this that it came on the first misconception you could have heard, but in fact, it's a completely wrong assumption. Although there are some cases that need surgery because the case is very severe but sometimes you don’t need that and basic best invisible aligners could do the trick, this is almost always going to be the thing whatever you consider. Although there will be instances where the gap for the lower and upper jaw could be very high, or the overlapping too much, cases are rare, and could no more be corrected by the wires.


Maybe, the best orthodontist can be taken into consideration for removing teeth, filing teeth, or making them alright as it supposed to be, although even in these cases the best clear braces can help you to put the initial level of work. This time gets even shorter when you are dealing with a child case, for that you can talk to the best children's orthodontist near me.

  1. Clear braces are not as effective as wire braces.

Not only this fact is baseless, but it has also been challenged by the doctor and medical science! On average clear aligners in comparison to the traditional metal wire braces. In some cases, the treatment has the detailing around of 6 months, with most patients able to get straight teeth after 12 months of time.

  1. Clear braces feel bad on teeth.

If you ask a person who is on a wire brace how comfortable it feels when they often get cut and scratches on cheeks or tongue. Wire braces are big, clumsy, and can usually dig into the gums. Clear braces are produced using computer-aided technology to give an exact, perfect match for your teeth, The braces themselves are not thick so it won’t feel like awkward texture, which means that for most characters it's only a thing of a few days before they can’t even feel you are using them.

  1. Clear braces are not securely fixed.

Clear braces are not something cheap and made from substandard technology, they are developed from advanced computer skills. The steps are amazingly precise, and after just two weeks you're given a new set of braces which will be followed one, serving to continually nudge your teeth to be in the proper place. This constant recurrence of braces that have been designed using current digital technology anticipates that there is no way your brace can inadvertently slip out.


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Laser Teeth Whitening; What To expect?

Everybody wishes to have a flawless smile as well as sparkling white and shiny teeth.  Dental whitening has been a beneficial procedure to enhance the color of the teeth.  A very few people are born with a pearly white smile that also can be discolored as they grow up. Teeth can be stained or discolored due to certain beverages like tea, coffee, or alcohol, and even smoking also becomes a great cause of lessening the white color of the teeth. Most people may notice the marks below the surface of the teeth that occur due to a small crack in the whole teeth. Fortunately, there are many solutions available for teeth discoloration such as laser whitening, which is also called power whitening which is also considered the Fastest Way To Whiten Teeth.


What is laser whitening?


Laser teeth whitening procedure is designed by cosmetic dentistry which includes laser to in-office teeth whitening. This method is being popular day by day among the people who desire whiter teeth at any cost.. However, it is a quite expensive method, but perfect for those for whom their smile matters.


During this process, your Dentist In Houston will place a rubber block over the teeth to protect the gums from the heat of the light. In this technique, your dentist will use a laser to arouse the chemicals in the whitening gel to produce faster and effective results because when peroxide chemicals heat up, it works faster.  Teeth Whitening Dentist Near Me recommends this teeth whitening method as its results are always good and effective. 



How does laser teeth whitening work?


It is a simple, effective, and painless method. During this method, the dentist will clean your teeth and gum line if there is a buildup of excess tartar and plaque. This will help to diminish the risk of staining and make sure the uniformity of teeth whitening. Once the cleaning is completed, the dentist will coat your teeth with a peroxide solution. Then, he/she uses laser light to activate the chemical agent of the gel. When the chemicals are activated, they penetrate through your enamel down to your dentin.  You can make an appointment at Dentist Appointment Near Me to get whiter teeth.


What is the cost of laser whitening?

The price of laser whitening may range between $400 to $1,500. However, it is a cosmetic method which’s why it is not covered by dental insurance companies.  You can visit the General Dental office to know more about it.

Post care tips of laser whitening:


  • Avoid the things which may stain your teeth.
  • Don’t smoke as it provides harmful effects on your teeth.
  • Eat any type of white food that doesn’t stain your teeth such as pasta, potatoes, etc.
  • You can also eat fruits like apples, bananas, pears, and other light-colored, low acid options.
  • You should also stay away from coffee, wine, and tea to maintain the whiteness of your teeth.


You can get this treatment easily at Dental Offices Around Me.


Benefits of Laser Teeth Whitening:


When you get done this procedure by a certified dentist, there are noticeable advantages such as:

  • You can get quick and effective results in a single laser whitening session.
  • Results are quicker than any other method.
  • If the treatment is taken at the dental office, it reduces the risks of complications such as the burn of soft tissue or damage to the inner nerves of the teeth.


So, if you are looking for the best and the most effective method of teeth whitening, it can be a good idea to go with the laser whitening method.


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Are you self-conscious about your smile??? Are your teeth stained or discolored??? Are you not confident enough while smiling??? If your answer is yes then there’s nothing to fret as teeth whitening can help you restore the natural shine to your teeth…


Teeth whitening…


How is it done???

  • Dentist will figure out if you are a candidate for teeth whitening, by checking if you have adequate amount of enamel available, is there any sensitivity issues, or gum recession.
  • The dentist will protect your gums around your front teeth with a gingival barrier.
  • A whitening gel is applied followed by applying a high powered light/laser for 10-15 minutes. This process is repeated 2/3 times varying with each patient.
  • The whole process is a single sitting tasking 45 minutes to an hour to get that bright sparkle in your smile.


Advantages of teeth whitening???

  • You get a dazzling…bright smile as you always dreamt of.
  • No harm to the enamel or tooth structure.
  • Everything is done in single visit.
  • Can be repeated as often as twice a year without any damage to the teeth

     So, get your teeth whitened today and enjoy brighter smiles!!!

Our team at Dr Krinita Motwani’s plush Multi- speciality Dental clinic in Mumbai will be able to help you at the earliest. To book an appointment, contact us as follows

 Dr. Krinita Motwani’s Dental Clinic

Khar west, Mumbai.

Mbl : 9820280343.


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Accessing the best dental care is not as easy as you might be thinking. There are several dentist orthodontist around and each of them claims to be providing the best of services. There are also some other dental care specialists who tend to deal in the more precise things that are related to the jaw and teeth alignment problems.  You probably think that whoever is concerned with the oral care or has any sort of relation with oral betterment then he must be a dentist. That’s not the case in general, not everyone who deals in dental treatment is a dentist; he could be an orthodontist - the person who deals in teeth alignment and jaw related problems precisely. Not everybody knows what the primary difference is between the dentist and orthodontist.  


In normal cases, a dentist and orthodontist near me works on a similar goal that is improving oral health. This is to improve your oral condition in every manner. Nevertheless, the ways the manner in which it is done creates the leap of difference. Might be far away, dentistry is not a small thing and all who deal in the field are not dentists - there are various other people. It is also worth acknowledging that an orthodontist can do the work of a dentist but you need not be told that not all dentists are competent enough to be an orthodontist as well. In orthodontist you can have two different branches adult and orthodontist dentist childrens near me


On what grounds we can safely say they are similar


The main contrast within a dentist and an orthodontist is that they all deal in dental health care and have focus points revolving around teeth. An orthodontist practices under the dental office and gives the same care as related to the dentist. In this case, they do the same duties. In short, they are both experts who deal in the issue related to the teeth and gums.


Where you can feel the differences


For initiating the process, orthodontists give a lot of more time in school and obviously hold the professional education in comparison to a dentist. It is the same stuff with surgeons as they take further training in the school. Orthodontists basically train in helping patients with teeth alignment and any other problem they are having with the jaw. They are reliable options when it comes on bite and alignment of the teeth. This can be through the application of tools such as braces and Invisalign. Check the dentist or orthodontist near me to know the difference between two more comprehensively.


Whom do you need?


Understanding the differences between experts can help you save a lot of time if you are drawn towards dealing with severe malocclusion of teeth. So if your teeth are in the position it needs to be, you know you need to be at an orthodontist office and this can be true in the case of a dentist office for kids if they are also facing challenges, you go to a dentist who is able to take care of the daily dental needs. 

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When a person has crooked teeth or a bad bite the cause may be genetics or lose some baby teeth earlier due to the indulgence of certain bad habits like thumb or finger sucking can also lead to crooked teeth. This type of situation needs Aventura braces.


According to the experts, the children should start visiting an orthodontist at the age of seven as there are some orthodontic problems that should be cured at that age. Even if the treatment is not required at that age, you should visit the nearest orthodontist as he/she can guide you on what kind of treatment your child requires and when. For the adults, there is no specific age for the treatment as far as gums and bone surrounding the teeth are healthy. If you experience some discomfort in the teeth, you may visit the best local orthodontist.  


If the problem is bigger, it may be possible that you will have to put on braces for a longer time period. It may be for months or years therefore you will require to pick a braces color so that it can enhance your personality and look. Commonly people choose red, blue, green, purple, and pink colors for the braces. You can determine the suitable color of the braces with the help of orthodontists.


You can choose the braces colors from a color wheel available at the orthodontist’s center to select your favorite braces color. The color wheel includes all rainbow colors so you choose anyone according to your choice.


Some helpful tips are discussed below that can help decide you the right braces color:


Braces Color Ideas


Favorite color:


You can choose the color that is already your favorite or you can make a beautiful combination of the color enhancing your style and personality. Most adults choose the neutral color that matches their tooth enamel perfectly or a color that should compliment their outfit or occasion.


Match your outfit:


Look into your closet and find out what are the most common color dresses you have in it. Based on this, you can choose a color or combo of colors that match your outfit perfectly and enhance your outfit. You can also change the color according to the occasion. 


Special Occasion and Events:


You can coordinate your braces colors according to your upcoming special occasion or events such as weddings or graduations.


Complementing your eyes:


Green bands compliment brown eyes. Blue braces colors and pink are complementary to blue eyes while purple, red, green, and orange enhance the green eyes.  These can be suitable braces colors for girl.


Braces Colors to Avoid


As every color does not fit everybody’s personality. So, there is a list of colors that may not good for braces such as:


  • White color sounds promising but it can easily be stained while eating or drinking certain kinds of foods. Moreover, they can make your teeth more yellow because the natural color of teeth may not be as white as the band.
  • Try to choose darker colors such as dark purple and navy blue as they make your teeth look whiter because they vary with the natural color of your teeth.
  • Avoid dark colors such as dark green or dark brown as it might appear wrongly that food is stuck in your teeth.
  • In addition, yellow and gold can highlight the yellowishness of your natural teeth.


Since nobody is born with the same sets of natural teeth, some people have a yellow tint so it will be best to opt for clear or silver bands to look good.


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Wisdom teeth are the last permanent molars in the mouth. Most often it is observed that they do not erupt properly that’s why they cause problems like wisdom tooth pain and impacted wisdom teeth, etc. 


The impacted wisdom teeth can give an invitation to many problems like:


  • Can develop at wrong angles toward the next tooth, back of the mouth, a right angle to the other teeth, straight up or down like other teeth.
  • Tooth-ache.
  • Food is being stuck behind the wisdom teeth.
  • Resulting in gum infection.
  • Tooth decay problem in semi-developed wisdom teeth.
  • Destruction in a partially erupted tooth.
  • Growth of cyst around the wisdom tooth.
  • Complications during orthodontic treatments.
  • Resulting in further dental problems. 

Wisdom Tooth Extraction Near Me


Wisdom teeth removal is a surgical procedure to eliminate one or more wisdom teeth that are positioned at the back corners of your mouth on the up and down. If they do not have enough space to grow it may result in pain and infection. These kinds of conditions require wisdom teeth pulling to avoid other dental problems.   The procedure of Wisdom Teeth Removal Houston can be completed by an oral surgeon. 


Your oral surgeon may use one or more types of anesthesia like local sedation and generally depend upon the severity of the problem during the extraction procedure to match your comfort level. 

If he/she uses:

Local anesthesia:


Your oral surgeon can give you local anesthesia with one or more injections near the area of each extraction. The affected area will be numbed but you will be awakened during the procedure and you will have some pressure and movement and you won’t experience any pain.  


Sedation anesthesia:


The sedation anesthesia will be given through an intravenous injection by your surgeon in your arm. It will help to put down your consciousness during the procedure. You won’t feel any pain and no memory or little memory of the procedure. The surgeon will also inject local anesthesia to numb the gum area.


General anesthesia: 


In some special cases, it may be necessary to get general anesthesia. In this type of anesthesia, the surgeon may make you inhale medication through your nose and an IV injection in your arm or both to get you lost consciousness. The surgical team will stay with you to monitor your medical conditions like medication, breathing, temperature, and blood pressure. In addition, he/she will give you local anesthesia to numb the gum area. You won’t feel any pain and have no memory of the procedure.


After administering the anesthesia, the surgeon will complete the procedure of wisdom teeth removal near me in the following steps:


  • He/She will make a cut in the gum tissue to expose the tooth and bone.
  • Eliminates the extra part of the bone that is blocking access to the tooth root.
  • Distributes the tooth into parts to make the removal procedure easy.
  • Cleans the area of the eliminated tooth.
  • Seals the wound to promote healing.
  • Places bandage over the extraction area to prevent bleeding so that blood clots can form.



If your wisdom teeth are causing problems, you can consult your nearby dentist to get rid of the problems. 

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There are several discomforts associated with orthodontics treatment, and then there is true emergency orthodontics. But how do you understand when you need orthodontics or emergency orthodontics? Here is this article you get enough information about emergency orthodontists and the signs when you need this. 


When you’re in an intense amount of pain that can’t be bear, or either your orthodontics appliances are broken and provide any discomfort, or either if a metal wire is jabbing painfully into your cheek and you can’t temporarily fix it on your own. This is when emergency orthodontics comes in need. Find an orthodontist near me and be concerned about whether the emergency services are provided by them or not. 

The signs when you need an Emergency Orthodontist


In the time period of orthodontics treatment, associated with a lot of problems. And it’s obvious that the problem occurs for the first time. and this sudden problem can lead to contact with an Emergency Orthodontist Near Me. You just need to ask your orthodontist about the availability in an emergency. Here’s the consideration of determining the situations you need an emergency orthodontist.


  • Loose or Broken Braces (Wire or Brackets)


When braces are installed in your mouth, there are chances of wire, bracket, or band can break or loosens. No matter the cause, it’s important to contact your orthodontics right away. Because if it is left untreated it not only delays the treatment but can also result in an oral injury. 


  • Food Caught in between the orthodontics appliances


When you undergo the treatment of braces, Invisalign, there are chances of stuck food between the teeth. However, it can be removed with dental floss or an interproximal brush. But if this can’t be removed yet, then it’s time to give your orthodontist a call. The situation of tooth extraction also needed orthodontics. Find the  Emergency Tooth Extraction Near Me and get your tooth extracted. 


  • Toothaches or Lose Teeth


Orthodontics braces move your teeth, and you may experience minor discomfort or soreness in your teeth or gums. This is normal in fact this happens because your brakes are working. But if you have experienced mild pain and discomfort within a day and no self-care works. So you need an orthodontist to get rid of any future complications. Emergency Dental Care Manhattan provides all orthodontists emergency services. Just contact them and make the same day appointment. 

No matter what the problem, it is advised to visit an orthodontics emergency to manage -  schedule your repair appointment if necessary. These are not only the signs when you need an orthodontics emergency but several problems cause you to contact the Emergency Dental Clinic Near Me NYC. In the meantime, ice the affected area. In case your orthodontic appliances or brace has broken off, try to find that piece and bring it along with the appointment of Orthodontics. Please find Emergency Dental Clinic NYC if you experience either of these situations and get a same-day appointment.

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4 Common Signs of a Shoplifter

Shoplifting activities around the world are becoming increasingly common. You may believe that only a handful of people are bold enough to walk into a store and shoplift in front of employees and a well-lit shop door camera. However, it has become more common than ever. Several supermarkets in Bangalore, India put their monthly losses to shoplifting between INR 50K to 1 Lakh. In fact, $13 billion worth of goods is stolen from retailers every year burglar alarm. Moreover, only 1 in 11 people will commit the crime of shoplifting at some point in time in their lives with security services.



Fortunately, for businesses, there are some ways they can prevent shoplifting by identifying common signs of a shoplifter. Though these signs do not guarantee that someone is certainly stealing from your business, these signs do suggest someone may be stealing a home security system.

Common Signs of a Shoplifter

Big Bags

One of the common signs of shoplifters is carrying big bags to shovel as much merchandise/products as possible. They come inside the store with a big bag and shovel everything they get their hands on. It is literally a very fast process. They get in and out of the store very quickly with security systems.


Large Groups

Another common sign of shoplifter is that they work in groups. Thus, be aware when a large group of people common inside your store and causes disturbance immediately. They often try to distract employees and create a cover for stealing products. If they are lurking in corners, you might have something suspicious going on there.



If you find someone inside your store looking abnormal and nervous, there is a good chance they have already shoplifted or are in the process. Picking items in which they have no interest can also be a sign of a shoplifter.


Changing Rooms with Fewer Items

Changing rooms are the best covers for shoplifters as businesses cannot install a security camera in the room. If someone carries too many items inside and leaves with only a few of them, that is your sign of identifying a shoplifter. Always keep an eye on the number of items they carry inside and exist with security cameras.


Final Thoughts

Apart from these common signs of shoplifting, using security equipment is an effective way to avoid shoplifting activities in your store. By installing a video surveillance IP camera in high frequency around the store will help you deter shoplifters. In addition to this, the camera will also help you during police investigation, if the unwanted does happen doorbell. Train employees and provide them the information on how to spot suspicious behavior through these common signs of a shoplifter home security camera.



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When a person loses a tooth or tooth extraction results in a gap leading to a number of issues with your mouth. Furthermore, this gap can cause shifting of the remaining teeth leading to a defective bite. It can also result in soreness in the jaw. If you want to avoid such types of conditions, you can choose a suitable treatment option like Dental Bridge by Urban Dental Houston.



What Is a Dental Bridge?


A bridge is an artificial or fake tooth that is designed for patients who have missing teeth or teeth to provide you a natural-looking smile. A dental bridge is connected to the adjacent teeth of the missing tooth. There are different types of dental bridges that are made of different materials. Only a Dentist Near My Location can determine the most suitable type of dental bridge depending on the location of the missing tooth. Once you decide to have a dental bridge, the Houston Dentist Near Me will provide a temporary bridge meanwhile the permanent bridge is being created.


What are the types of dental bridges?


Dental bridges are created using different types of materials such as porcelain and metal. A cosmetic dentist will determine which type of materials will be used to fill the gap for replacing the missing tooth. Commonly used dental bridges are discussed below:


A Fixed Bridge


A fixed bridge removes a gap by making a bridge of an artificial tooth amid two dental crowns. The crowns help to hold and support the cemented bridge to the gap so that the artificial tooth may make you feel natural in the empty space. A fixed bridge can’t be removed so you should think better before getting it.


A Maryland Bridge


A Maryland bridge is generally designed for front teeth as they don’t require much pressure applied to them. It is also referred to as a resin-bonded bridge that contains metal wings connected to the artificial tooth that is attached to the adjacent teeth on both sides of the empty area.




A Cantilever Bridge


A Cantilever Bridge is fixed in the same manner as a fixed bridge. The only difference is that it is only bonded to a single tooth. It is specially designed to fill both sides of the empty area where there are no teeth.

A cosmetic dentist will determine the location for the bridge to be placed. In addition, it will require a certain amount of pressure to be able to sustain. The material for the dental bridge will be determined depending on the patents’ budget.


What does a dental bridge cost Houston?


There are different parameters that decide the price of a dental bridge such as:


  • A number of teeth fill the empty spaces.
  • Materials used in dental bridges like resin, zirconia, or metal alloy.
  • The complexity of the problem.
  • If your condition requires additional treatments.
  • Type of the dental bridge.


Traditional or cantilever bridges may cost- $2,000 – $5,000 for one pontic and a crown.


Maryland bridges may cost $1,500 – $2,500 for one pontic with the framework.


The cost of An implant-supported bridge may range between $5,000 – $15,000 for a bridge with two dental implants.


So, you can choose which type of dental bridge will be suitable for you.


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The Oral Cancer Foundation has declared April Oral Cancer Awareness Month. The doctors at the Center for Oral Surgery & Dental Implants recommend routine oral cancer screening for all patients. Oral cancer is not a rare disease. Approximately 53,000 people will be diagnosed with oral cancer every year in the US. It kills one person every hour of every day, and approximately 132 new individuals will be diagnosed with it each day. The good news is that it can often be found early in its development, through a simple, painless, and quick screening.*NDLGqwR_Ch2iXj3zhhZjsQ.jpeg 334w" alt="" width="334" height="349" />

Who should get screened?

Every adult. Oral cancer can often be caught early, even as a pre-cancer. With early detection, survival rates are high and the side effects of treatment are at their lowest. Like other screenings you engage in such as cervical, skin, prostate, colon and breast examinations, oral cancer screenings are an effective means of finding cancer at its early, highly curable stages. Make them part of your annual health check-ups.

What are the risk factors?

There are two distinct causes of oral cancer. One is the use of tobacco and alcohol, and the other is through exposure to the HPV16 virus (human papillomavirus version 16). This virus is now the leading cause of oropharyngeal cancers in the US, and the same one responsible for the majority of cervical cancers in women. The quickest growing segment of the oral cancer population is young, healthy, non-smokers due to the connection to this virus.

Early Indicators:

Red and/or white discolorations of the soft tissues of the mouth.

Any sore which does not heal within 14 days.

Hoarseness that lasts for a prolonged period.

Advanced Indicators:

A sensation that something is stuck in your throat.

Numbness in the oral region.

Difficulty in moving the jaw or tongue.

Difficulty in swallowing.

Ear pain which occurs on one side only.

A sore under a denture, which even after adjustment of the denture, still does not heal.

A lump or thickening which develops in the mouth or on the neck.

An oral cancer screening should be conducted every year, ideally at your regular dental check-up. If you are not sure you have had a recent screening or, do not have a dentist of record, call our office to schedule an examination.

For more information about oral cancer, please log onto The Oral Cancer Foundation’s official website at

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8721173877?profile=RESIZE_400xTooth sensitivity is a common problem faced by many of us. If hot, cold, sweet, very acidic foods and drinks or breathing in cold atmosphere makes your teeth or a tooth sensitive or painful then you have sensitive teeth.


Sensitivity often occurs when the layer of teeth beneath the enamel called the dentin becomes exposed due to erosion of the enamel or recession of the gums which might cause sharp sensation in your teeth.


What are the causes of sensitivity?

  1. Excessive brushing – brushing with excess force or using hard bristled tooth brush causes erosion of enamel, which leads to sensitivity.
  2. Acidic food – acid from certain foods strips the minerals from the enamel.
  3. Bruxism – Grinding teeth at night or during the day consciously or sub consciously causes sensitivity.
  4. Gum diseases- Receding gums exposes inner layers of your teeth. They will definitely cause sensitive teeth and can also be a cause of underlying gum disease.
  5. Use of mouthwash and tooth whitening pastes- Excessive use of mouthwash and tooth whitening pastes result in sensitivity due to the presence of chemicals and formulas.
  6. Cracked tooth – A cracked or chipped tooth exposes dentinal tubules which might cause acute pain or sensitivity.
  7. Fractured / decayed filling- Presence of a fracture or decay around a previously done filling can cause sensitivity and also fillings need to be replaced.

How to treat sensitive teeth?

  • Avoid brushing hard –avoid using hard bristled tooth brush.
  • Avoid acidic food and drinks as they tend to attack the enamel.
  • Use of mouth guards during the night help you to avoid sensitivity due to grinding subconsciously.
  • Check for gum diseases- accumulation of tartar or plaque pulls back gums exposing inner layersof teeth. Get your teeth regularly cleaned.
  • Get your cracked or fractured tooth treated whenever you notice pain.
  • Use specially made tooth pastes for sensitive teeth.
  • Try a fluoride treatment- fluorides strengthen your enamel and act as a buffer between irritating substances and your tooth which avoids sensitivity.

How to prevent tooth sensitivity from getting worse?

  1. Brushing- daily twice a day with a toothpaste that does not have a high level of abrasives can help reduce the chance of tooth sensitivity.
  2. Flossing- flossing gets rid of plaque on the gum line and between the teeth.
  3. Diet- follow a diet low in acid, since acidic food harms the enamel, our daily diet should consist of food which are less acidic.


If you are dealing with sensitive teeth, you can approach us by finding our contact details below

Dr. Krinita Motwani

Khar west, Mumbai.

Mbl : 9820280343.                              




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8 Ways Teeth Grinding Affects Your Health

Teeth grinding may lead to numerous health consequences. Some of these issues are short-term, but often many patients face more serious long-term problems, which may eventually become permanent. If you neglect to treat short-term issues timely, they may cause more painful and severe consequences. That’s why it's crucial to consult a doctor at first signs of teeth grinding. Not only to avoid enamel erosion and tooth loss, but also to prevent changes to your facial appearance.

Here are some of the most common long-term effects of teeth grinding:

1. Damaged Teeth
Most people subjected to long-term teeth grinding actually have flattened teeth with an even, square appearance. Grinding wears the occlusal surfaces of your teeth enamel, leading to worn down and shortened teeth. The more grinding is left untreated, the more severe these consequences get. Grinding your teeth can also damage dental work including fillings and crowns, causing them to fail and needing replacement. 

2. Changed facial appearance
Many patients find that long-term teeth grinding leads to hypertrophy of masseter's musculature, causing their jaw to bulk up and take on a masculine appearance. The swollen and square jaw is a highly unwanted side-effect in many female patients. Masseter reduction with Botox can help narrow the jawline leading to a more feminine appearance. Plus, masseter muscle reduction can make your face look thinner.

3. Sensitive teeth
Grinding permanently wears down the protective layer of your teeth. Enamel erosion makes the inner layer of your teeth exposed to dangerous oral bacteria, food acids, and dental plaque, leading to cavities. These small holes and openings in your enamel cause cold and hot temperatures to get to the nerves in your teeth, making some foods and beverages uncomfortable at best and painful at worst. 

4. Headaches and jaw pains 
Grinding in your sleep typically lasts for 49 minutes to an hour, and produces more than 250 pounds of force per square inch. This amount of pressure is enough to crack a nut. That’s why excessive use of jaw muscles leads to discomfort, pain, and headaches.  

5. Receding gums 
Teeth grinding is one of the major culprits of gum recession for various reasons. Grinding puts lots of pressure on your gums and causes them to pull away from your teeth and form pockets. Gum pockets accumulate dangerous oral bacteria and food residue, leading to periodontal disease. This serious gum infection decreases the amount of tissue that supports your teeth and leads to loss of volume and density in the underlying bone. 

6. Tooth loss
In severe cases of teeth grinding, your teeth can start detaching from the jaw. In addition to the weakening of the tooth itself, this can put you at increased risk of pushing one of your teeth out of its socket. 

7. Speech problems
Teeth grinding can result in different speech problems like difficulty in pronouncing sounds, slurring, poor speech clarity, and distortion in the speaking pattern. These problems occur due to malocclusion of the teeth caused by teeth grinding. 

8. Digestive problems
Enamel erosion leads to the exposure of the dentin and roots of your teeth, creating serious problems with chewing. Poorly chewed food leads to the build-up of stomach acid in the body, causing problems like heartburn, acid reflux, and dyspepsia. 

The bottom line
If you constantly grind your teeth at night or/and during the day, consider contacting a specialist to prevent numerous problems with your teeth, facial appearance, speech, and digestion. Remember that most of the problems caused by grinding your teeth are permanent and require costly and extensive treatment. So it’s best to prevent them in time, to avoid unnecessary complications. 

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Houston Pediatric Dentist in Tanglewood

When is the last time that your child saw a Houston pediatric dentist? Houston Pediatric Dentistry seeks to prevent illnesses and diseases related to the teeth and gums in children by exercising a proactive conservative approach. Conservative Dentistry focuses on preventative techniques such as preemptive cleanings, regular check-ups, and dental sealants. All three of these methods help children have healthy teeth and gums well into their adult life.


Houston Pediatric Dentist in Tanglewood

Finding a Houston pediatric dentist in the Tanglewood area is easier than you would think. Naba Dental is centrally located in the 77057 zip code of Houston. This Houston dentist takes a conservative approach to preventing oral hygiene diseases in children. Bringing your child to the dentist every 6 months as recommended by the ADA decreases the chances of developing issues like cavities and gum disease.


By having a central location in the Memorial / Galleria area of Houston, it is very easy to bring your child to the dentist. Naba Dental is also located not far from the local school, making dental visits more convenient. What’s more, Naba also treats adults, and you can schedule visits for yourself and your child on the same day. This makes it easier and much more convenient to manage your time when going to the dentist.


What is Conservative Dentistry?

Conservative Dentistry is the method of preventing oral diseases from occurring. The primary methods used in conservative dentistry include regular check-ups, cleanings, x-rays, and addressing potential concerns early. By visiting your Houston dentist every 6 months, they have the opportunity to check progress on teeth. Because of this, they can see patterns and trends indicating a potential problem.


When your dentist discovers a potential problem, they will take steps to correct it early on. Some of these steps may simply be a deep cleaning, while others may include the use of dental sealants, and in some cases, the need for braces may be necessary. Braces help developing teeth emerge and aligned properly within the mouth. Dental sealants smooth out the surfaces of teeth preventing the build-up of hard to reach plaque. Deep cleanings remove plaque from around the gum line that could have resulted in gum disease.


One of the best traits of conservative dentistry is that it is generally not invasive. The need for sedation dentistry is lower, and patient rarely experiences discomfort. Even still, the Houston dentist may use sedation dentistry in cases where the child is anxious about visiting the dentist. Sedation dentistry can work in tandem with conservative dentistry to provide the best experience possible for any patient young or old.


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Kids are very sensitive to their teeth. As in this stage, teeth are growing and in childhood are replaced with a matured tooth with stronger roots and chewing capability. Children don’t take care of their teeth, avoid brushing, and regularly eat various items of chocolate, candies, and other sweet or sticky items that can damage their teeth at an early stage of life. Dental deep cleaning is important in this age. And if you are a parent you need to be very careful to take care of your kids to avoid major dental problems. Actually, keeping kids from eating foods that are harmful to teeth is very difficult, as they will either ignore you or forget within a few minutes despite teaching them all the time. So, right here are a few useful tips for Deep Dental Cleaning and keeping your kids’ teeth healthy.




Here are the following tips you can follow to keep your child’s teeth clean, healthy, and hygiene- 


Regular two-time brushing habit on you child’s teeth


Usually, kids are lazy and escape from doing brushing. But giving them the choice of selecting their favorite toothbrush or toothpaste two times for 2 minutes a day can help to prevent cavities and plaque. Find the best Houston Teeth Cleaning dental care who can provide the best advice for brushing and flossing.   


Control candies, chocolates, and sugary drinks or beverages


Kids usually eat chocolates, candies, surgery drinks, and other sweet and sticky items. This creates more bacterias in the mouth and produces inactive or less saliva that neutralizes such bacteria causing cavities. Controlling these problems that create such dental problems is needed. prevention is better than cure. Get the best Teeth Cleaning Houston Tx and keep your child’s teeth healthy and hygiene. 


When your child eats, rinse the mouth with water


When your child eats the food items, rinsing the mouth can help to prevent teeth from cavities and bacteria attacks. If your child sleeps with surgery, chocolate items that remain in the teeth create harmful bacteria and germs causing cavities. Deep Cleaning Dental Procedure is required to prevent bacteria and cavities. 



Healthy and right diet or eating habit


A healthy and right diet habit can strengthen your teeth. Diets including Vitamin-C and Calcium can keep your teeth and gums healthy and prevent other dental health issues. Although you can consult with the pediatric dentist for Dental Deep Cleaning Procedure.

As kids grow, scheduling on routine dental checkups with Dental Cleaning Houston from once every 3 months to once a year as your dentist or hygienist suggests. A pediatric dentist will examine and diagnose the child’s overall dental health, and preventive measures. If your child is at high risk of tooth decay, infection, cavities, and other dental issues then more-frequent checkups might be suggested. Avoiding surgery foods, candies, encouraging regular brushing and flossing will lead to good dental health. Find the best Teeth Cleaning Houston dentist and get the teeth cleaning procedure done for your child.

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What is the composition of the veneers?

The elements employed in the making of Dental Veneers are generally porcelain or resin composite. However, Dentists and patients usually favor a Porcelain Veneer as it has the ability to combat tooth stains better than the other alternative. The other purpose why the former is preferred mostly is because it gives the look of naturally smooth, white, and strong teeth. Resin veneers are even more delicate than porcelain veneers and they do not require solid tooth removal. Ultimately, it is up to the best veneer dentist in Houston to pick which veneer entertains you the best.


Where Dental Veneers can help you


Our mouth is prone to various dental problems. Some are framed by medications but certain issues such as Periodontal Disease and any such gum infection might require dental surgery. When speaking about Veneers they are practiced to fix problems such as -


  1. Stained Teeth - Caused due to Root Canal Procedure or any kind of drugs/medication.
  2. Dead teeth
  3. Chipped or Cracked Teeth.
  4. Misaligned, irregular, or unevenly shaped teeth.
  5. Gaps in teeth


There are so many benefits of visiting the Dentist Office Houston TX, especially for the veneers, just focus on their services and make your smile beautiful again.


The procedure of getting the beautiful smile through the help of veneers treatment in Houston


You will be expected to have the Teeth Cleaning Plaque Removal and after that visit the dentist or the best orthodontic treatment Houston. Once that’s done next thing you experience is the consultation and analysis of your teeth. The second and third will be dedicated to the application of the veneers.



  1. In the first stage your Dentist will prepare the diagnosis plan and it requires your proactive participation. You need to tell your dentist why you wish to undergo this treatment. Your teeth will be examined and based on those examinations your dentist will inform whether dental veneers are suitable for you or not.



If you are looking for the extremely great alternative of the Dentist Whitening Houston for pearly white teeth by investing in the veneers.


  1. The secondary stage is preparing. For this, your dentist will eliminate around ½ mm of your enamel. This is the correct thickness of the veneer which will be attached to your tooth covering. Your dentist will then decide the exact shape of your tooth. You can speak with your dentist about the use of anesthesia. After all, this is a worth waiting procedure.


  1. The last step of this method is setting and sealing the whole. Your doctor for best veneers Houston works on your teeth so that he/she can check the appropriate color. They will eradicate and trim the veneer so that you get the precise fit. The color gets arranged depending on the shade of adhesive to be used. After all this, your teeth will be qualified to get the veneer. It will be polished, glossy, and will be roughened for a strong bonding method to take place. In the final steps, mostly fishing steps are done.


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Usually, people require dental assistance when their teeth are too stained and they feel awkward when they smile. If you experience such a problem, you will require the best Teeth Whitening Dentist. It is considered a good form of cosmetic dental treatment as you can get this whether at home or in the office.  You can ask a Professional Teeth Whitening to know the various methods of the procedure.


What is tooth whitening?


Teeth whitening is a kind of cosmetic procedure that helps lighten the natural color of your teeth without eliminating the tooth surface. Teeth whitening comprises hydrogen peroxide or carbamide peroxide to split the stains into smaller pieces that help make the color less concentrated and provide shiny and brighter teeth. You can get the treatment from a Emergency Dentist in the office.



Reasons to go through the teeth whitening:


    • Every person has a different teeth color, you may see that there are a few people who are born with brilliant white teeth. And as you age, your teeth may become more discolored than before.    


    • When your teeth are stained due to certain beverages such as tea, coffee, red wine, alcohol, etc.  


    • If the ‘Calculus' or tartar has been built up inside your mouth, it can also affect the color of your teeth because some people may have staining under the surface caused by specific antibiotics or by small cracks in the teeth leading to stains.  


If you are planning to go through the procedure, you can visit teeth whitening near me.


What is the procedure of teeth whitening?


Bleaching by the Dentist Teeth Whitening is a common method of tooth whitening. First, the professionals will examine your teeth and recommend suitable treatment. Once you agree with the treatment, a dental team will put rubber protection or a gel on your gums to protect them. Then, they will apply the teeth whitening agents to the stained teeth, generally a specially fitted tray into your mouth acting like a mouthguard.  


The key ingredient in the whitening product includes hydrogen peroxide that is broken down and releases oxygen into the enamel on the teeth and the teeth color becomes lighter.



Total time, taken by the procedure:


The treatment is generally completed within three to four weeks. During the dental visits, the dentist’s team will create a mouthguard by taking teeth impressions. As soon as the treatment has started, you will have to maintain it at home as well which means you will have to apply teeth whitening product over the teeth for 2 or 4 weeks about thirty to sixty minutes.


You can notice the changes in one week after the treatment started.


What are alternative procedures?


Laser whitening or power whitening are considered the other procedures of teeth whitening. During the process, the dentists place a rubber dam over the teeth and paint the bleaching product onto them. Then, a laser beam is transmitted into the teeth to activate the chemical. The light makes the reaction fast of the whitening product and the changed color of them can be obtained quickly. Laser whitening is beneficial for making teeth up to five or six shades lighter than before.


Teeth Whitening Dentist Cost:


Usually, the teeth whitening cost is $650 but it may raise up to $1,000 depending on the type of product used.


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Getting the teeth straightening procedure done should be regarded as a compulsion, not a luxury. It has so much to say in how people see you and can change a lot of other areas of your life, both psychologically and physically. Therefore, you require to take all the required measures to assure that you have a nice countenance and a friendly smile. Straight teeth play a big role in your appearance. You can have a word with the best orthodontist near me to know better about the straightening and alignment of your teeth.


What are the main reasons to get your teeth straightened now!


  1. Better oral hygiene


Misaligned or congested teeth tend to make it more challenging to brush your mouth correctly. Food particles stay stuck in between the awkwardly aligned teeth, causing tooth decay and gum infection. Straightening your teeth will improve your way to clean your teeth completely and circumvent these causes of tooth deterioration and gum infections. This point is the main reason for having the best teeth straightening.


  1. Can Give You Flaunt Worthy Smile


Trying to smile kindly with awkward teeth is a hurdle. It gives an unpleasant look and you may not get a confident response from others. It is necessary to hire a quality orthodontic care professional who has examined the particular degree to give you information about Invisalign adjustments and other means of teeth straightening so as to change your smile.


  1. Say no to morning headaches


Crowding of teeth in the mouth is comprehended to cause contraction of the airways, which can begin to trouble at night. If you have your best teeth straightening, the airways will remain unrestricted and allow air to move through without any difficulty, giving you a sound night's sleep.


  1. Communicate without problem


Misaligned teeth are likely to intervene with the capacity to pronounce words distinctly. This is particularly true if the mouth is stuffed with teeth. Once you are interested in teeth correction, you will no longer grapple to say words, and this will enhance your communication abilities both socially and on working grounds.


  1. Reduces chances of accidental breakage of teeth


Overbite teeth tend to break easily because they scrape against each other and cause a lot of irritation. Straight teeth do not rub against each other as they are all nicely moved in a particular set. Straightening your teeth will protect them and decrease incidents of breakage. Take orthodontic care for help.


  1. Reduce the chances of stroke and heart disease


Research has proved that people who are dealing with gum disease are 35% more prone to get heart disorders. The reason behind this is the bacteria discharged from the gums into the body. This bacteria leads to go around to the other parts of the body, creating damage. Having your teeth alignment treatment done will help you to dodge the chance of getting gum disease and ultimately a stroke or heart problem. Getting your teeth straightened is a much-needed investment in every manner.


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No one ever actually enjoys paying a visit to the dentist orthodontist. Nevertheless, we all must have frequent checkups for the sake of dental treatment. One specialist orthodontist can help you considerably in various matters all you need to do is to find the one that can help you.


Similar to the concept of specialist doctors like cardiologists, the best orthodontist are specialist dentists. These medical practitioners regard themselves with treating conditions like a bad bite, that commonly result from irregular jaw relationships and/ or tooth abnormalities. Essentially, they offer to fix twisted teeth, fix overcrowding of teeth, and give you absolutely symmetrical teeth and jaw alignment that can execute for a perfect smile.


Why would you need a great smile? Well, solely because your personal expression has an effect on confidence and how you see yourself. Moreover, a report by Brigham Young University-Idaho reveals just how much your personal appearance can change the way in which people think about you and obviously it can help you or draw your opportunities.


Luckily, visits to the best orthodontist Miami don't need suggestions from a dentist. You can simply get to an appointment and have a realization and achievement of your personal dental requirements.


You Should Always Visit A Certified Orthodontist


When choosing the right dentist and orthodontist near me who will give decent professional service, you must consider only one who is certified by the proper authority for practicing the dental works. Your orthodontist should be a part of this professional association which guarantees that high professional and ethical standards are met and sustained by all its affiliates. Without this consideration, the orthodontist would not be culpable, and seeking recourse for any negligence might be much more complex.


Membership in the proper dental authority of your state that follows strict guidelines that each orthodontist must be following. These entail high standards of qualifications that guarantee the practice sustained out by such an orthodontist will provide to patients' needs and will be to the required standards. The requirements cover:


All members of the proper dental association in your state must have a certain level of education in the required field. This gives the principal foundational expertise in core biomedical, along with the dental sciences, so that an orthodontist can also know the medical, community, and social circumstances of the dental clinical training. This is where your orthodontist gets a good bedside manner and produces the proper etiquette in handling patients in a nice and professional manner, understanding and caring way. With this qualification, an orthodontist would be available to receive certification by the Dental Board of Australia and give the services of dentistry in all states and territories for which he got the license.


A professional 3-year Orthodontics Masters Degree, which has 4,000+ hours of dedicated post-graduate education as a professional. This is the step at which orthodontists get the specialist ability to diagnose, check and treat orthodontic difficulties. The master's degree program also outfits orthodontists with the professionalism to efficiently use different types of devices such as clear aligner trays, braces, and retainers. Such appliances are employed in moving teeth or keeping them in new positions.


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