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Flossing: method and importance



Brushing teeth correctly and consistently helps remove most dental plaque. But brushing alone can’t remove plaque that is located in places that a toothbrush can’t reach. This includes in between the teeth and under the gums. In addition to removing plaque, flossing also helps to:





Correct Method to floss:

Break off about 18 inches of floss and wind most of it around one of your middle fingers. Wind the remaining floss around the same finger of the opposite hand. This finger will take up the floss as it becomes dirty.

Hold the floss tightly between your thumbs and forefingers.

Guide the floss between your teeth using a gentle rubbing motion. Never snap the floss into the gums.

When the floss reaches the gum line, curve it into a C shape against one tooth. Gently slide it into the space between the gum and the tooth.

Hold the floss tightly against the tooth. Gently rub the side of the tooth, moving the floss away from the gum with up and down motion. Repeat this method on the rest of your teeth. Don’t forget the back side of your last tooth.

Once you’re finished throw the floss away.


Other methods of flossing:

Flossing tools such as floss holder may be helpful for people who are just learning how to floss, individuals with limited dexterity in their arms and/or hands.

To know more about flossing, its importance and correct method, book an appointment at Dr. Krinita Motwani’s multispeciality dental clinic.


Dr Krinita Motwani

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Want To Find An Experienced Dentist

Earlier, it was normal to get the dentist name from a relative, friend, or co-worker. Or possibly you would just select a name from the directory. For worse or better, the internet affords chances for making a choice as per on more complete information.

Relatives, friends, and coworkers are still wonderful resources for names of best dentist near me. You can even get some names from pharmacists, medical doctors, dental insurance companies, dental schools, dental laboratories and dental specialists.

Dental Veneers

But do not forget about the Internet. There are so many sites that refer affordable dental specialist by location. Though, you have to be aware that dentists for Wisdom Teeth Removal Houston pay to be listed on these websites. And keep in mind, these are advertisements, not suggestions. You can even search some names through a reputable online health website with lots of information.

Even, each and every state has a dental permitting board which lists every approved wisdom teeth removal dentist in the state. Usually, you can search dental board of your state on the website, normally in the section of licensing. It is suggested you to do some research and find best dentist for your impacted wisdom teeth.

Analyzing the Dentists

When you have a list of potential dentists you are happy with, you can compare and evaluate each to make a decision which one is best for you. Here is a simple assessment process:

First, you should ask your dental board regarding each dentist for Emergency Tooth Removal Near Me on your list. A few states give this type of background-inspection service online, but some others need a call. Inquire if your candidates are approved to practice in the field of dentistry in your own state. The different states have different licensing levels; so ask regarding that. When you settle that a tooth replacement dentist is approved, ask in case there are any illegal complaints next to that dentist. It means that a grievance has been examined and found to have value, impacting in some action next to the dentist.

On the other hand, check that dental misconduct is managed through insurance service providers and the courts. Responsible dental boards do not have that kind of information.

Now your list about tooth extraction dentist has just approved dentists without criminal complaints. One more step is making a call to each clinic. Here are some of the questions you might need to ask.

-- Ask regarding charges for standard processes like complete mouth x-rays and precautionary visits with oral examination and teeth cleaning thus you can evaluate costs.

-- If convenience is an issue, check out if the clinic can accommodate your requirements.

-- In case you know you want a specific process, confirm the dentist does it.

-- Do they actually take your insurance coverage? Are they keen to work out a supple plan of payment?

-- Confirm to see if the tooth filling dentist has own website. It can tell you much more regarding the style and dentist’s professionalism.

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When you are searching emergency dentists in your nearby area, possibilities are you will find quite some. How do you recognize which one to choose? Is there a variance in the service quality? Here are a few important factors to remember when selecting a best dental practice.



It is very important factor to remember when choosing emergency dentist near me. In case you have insurance coverage, confirm that the practice accepts your exact carrier. There are so many patients that do not have insurance must call around or search the sites of local wisdom teeth removal dentists to get a sign of what they normally charge for their professional services. Nobody desires to end up at a specific practice which charges double what they predicted to pay. Inquire each office regarding their payment choices, such as payment plans or credit cards.


It is crucial for most people as they wish to go to a practice which is suitable to where they are living or working. It is mainly true for people that live in a big city, thus do a careful research only for Emergency Tooth Extraction dentists in your ZIP code to search the most suitably located ones.


Clearly, you just wish someone highly capable to work on your teeth. Most of the sites would list qualifications of each staff member. Look at memberships, education in professional groups, or authorizations from some other professional companies. Even, check if someone on the staff has authorization in some other area like IV sedation that assists if someone in your family is worried regarding going to the Emergency Dental Extraction dentist. Confirm you are happy with the education, certification and licensing of the dentist has thus you can rest confirmed they are taking the best care.

Urgent visits

What occurs in case member of a family has an urgent requirement and needs to have their teeth after timings or on the time of weekend? Confirm that practice you select is either partnered with an after-hours urgent clinic or has anyone on call to manage any urgent dental situations.

Personal Suggestion

A clinic for Veneers teeth treatment can look best on paper: they accept your insurance coverage, the staff is certified and licensed, and they give proper care. But if you are not pleased with the treatment you get for any possible reason, keep checking any other practice until you feel relaxed.

Dental Colleges

One more choice to consider is a nearby best veneer dentist in houston. If there is a dentistry program at the university or college nearby, they can provide appointments to members of the public thus their students can get knowledge. They normally charge less than normal clinics, and the candidates are always administered. It is an excellent choice for patients who do not have insurance but still want good quality treatment.

There are so many dentists in every town, but searching the best one does not need to be tough. You can use these tips and you will have a beautiful smile and healthy mouth!

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If you are seeking a dental practitioner for your youngsters, you ought to find the one that works on the weekend too. Several dentists nowadays are open for at least a few hrs on Saturdays, and there are a few excellent reasons for this. Prior to you choose a new emergency dental clinic to deal with the teeth of your kids, figure out why Saturday dental practitioners tend to be practical.

Among the most effective parts of a dentist open on Saturday is that they can usually obtain people on the very same day. This indicates if your youngster has a tooth pain Friday evening or Saturday morning, you do not have to wait till Monday or the past to get it considered. You can just employ the morning to have it looked after that afternoon. Just see to it the dental professional you choose offers not simply weekend break hrs, yet likewise same-day consultations or perhaps emergency situation walk-in hours on the weekend breaks. This will guarantee your kid does not have to experience without getting the right treatment done swiftly, or at least a momentary remedy till therapy can be executed.


Children who require great deals of dental work may wind up absent college often. Instead of taking your children out of the institution for the day or perhaps just half a day, you need to schedule an appointment with a dentist open on Saturday in Houston. This way, no college is missed out on, which implies pupils do not have to fall behind on schoolwork just to obtain the dental treatment they require. Plus, you do not have to take some time off the job to take your children to their visits when you get weekend break hrs at the dental professional.

Even if these benefits do not appeal to you right now, you must search for an emergency dentist in Houston offering Saturday appointments. You never ever recognize when you will require this comfort. Toothaches can sneak up on anyone, even on children who seldom obtain them as well as have primarily healthy teeth. You must be prepared simply in case if you intend to avoid needing to view your child in pain as a result of a tooth issue. If you function non-traditional hours as well as therefore do not need to stress over having to get time off for weekday consultations, you need to still locate a Saturday dentist in case your schedule ever before altered.

Plainly, there are many factors that there are dental practitioners that work on Saturdays. This sort of schedule is convenient not just for grownups, yet also youngsters. This is why it makes good sense to seek an expert who uses this.

Find a Saturday dentist near your location to get the best suitable treatment in case of any emergency. We at Urbn Dental provide emergency dental treatment at a very reasonable and affordable cost. We are also open on Saturdays for the convenience of our patients. For more information about the clinic and services offered by us, feel free to contact us anytime directly through our official website

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Taking care of your oral health important for everyone but for a pregnant woman, it becomes more important. During pregnancy a go through lots of physical, emotional and hormonal changes which affect her teeth and gums.


A woman’s oral health care is an important part of prenatal care, having poor oral health can cause problems for mother as well as a baby.

Make a Visit to Your Dentist Before You Get Pregnant

Pregnancy is a long period and you can’t afford to get poor dental hygiene during pregnancy as it can take a bad toll on your oral health. Visit your dentist before you get pregnant. Visiting your dentist in advance can save you from lots of upcoming problems. Your dentist can clean your teeth, diagnose any oral health problem and treat it before your getting pregnant.

Pregnancy and Periodontal Disease

7 out of 10 pregnant women face gingivitis during pregnancy. At an early stage of pregnancy, many women face redness and swollen gums due to a change in the level of hormones. So if the gingivitis is not treated at the right time, the bone that supports teeth can be lost or can loosen the teeth due to losing support. 

Pregnancy and Dental Cavities

During pregnancy, women are at high risk of cavities due to the change of hormones which change their eating behaviours. The women who have cavities during pregnancy and after delivery due to bacteria can transmit these bacteria’s to their babies to the mouth. According to reports, 1 out of 4 childbearing age of women has untreated cavities. The children of such mothers are more prone to cavities at an early age. And such children are more likely absent from the school due to tooth pain and dentist visit.

How to take care of your oral health during pregnancy?

A routine dental check-up is necessary, if you are pregnant then tells your dentist. If you need to do an urgent procedure during pregnancy then it can be done but your dentist will suggest you to postpone elective procedure after delivery. Before you visit your dentist, ask your obstetrician if he/she has any instructions.

  • Inform your dentist about drug dosages and prenatal vitamins and other medications. Your dentist needs all the information related to your medicines to alter the treatment.
  • If there is a requirement if dental x-ray then it can be done during pregnancy. Your dentist will use all the safety measures to safeguard you and your baby from the x-ray by covering your abdomen and thyroid. Although x-rays nowadays are safer than they used to be in the early days.
  • Just because you are pregnant, you must not skip your dental visits. Visits to your dentist are more important during pregnancy to check up your gums as due to change in hormonal level.

How to cope with morning sickness

  • If you are not able to brush your teeth due to morning sickness then change your toothpaste to bland-tasting toothpaste from traditional toothpaste. Ask your dentist to recommend any recognised toothpaste brand for pregnancy.
  • Rinse your mouth thoroughly to remove the plaque and food particles if you are not able to brush your teeth.

Visit your dentist after delivery

If you had any gum problem during pregnancy and you are still facing it, you must visit your dentist at

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Visiting a dentist has an ill-fated status for most of the people. Once the normal person thinks regarding a dental visit for Dental Crowns Houston Tx, they think regarding an uncomfortable cleaning procedure or a throbbing root canal. Even, these are important parts of maintaining healthy gums and teeth, the world of advanced dental technology has melodramatically in the last some years. If you have been ignoring the dentist such as the plague, or though you just check in the period of every six months for a perfect cleaning, you can be completely not aware of all the choices that are available to assist make brighter your smile.


Stay Away From Braces

Damaged teeth have been the nuisance of middle as well as high school candidates for long time. Understand that braces are not just painful, but they show up at a time in a kid’s life when all they wish to do is perfectly fit in. It is also tougher for an adult to get gone with braces and not feel disliked in their office. Even as, serious cases of damaged teeth will always need serious help, the normal misaligned smile can be repaired with a pair of clear teeth aligners. These unseen products slide over the teeth, as well as subtly regulate them over the period of time, much in similar manner an obtrusive set of braces will, exclusive of the pre-existing shame.

Anywhere close to you there is an emergency dentist near me who’s qualified to give you clear aligners exclusive of you making the ongoing investment in a costly set of teeth braces. Discuss to your dentist about Cost Of Gold Dental Crown and check if your smile can advantage from a slight, subtle adjustment.

Dentures For Everybody

Mature people are not the ones that lose their teeth. Accidents, diseases, and chemicals can all source teeth to leave the mouth earlier than their time. Lost teeth are a serious issue on two fronts for persons of different ages. First, nobody seems good with gaps in their smile. It would make an affect how you smile once you are going to meet with new people, how you stand for pictures, and your assurance in general. Next, your mouth was planned to use all your teeth. Lost a canine or molar can make chewing tougher and also painful in most of the cases.

While still there is a dishonor of agedness associated to utilizing dentures, the expertise has come a long manner. You possibly interact with people daily without a single actual tooth in their head, and you wouldn’t know except they informed you. Matching color has so much advanced that you can eliminate complete sections of your actual teeth and change them with partial dentures which look identical perfectly. In case you have problem eating most of the solid foods, or just need to be able to smile correctly for Christmas cards once more, it can be time to remove the old, and begin with a set of Houston Dental Crowns and dentures.

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4129993051?profile=RESIZE_710xDental care for baby teeth can start before your baby’s first tooth appears. A couple of times a day, you can gently wipe your baby’s gums using a damp, clean face washer or gauze. This helps your baby get ready for brushing when the first tooth arrives.

As soon as teeth arrive, you can clean them twice a day – in the morning and before bed. Use a small, soft toothbrush designed for children under two years. If your baby doesn’t like the toothbrush in her mouth, keep using the face washer or gauze to wipe the front and back of each of your baby’s teeth.

Use only water on the toothbrush until your baby is 18 months old, unless a dentist tells you to do something else.

The best way to clean your baby’s teeth

  1. Position your baby so you can see his mouth, and he feels secure. It might help to sit on a bed or the floor with your baby lying down so that his head is on your lap.
  2. Cup your baby’s chin in your hands, with her head resting against your body.
  3. Lift your baby’s lip to clean his teeth using soft, circular motions.
  4. Make sure you spend time on the front and back of each tooth and also the gum line.

If your baby doesn’t like having her teeth brushed, you could try make brushing more fun by singing songs or letting your baby play with a toy. Even a quick attempt at brushing is better than nothing, so your child starts to learn that brushing is a normal part of her daily routine.

Keeping the toothbrush clean

After cleaning your baby’s teeth and gums, rinse the toothbrush with tap water.

Store the toothbrush upright in an open container to allow it to air-dry.

You should replace toothbrushes every 3-4 months, or when the bristles get worn or frayed.

Preventing early tooth decay

Teeth cleaning alone isn’t a guarantee against tooth decay. Diet and the way you feed your baby are also important.

Babies aged 0-6 months need only breastmilk or formula. Breastfed and formula-fed babies older than six months can also have small amounts of water. Avoid giving your baby sugary drinks. Once you introduce solids, also avoid giving your baby foods high in sugar.

Don’t put your baby to sleep with a bottle. When your baby is asleep, there’s less saliva in his mouth to protect his teeth. If your baby falls asleep with a bottle, formula or milk might slowly drip into your baby’s mouth and soak his teeth. This puts him at risk of tooth decay. Also note that putting your baby to sleep with a bottle is a choking risk.

If your baby likes a dummy, don’t dip it in food and liquids like honey and sugar.

To make sure your baby’s teeth and gums are healthy, it’s a good idea for her to see the dentist when she’s about 12 months old or when her first tooth comes through, whichever happens first. You can also contact Dr. KRINITA MOTWANI'S DENTAL CLINIC to book an appointment on your schedule.

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Wisdom Teeth Removal

When Is Wisdom Teeth Removal Necessary?

Wisdom teeth also known as the third molars are usually the last of your adult teeth to come in. They are usually positioned at the back of the mouth.

Wisdom teeth normally come out between the ages of 17 and 20.

Most people don't really worry about their wisdom teeth unless they actually start to bother them.

Some wisdom teeth may not need to be removed if they are healthy and grow in completely.

However, in many cases, wisdom teeth do not have the space they need to come out naturally and can cause complications.

If the third molar is coming in at a bad angle it can push on your other teeth and cause damage.


whenever the wisdom teeth remain unmerged or trapped under the gums they are considered to be an impacted wisdom tooth.

Impacted wisdom teeth can cause an infection, discomfort.

You may also develop a cyst that can also hurt the root of your other teeth.

Sometimes the wisdom teeth will partially emerge through the gums.

The area would be very difficult to keep clean and will become a breeding ground for bacteria. This would be will be very bad for your oral health.

The American Dental Association deems wisdom tooth extraction necessary if you experience any of the following conditions:   

  • Pain            
  • Repeated infection of soft tissue behind the lower last tooth fluid-filled sacs (cysts)            
  • Tumors            
  • Damage to nearby teeth            
  • Gum disease            
  • Extensive tooth decay

How Long Does It Take to Remove Wisdom Teeth?

Usually, the time it takes to remove a wisdom tooth is between 20 to 40 minutes.

The time varies based on the complexity of the extraction.

Our specialist Dr. Samo can remove wisdom teeth in 2 minutes or less!

He uses special modernized tools that are not used by other dentists.

These state of the art instruments minimize post-extraction swelling and make healing faster with fewer complications.



What Does It Feel Like to Get Your Wisdom Teeth Removed?

Wisdom tooth removal can be completely painless and effortless.

It can also be a little challenging but this all depends on a variety of factors.

The level of complexity of each patient varies. Wisdom teeth removal can be done with general anesthesia and you will be completely unaware of the whole procedure.

This is a better option when you are taking out more than 1-2 wisdom teeth at a time.

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5 Tips for a Healthier Smile

              Sometimes we skip a tooth brushing every now and then, which may seem like no big deal. While, in the grand scheme of things, it may seem like missing a tooth brushing here in there isn’t the end of the world, it may lead to unhealthy dental habits, which eventually could result in serious dental damage! By adopting healthy, regular dental habits, you can lower your chance of tooth decay and cavities. Here are some helpful tips towards a healthy, happier smile!

Brush and Floss Regularly:

You should brush your teeth twice daily with fluoride toothpaste and floss once. If you want to have impeccable oral hygiene, you may also brush your teeth after each meal or snack. If brushing isn’t a post-meal option for you, thoroughly rinsing your mouth with water will help as well.

Use Mouthwash:

Using mouthwash twice a day after brushing is a great way wash away leftover bacteria and give your mouth that super clean feel.

Eat Tooth-healthy Foods:

Believe it or not, there are certain foods that are good for your teeth and will help to strengthen them and fight against bacteria and plaque build-up. Some foods that will benefit your dental health include but are not limited to: fresh fruits and vegetables, cheese, unsweetened coffee, tea, and sugar-free gum.

At Dr Krinita Motwani's Dental Clinic we 


Make Routine Dental Visits:

Professional teeth cleanings and dental check-ups should be scheduled for every six months. If you have a history of dental issues, or if you know you need special attention, visiting your dentist more often than every six months may be best for you.

Consider Dental Sealants:

During your next dental visit, ask about dental sealants. Dental sealants will seal up small grooves and nooks in your teeth, preventing bacteria build-up in those hard to reach places. They can also help prevent tooth decay and can last up to ten years with proper dental care!


     We at Dr Krinita Motwani’s Multispeciality Dental Clinic believe in providing the best dental care to our patients. Book your appointment now, call us at +91 9820280343 or visit us at

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Voted Top Orthodontist In Houston

Choosing an orthodontist in Houston with more than 100 orthodontic specialists should not be hard. However, finding an orthodontic engineer who can design your complex case to get the best beautiful smile with the most economical price is not easy! Dr. Kanaan is a board-certified orthodontic specialist with additional special training to treat complex cases of orthodontics that require dental implants, surgery for impacted teeth, cleft lip and palate and other special cases. Dr. Kanaan completed a mini-residency program at Harvard Dental school in 2002 and graduated from St. Louis University in 2005 with a Master's degree in Orthodontics. He has been an active member of the American Association of Orthodontist AAO since 2003. 


Dr. Kanaan has been voted the top orthodontists in Houston. His dental experience and knowledge are unsurpassable! He takes the time to meet with you and address all your concerns to set your mind at ease. Dr. Kanaan also has patented and innovative inventions that are utilized in his unique dentistry. 


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Ways to Make Brushing Fun for Kids

Ways to Make Brushing Fun for Kids

    Is your child refusing to brush his/her teeth? Do they take one look at the toothbrush and try to make a run for it? Motivating your kids to brush their teeth can be a challenge. Even 2 minutes of lost playtime can seem like a major sacrifice to your youngster.


Start a Routine and Stick to It

You may be tempted to let your child skip brushing after a long day or during times when your normal schedule is off (like vacation), but keep at it. The more second nature brushing becomes the easier it will be to make sure your child is brushing twice a day for two minutes.


Go Shopping

Let your child pick out his own toothbrush and toothpaste. Choosing a character toothbrush might make brushing more fun, and fluoride toothpastes come in a variety of flavours and colours.


Turn tooth brushing into a game

Children love to play games. So, why not turn tooth brushing into a game for your kids? You could make up a story about why your children have to brush their teeth. You could tell them their toothbrush turns them into a superhero that can fight off plaque monsters. Use your imagination and get them excited about taking care of their teeth.

Create a reward system

Sometimes your kids just need a little incentive to brush their teeth. Try creating a reward system to help make the process easier. You could create a sticker chart, and have your child pick a sticker after they brush their teeth and place it on the chart. Or you could give them a prize after they’ve brushed their teeth twice a day for a month. The prospect of a reward could convince your kids to cooperate.

 Make tooth brushing a group activity

If nothing else works, try brushing your teeth with them. Young kids love to imitate their parents’ behaviour. You’ll show them that you take your dental health seriously, and they should too. Plus, it will serve as a bonding experience.


It only takes 2 minutes to brush teeth, but that 2 minutes can become an hour or longer when a child refuses to comply. Keep these tips in mind and try to make tooth brushing fun.


At Dr. Krinita Motwani’s Multispeciality Dental clinic, we offer a variety of dental services for all ages. We help keep your children’s smiles happy and healthy by offering personalized attention and comprehensive dental care. To learn more about the services we offer, and how we can ensure brighter smiles for your entire family.

Visit us at to know more about us and book an appointment. Follow us on instagram @drkrinitamotwani to learn about healthy oral habits.






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Wisdom tooth removal is a common surgical procedure to remove one or more wisdom teeth. The process of wisdom tooth removal is carried out by dentists or a special surgeon working in dental clinics and hospitals. It is one of the dental surgeries which requires two to three weeks of recovery time. 

Dental Specialists in Udaipur recommends getting wisdom teeth removed even if they are not causing any problem. There are chances that over time wisdom teeth can cause issues like cavities, gum disease, less room in the jaw (which can be painful), and may grow in a wrong angle. 

If you are going for wisdom tooth removal, here are some points to keep in mind for a smooth experience during and after surgery .

Clear all doubts before surgery 

Surgery: Whether it is small or big, you should clear all your doubts before going for it. Ask your dentists about all the expenses, time of surgery, all the precautionary measures, medication, etc. it is very important to be aware of every small detail about the surgery. 


Don’t go alone for surgery

Even if you are very brave and can deal with dental procedures without anyone’s support, it is important that you take someone along with you on the surgery day. 

Make sure someone is with you on the surgery day as you will be medicated and might need some help. During surgery, you are given anesthesia, and everyone reacts differently to anesthesia. The impact of anesthesia can last up to a few hours after surgery. Under anesthesia, you won’t be able to do tasks like driving or going home alone. Dentists who provide Dental Treatment Services in Udaipur says that it is important that someone accompanies you on your dental surgery day, as it not only ensures good moral support but also you are better-taken care of till you reach home and come out of anesthesia completely.


Eat soft food 

After surgery, it is advisable that you eat soft food. Eating hard and sticky food can hurt the treated area and complicate the healing process. To feed your hungry stomach, you can rely on smoothies and soups for a week or two. 


Brushing your teeth 

Does not matter how irresistible the urge you get to brush your teeth, you should ignore it for a day or two after the surgery. Brushing your teeth on the same day after surgery can disturb the stitches or surgery cuts and start the pain.

 For the first two days, you can gently rinse your mouth with warm water and if you want, you can clean your tongue and teeth with a soft clean cloth. After two days, you can start gently brushing your teeth without hurting the newly operated sensitive area. Dental clinics that provide Wisdom Tooth Removal Service in Udaipur advise their patients to use a soft bristle toothbrush in the initial few weeks after surgery. 


Take good rest 

After the wisdom tooth removal surgery, it is important that you take proper rest for some days. You will be given some painkillers and other medication for healing, taking some good rest and sound sleep will help in quick healing. 


Don’t smoke 

Avoid smoking after surgery for a few weeks, as it can delay the healing process. Avoiding smoking for a few days can also motivate you to quit this “not so good” habit, which can benefit your overall health. 

After surgery, there are chances that you experience some pain and swelling. You can use prescribed painkillers and ice packs to ease the pain and swelling. If these symptoms get worse reach out to your dentist without making any delay. 

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Cigarettes and your Teeth

Cigarettes and your Teeth

Everybody knows that smoking wreaks havoc on your health. While your teeth may not be the first thing you think of when considering the dangers of smoking, any kind of tobacco use can bring some serious damage to your mouth.

Smoking leads to dental problems, including

 Bad breath,

Tooth discoloration,

Increased loss of bone within the jaw,

Increased buildup of plaque and tartar on the teeth,

Risk of leukoplakia- white patches inside mouth,

Delayed healing process following tooth extraction, periodontal treatment or oral surgery, etc.


Be a quitter: 

Quitting is good for your mouth and your health. It lowers your risk of heart attack, stroke or cancer, including oral cancer. The benefits of quitting start within minutes and last a lifetime.

Seek support from your friends and family, as well as your doctor, dentist, counselor etc.

You don’t have to do it alone. Get the help you need to quit smoking for good. You can also contact Dr. KRINITA MOTWANI’S DENTAL CLINIC to see a dentist on your schedule.

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Benefits of Full Mouth Rehabilitation

Full mouth rehabilitation is a name given to a combination of different dental procedures that are done to improve the health and appearance of one’s smile. Every full mouth rehabilitation treatment process is completely unique and tailored according to individual needs, ensuring that the issues are solved. 


Full mouth rehabilitation is also known as full mouth reconstruction or rejuvenation. It not only just helps in improving smiles but also helps in improving overall oral health. 


Full mouth rehabilitation treatment has numerous benefits, some of them are:- 


Improved oral health 

Full mouth rehabilitation can solve several dental issues and contribute to improved oral health. It includes processes like Cavity fillings, Root canal therapy, tooth whitening, Dental bonding, Gum or bone grafting, and Gum contouring. Orthodontist Doctors in Udaipur say that full mouth rehabilitation improves overall oral health as it is a process where every small issue is taken into consideration and addressed by the experts. 


Strong dental structure 

Full mouth rehabilitation strengthens and improves the dental structure. It enhances the strength of the jaw bone and other joints. Full mouth rehabilitation improves the health of gums as they are responsible for holding your natural teeth in place. 

Best Dentist in Udaipur advised full mouth rehabilitation for the patients who are dealing with an issue of temporomandibular joint or TMJ. This process includes various procedures which can improve the functioning of the joint giving patients a huge relief from the symptoms like muscle pain and headache which affects their everyday life. 


Improved confidence 

Dental Clinics in Udaipur witness thousands of patients every month who opt for full mouth rehabilitation to solve their dental issues and get their lost confidence back. Full mouth rehabilitation is a process that includes tooth Fillings, porcelain crowns, and other cosmetic dental treatment options that ensure a more functional, vibrant, and beauty enhancing results. It also includes other procedures like Jaw repositioning, Placement of dental implants and crown, orthodontic braces, bone and tissue grafting, and teeth cleaning and whitening which gives more natural-looking results and improved dental health giving a boost to confidence and self-esteem of the people. 


Resolved gum diseases

Gum disease is a very common dental issue and anyone can suffer from it. But sometimes gum disease can get very chronic and common symptoms like a sore, bleeding, or swollen gums can get worse. Full mouth rehabilitation is done to treat chronic gum diseases. The treatment may include root planing or lesser therapy. 

A full mouth rehabilitation or reconstruction can help prevent chronic periodontal disease which can cause serious issues if left untreated for very long. 


Smile rejuvenation 

Full mouth rehabilitation or reconstruction can solve the majority of dental issues like bad or bleeding gums, mouth odour, crooked or broken teeth, discolored teeth, etc. which affects one’s smile. When these issues are solved, your smile gets automatically rejuvenated. 

Mumbai Dental Clinic in Udaipur has a team of dental experts who provide quality full mouth rehabilitation services for everyone at affordable costs. If you are looking for the best dental clinic in Udaipur then reach out to the Mumbai Dental clinic and fix an appointment now. 

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                    Teething is the process by which an infant's first teeth (the deciduous teeth, often called "baby teeth" or "milk teeth") sequentially appear by emerging through the gums, typically arriving in pairs. The mandibular central incisors are the first primary teeth to erupt, usually between 6 and 10 months of age.[1] It can take several years for all 20 teeth to complete the tooth eruption. Though the process of teething is sometimes referred to as "cutting teeth", when teeth emerge through the gums they do not cut through the flesh. Instead, hormones are released within the body that cause some cells in the gums to die and separate, allowing the teeth to come through.



Teething Symptoms

What’s normal?

  • Fussiness
  • Trouble sleeping
  • Irritability
  • Loss of appetite
  • Drooling more than usual

What’s not normal?

  • Fever
  • Diarrhea
  • Rash

Soothe a Teething Baby

What works to soothe a friend’s baby might not work for yours. You may need to try different things to help your little one feel better.

Often, something cold in your baby’s mouth helps. Try a cold pacifier, spoon, clean wet washcloth, or a solid (not liquid) refrigerated teething toy or ring. Some experts say frozen teething toys are too cold and may hurt your baby’s mouth. Make sure to clean teething toys, washcloths, and other items after the baby uses them.

Babies -- especially those who are teething -- love to chew. It’s OK to let your baby chew as much as she wants. Just make sure you know what she’s putting into her mouth and that it’s safe and clean.

A hard, unsweetened teething cracker can be comforting. If your baby is older than 6-9 months, you can offer cool water from a sippy cup, too.

You can also massage her gums by gently rubbing them with your clean finger. If the teeth haven’t come in yet, you can let your baby gnaw on your finger.

If you’re nursing your baby, try dipping your fingers in cool water and massaging her gums before each feeding. That may keep her from biting you while nursing.

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It’s no secret that dental operatory light affects everyone and everything around us. But light might have a more significant effect on you than you realise. The quality of light that we work under greatly changes energy levels, moods and even our quality of life.Lighting can positively impact function (task lighting) or esthetics (ambient lighting). Understanding the options available is key in achieving the best affect from lighting and their improved energy benefits in the process.  The quality of light you work under can have an enormous effect on your energy levels, your mood, and your quality of life. If you leave your dental practice feeling exhausted at the end of the day, the problem might be lighting. The good news is: With just a few dental office design fixes, you, your staff, and your patients can feel better in no time.



Before we delve into specific models and types of dental office operatory lights, you’ll need a firm understanding of the different types of lighting and how they work in conjunction with each other. In almost all dental offices, there’s ambient lighting and task lighting.


Many dental offices make this huge mistake, and it’s an easy one to make: they only use ambient lighting within the space which is usually fluorescent. Multiple lighting sources not only have health benefits but there are many psychological benefits too.


When it’s time to choose your operatory lights, there are two main features that need to be considered: brightness and flexibility.


Many Ophthalmologists will recommend a ratio of 10:1 when referring to operating to ambient light ratios. This is relatively standard in this field of work and should be adhered to. But what does this mean? Well, if your operating light outputs 5000 lumens, the ambient light should be around 500 lumens. Of course, different lights will come with different intensities, so some lights may need to be adjusted to reach the correct ratio.


An often overlooked, but crucial element of operatory lighting is flexibility. Having flexible lighting is important for getting different angles well lit and avoiding blinding yourself, your patients or your assistant’s in the process. Operatory lights can be mounted just about anywhere.

We hope these pointers have helped you identify the right light for you. While we have identified why certain dental led lights such as wall mounted dental light should be avoided, there is no universal best light, as it comes down to personal preference. There is a trade-off between weight and light intensity when choosing your dental surgical light. 

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Are you Suffering from Edentulism (No Teeth) Problem?

Permanent problem? It’s essential to understand before move ahead that there’s a solution or not! So, for your kind of information, Edentulism is a temporary problem which has a permanent solution if you seek dental implants from experienced and Best Dentist Ahmedabad.



Smile is the only beauty which doesn’t require makeup, and you know that smile defines the appearance of the person. You know how difficult it is to live without teeth because you cannot smile with no teeth. Thanks to those inventors because just because of them, someone can smile and live happily without any complications.


No teeth are a condition where you can lose the hope and confidence of happy living, which is okay because it happens with every victim. Solution for getting your confidence back is dental implants treatment from a professional dentist.

Dental Implants In Ahmedabad – What to consider in Dentist?

It’s essential to bank on some points to get professional and experienced dentist because very few of dentist know the actual treatment. You know some surgeon does not have to practise to perform wrong treatment, and that’s the reason below are the tips with you can choose the dentist easily and can treat oneself without taking tension.

1. Experience

The first and foremost thing you have to consider before selecting the dentist is experience. You cannot avail the treatment from anyone like a temporary surgeon as it can cause you in problem or wrong treatment. You must have to avail the service from the experienced dentist because they know how to place and can ensure for safe treatment. Hence, seek for a professional and experienced dentist to avail the best treatment.

2. Education along with Knowledge

As above said qualification is necessary because not everyone is fit for getting implants. You know and can understand the difference between a qualified and unqualified dentist and that’s how can select a dentist. Sometimes people choose a cheap dentist to get a discount on treatment which is right but make sure he helps you with standard treatment and take very good care of your teeth. So, this is the second foremost thing you have to consider for choosing the dentist for dental implants.

3. Guide about Treatment

As earlier said, dental implants are a permanent solution to those toothless patients, and that’s the next thing you have to eye on before selecting for your treatment. You cannot select directly without knowing the procedure about treatment, and that’s the reason ensure for a professional and experienced dentist who can guide about the whole procedure. If you are seeking treatment for oneself or family member, then ensure this thing.

4. Cost of Dental Implants In Ahmedabad

Price is the most important thing to look before selecting the dentist because some dentist charges very expensive without serving treatment. And that’s the reason ensure about the cost of dental implants because that’s how can ensure treatment within budget. Hence, this thing also essential to look.

So Are you looking for the best solution?


Then avail Dental Implants treatment from a professional and best dentist Ahmedabad and get your smile back. Also, get the confidence and hope to live a positive life.

Source: Dental Implants Treatment – What To Consider In Best Dentist?   

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Do you have one or more missing teeth and want to know whether you should get dentures or dental implants? Both are popular alternatives for restoring your teeth and enhancing your smile. Although both options work great for almost everyone, it’s better to understand which one will suit you better. 

Which Is Better - Dentures or Dental Implants?

Both dentures and dental implants work well for most patients. While dentures are removable, dental implants refer to the implantation of an artificial tooth in your mouth. Dentures are prescribed to patients with unhealthy and weak gums, while dental implants are for patients who have healthier gums. 

Who Is Better Suited for Dentures?

According to maxillofacial surgeons, dentures are suitable:

  • If you have a set of missing teeth: Adults, especially older adults, usually have a set of missing teeth. Getting a set of removable teeth works best in these situations. Dentures are easy to put on and remove when you are sleeping or eating.
  • If you have a set of missing teeth: If you have weak gums: If your gum is too weak to sustain implants, your dentist will most likely to prescribe dentures for you.

Learn more: Dental Implants or Dentures: What Suits You Better

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