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  • I Giovanni I send you some images of a caseI did when Henk was here. You have the planning and the result one week postop I did not open a flap and the patient had no pain.
    Hope to see you and drink a glass of real wine( from Italy)

  • Hi Doc,
    We came up with a very neat idea to drive patient traffic to the dental office with an Real Time Q&A and Online Appointment Booking System. We need some real beta testers, who better to test it other than the dentists users themselves. Let me know what you think of the idea. It is just a beta set up for now, so nothing is concrete yet until we get feedbacks from actual users. Please make suggestions from the practical side of the booking procedures. What are the features that you like to have in place so that a patient from your area actually get booked into your dental office. Through the surveys, we are going to tailor make the features to suit your requirements. For this weekend, if you have some time, please check it out at Beta testing starts on Monday. Thanks in advance!
  • Giovanni, The history behind your concern is important. The early Branemark studies on biomechanics by Rangert et al indicated that abument screw loosening was simply due to mechanical overload. This load was either from excessive occlusal forces or the prosthesis design. Rationale at the time was that this abutment screw loosening provided a protective mechanism for the fixture's osteointegration. Branemark felt that the excessive force was better to be transferred to the protective prosthetic abutment screw than the fixture. The 10N/cm force on these gold screws retained them in place for decades on well designed prostheses. Dentists quickly tired of resin tooth wear, screws loosening and unesthetic holes to be filled in their porcelain screw retaining teeth with composite. So yes, the custom abutment was born. I am unfamiliar with any recent biomechanical fatigue studies relative to "all on four" prostheses relative to screw loosening.
  • Hi Giovanni!
    Good to hear from an old SAcan! Do you still visit?
  • thank u sir
  • Thanks Giovanni
  • Hi Giovanni l look forward to our new professional relationship. regards Monique
  • tks.
  • Giovanni,
    It was nice seeing you and your family in Syracuse. I hope thatyou enjoyed the rest of your trip.
  • hello giovanni
    the image is just native dicom scan we are reprocessing with our software.
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