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  • Hi Doc, we came up with a neat idea to drive patient traffic to the dental office with an Online Booking System. We need some real beta testers, who better to test it other than the dentists users themselves. Let me know what you think of the idea. It is just beta set up so nothing is concrete until we get feedbacks from actual users. Please make suggestions from the practical of the booking procedures. What are the features that you like to have in place so that a patient from your area actually get booked into your dental office. Through the surveys, we are going to tailor make the features to suit your requirements. For this weekend, if you have some time, please check it out at Thanking you in advance. Beta testing starts Monday.
  • Hi Cobi,
    Thanks for the support. Giovanni and I appreciate your participation!
  • Hi Cobi,

    Yes, that is true. The files created in a guest account are deleted when the user logs out. You may find this link useful:

    Are you using the Mac in your office or is this for home use? If in-office, what software package are you using and how do you like it?

  • Hi Cobi,
    Yes, the imaging and technology group would be a good place to start. You could pose a question and the members in the group can respond. By the way, Paul Smith, one of the WebDental members, is an IT/Network specialist and is very knowledgeable. Nick Manzoli, BU DMD and Endo, also knows a lot about Macs, etc. Ed Walk is another good resource. So, please post your questions in the technology group and I will make sure that these guys help you out.
    By the way, the Perio meeting was OK. Pamela (your class) says Hi.
  • Hi Cobi,
    Thanks for joining the groups. I encourage you to invite your friends and colleagues! We hope to grow this site dramatically over the next several weeks.
  • Hi Cobi,
    Thanks for becoming a member of WebDental and participating. Yes, I am BU perio "85 and DMD "83. So you do remember me from then, especially all those grand rounds sessions with Smokie! By the way, Giovanni and I have the same results as you with the grafting. Just curious about other experiences.
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