Significance of Fluoride and its Benefits for Oral Health

Fluoride happens to be a mineral that you can find in both fresh water and salt water sources. The major dental perk of fluoride is that it is available in the original structure of your chompers. It is this mineral that makes the teeth stronger and keeps the teeth decay-free.

As a mineral, fluoride is naturally available in water, plants, soils, air and rocks. In dentistry, it is commonly used for strengthening the enamel which happens to be the outer layer of the teeth.

Usages of Fluoride

Fluoride is primarily used for improving dental health. This is sometimes provided in the local water supply and it is also present in several over-the-counter products like mouth rinses, toothpaste and supplements.

Apart from that, fluoride is also used as a cleaning agent, in the medical imaging scans like the PET scans and in pesticides and aluminium products.

If you tend to get a lot of cavities, then your dentist can actually recommend the usage of fluoridated mouth rinse.


Benefits of Fluoride

There are several benefits that fluoride has to offer. Just have a look.

Fluoride helps to -

  • Rebuild or remineralize the weakened tooth enamel

  • Prevent tooth decay by making it difficult for acids to demineralize the teeth

  • Provide kids of six months and above age with what they need for strengthening their baby teeth and remineralizing the teeth

  • Help the permanent teeth for staying strong and healthy

Apart from the above, people with certain types of conditions are also prescribed fluoride. This includes people with –

  • Gum Ailment – The gum disease which is also known as periodontitis is responsible for exposing the teeth and the teeth roots to the bacteria and thus enhance the chance of tooth decay. Gingivitis happens to be an early stage of periodontitis.

  • Dry Mouth Conditions - Dry mouth is also known as Xerostomia is caused by conditions like antihistamines, certain allergy medications including the high blood pressure drugs and the anti-anxiety drugs, neck and head radiation treatment and this make a person more prone to tooth decay. The lack of saliva makes it hard for the food particles to be washed away and the acids to e neutralized.

  • Crowns, Braces or Bridges – These treatments can put the teeth at risk for decay around the brackets of the orthodontic appliance or at the point where the crown happens to meet the underlying tooth structure.

  • History of Frequent Cavities – Additional fluoride can benefit you if you have cavities every year or every alternate year.

How to Get the Amount of Fluoride that You Need

Many kids and adults still do not get a sufficient amount of fluoride in spite of its widespread availability in nature. In certain countries fluoride is added to the water supply of the community in appropriate amounts, this process is known as fluoridation. There is a huge decrease in tooth decay of the residents of that area.

But this is not available in most places. So here are some other ways in which the fluoride can be obtained in optimum amount. Just take a look.

  • Use fluoridated toothpaste and mouthwash

  • Take supplements if your dentist prescribes it

  • Have a dentist apply it to the teeth in the form of a gel, foam or rinse.

If you have kids, then ensure that they have just pea-sized amount of fluoride toothpaste. Also, under the age of six years, fluoride toothpaste is not recommended. They may end up swallowing it.

Fluoride is essential for your oral health and acts as a tooth decay treatment in itself. So if you are not sure whether your family is getting sufficient fluoride or not, you should check with your dentist, Based on your current oral hygiene habits and your diet, she will help to decide the best dental plan for you.

She can recommend a top-notch fluoride toothpaste or a mouthwash or even recommend other sources so that you can retain great oral health and smile confidently whenever you want.

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