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  • Hi Umesh,

    Read my first blog post about toothache and give your views.

  • Hi Umesh,
    Thanks for showing humbleness and being kind to me. I really appreciate that, the way you write and share your things with people. You can also share our website with people who really seeking for valuable information on dental health.


  • Hi Umesh, I hope you doing good. Our motto of creating this website is to share all dental and oral care informations with users. And, also patient can connect with dental experts to receive answers on their dental problems.  

  • Hi Umesh,

    Thanks for commenting. I hope you will enjoy reading webdentist's dental library. 

  • Thank you. Dentist are happier when they use dental intranet to manage their practice. =)

  • Thanks & same to you

  • Thank you Umesh!  Make your patient happy by offering them a steamy hot refreshment towel before leaving your office!

  • You too!!! :)

  • Thank you many blessings to you
  • My understanding is that the Eastern belief is that there is a fixed number of breaths in the human body at birth - and when the last breath is used the person dies.

    On this principle if the number of breaths is kept low the number of years will be longer.

    My teaching and training is along these lines but I use Western scientific principles such as pH, acid-base chemistry etc. to explain the same thing.

    Nothing is right and nothing is wrong.  Keep life in balance and we will all be happier.

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