Fast Ways to a Beautiful Smile

Are you getting married in two or three months? Going to a high school or college reunion? Heading out into the job market after a few years away? Meeting up with the “one who got away” while you’re visiting your hometown?


We know you want to look your best at these life milestones and if you feel your smile could use some improvement, read below for several (relatively) fast ways to make sure you wow ‘em with a beautiful smile.

Looking to impress a former flame in a month or and want a gorgeous smile? Several cosmetic dental treatments are available to quickly fix your teeth.

  • Consider asking your dentist for information on professional teeth whitening strategies. You can look for some over-the-counter products at your grocer or pharmacy (many do work well). But if you want some real whitening oomph in the weeks just prior to your event, you may want to consider professional whitening treatments performed by your dentist/dental assistant in the dentist’s office. While you may need to visit the dentist more than once to reach the effect you desire, a professional teeth whitening treatment can see some significant improvement in the whiteness of your teeth after just one appointment.
  • For an exceptionally fast way to a perfect smile, consider bonding. This procedure is similar to veneers (more on veneers shortly), but it doesn’t last as long as porcelain veneers and it isn’t as stain resistant. But bonding is faster than having veneers placed on your teeth and is less expensive. Tooth bonding should last 5-6 years.
  • If you’re looking for a much more permanent – but still very quick – solution to fix chipped, broken and lackluster teeth, consider porcelain veneers. These are porcelain “covers” glued/bonded on the front of your teeth, rendering your smile just this side of drop dead gorgeous! They are very sturdy, can last perhaps two decades, resist staining and can be placed on your teeth in just two or three visits to your dentist’s office.
  • Ever heard of a gum lift? No? Well, this actually is a simple procedure for people who feel they are showing too much of their gums when they smile. The procedure is a quick fix that results in a smile that shows less of your gums when you smile and more of your teeth.
  • Finally, don’t forget a good teeth cleaning at your local dentist’s office. Your dentist can clean your teeth more thoroughly than you can at home, removing built up plaque. In addition, your dentist can give your teeth a bit of polish at the end, giving your teeth a little extra sparkle. You can schedule a professional cleaning a week or so before the big day, but having your teeth cleaned professionally twice at least twice a year can go a long way to keeping your smile bright and your teeth and gums healthy.


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