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  • G;
    I am still in Pittsburgh ( 20 years ) with 2 office locations. I took on an associate 2 years ago and so far that is working ok. I have young children ages 5 and 8 so as you can imagine I am kept pretty busy.
    I will work on the photo.....Jim
  • Hi Giovanni
    Yes I am still involved in perio but more perio prosthetic and implant surgery than heavy perio cases.T si still no hygeniste in France so...
    I am working on a computerised system to place any type of implant flapless with a quarter of mm and 1°of precision we are going to put it on the market in few weeks

  • Hello, Giovanni Castellucci! Yesterday tried to answer, but failed to do so - I'm new to the Internet. I hope this message reaches you. Thank you for your hospitality. I'm glad that you have friendly relations. While I go to the Internet is rare, but soon I'll do it more often. A little about myself. In 1979 I graduated from the dental department of the Kiev Medical Institute (now - National Medical University Bogomoltsa, and in 1989 - Patent Office in Kiev Institute of creativity and patents. 8 years worked as a doctor-intern in the Department of Maxillofacial Surgery in Kiev. Before 2008 15 years working as an assistant chair, and then associate professor of department of dental surgery at the university, as 7 years, the deputy dean. PhD in Medical Sciences. I have 130 publications, including 55 invention patents. fascinated by plastic surgery. 28 patents - these are new methods of surgical treatment defects and deformities of the nose, lips, eyebrows, ear, jaw, and more. Due to illness of my mother I left my job because my mother was in need of care. Now I'm actually out of work and worry are not the easiest times. moved from Kiev closer to the sea and live not far from Odessa. I wonder, how it develops dentistry and maxillofacial surgery. has started preparations for publishing the first book in which I want to also include personal new methods. If someone interested in participation (as collaborators or sponsors ), I'd be happy. Sincerely, Nina Dovbysh.
  • Hi Giovanni , during all these years of silence I always had a lot of nice thoughts about the years I have spent in BU with all the staff. I recently discovered that Thierry settled down 15 miles from where I practice.
    I hope we will share a lot of knowledge through the Web site. My practice is switching to be limited to periodontics and Implant surgery.
  • Hi Giovanni. I will definitely be in Boston - visit my parents and attend the AAP. Interestingly, when I signed up after receiving your invite yesterday, I found that I had already been registered. It is great to be back in contact with you - how are you? I am in contact with Jim Rynar and John Lindsay, but that is about it from the old gang. All is well here.
  • Hi Dr Castellucci,
    I am now terrific..... on my way to hawaii. I was in Vegas for the IAED, a good meeting after all in a fun location.
    I will return to work at the beginning of sept and maybe I will be in Boston in mid Sept for the AAP. Maybe we will see each other there.
    Greetings to everybody,
  • Hi Giovanni - thanks for inviting me to join webDental - trust this mail finds you well
  • Hi Giovanni,
    No- sorry to say I will not be attending this year, but I'll be with you in spirit!

  • ..I have been working with some perio's ...when do you meet for study club?! I can pass info along! FYI......
  • see you at the aap meeting in a few weeks-
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