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Dentistry is all about you and your teeth. You need to take care of your teeth in a premium way that will keep your teeth healthy; therefore the dentist Dubai treatment is convenient and best. In case you have any type of dental problem, you would first need dental consultation where the doctor will examine your teeth and then offer the most suitable treatment. The dental services will help to restore and maintain your oral hygiene.

One should maintain good oral habits from a young age and learn about oral health by visiting the dentist on a regular basis. Sometimes, even after taking good dental care, one cannot get rid of different dental problems and they can plan to take treatment from the best dentist Dubai who make use of the latest technology in the market and assure patent oriented treatments with outstanding quality.

Types of dental treatment:

In Dubai you can get good quality dental treatment for all types of teeth problems, in case the teeth is missing or you want your teeth to be straightened, then  dental veneers are an ideal solutions. These veneers are of different types that a patient can choose as per their convenience. The doctors make use of some type of appliances to fix or straighten the teeth. For crooked teeth, overcrowded teeth, reverse bite, open bite, etc. the dentist Dubai doctors offer the best treatment.

The dentists deal with different dental problems in Dubai and help you get rid of various problems. They will give you treatment like, teeth whitening, crowns and bridges, inhalation sedation, etc. Those who want to straighten the crooked teeth can make use of invisalign instead of traditional braces as these aligners are clear and transparent and are removable as well. Now, you do not need to feel embarrassed when you wearing these aligners. There are series of clear and removable aligners which one can use and this treatment is ideal for adults and children as well.

Some accidental cases or severe cases may require teeth braces for resolving teeth problems and in Dubai, one can choose from premium range of braces to align the teeth properly. Thus, it depends on the teeth condition and dentist’s advice which will suit you better.

Why Dubai is best for dental treatment?

Orthodontics is a vast branch of dentistry and all the orthodontic problems are addressed by the best and experienced dentist Dubai who have great skills and good amount of knowledge to deal with different dental issues of the patients successfully. They use advanced mechanisms and offer cost effective treatment to the patients. So, add a sparkle to your smile by booking an appointment today with the best dental surgeon in Dubai.


Cocoona Dental Care Dubai
Villa 898, AL RAAJI Street,
Al Wasl Road, Dubai. UAE
Phone: +971 04 3884589
PO Box : 73279
E-Mail: info@cocoona.ae
Web: http://dentalcaredubai.com

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Reinvent your smile

Smile is the ability of the person to express range of emotions and this also determines that how well a person function’ in the society. Smile design helps people to maintain good oral and physical health of the teeth. There are some cosmetic dentistry procedures that can help to design your smile. With composite bonding, tooth implants and teeth whitening, you can get the smile of your dreams. All you need to do is go for the smile designing cosmetic procedure. It is important that an organized and systematic procedure is followed to get a smile makeover. This is possible in the cosmetic dentistry field and one can take certain treatments to design their smile.

Goals of smile designing:

The final result will not just be about good looks but in proper smile designing treatment, the ultimate goal will be to achieve a pleasing composition in smile by creating appropriate arrangement of several esthetic elements. The teeth, muscle system, skeletal structures, etc, will move in harmony with each other after this cosmetic treatment. Achieving a successful and functional result, your dentist will need to have a proper understanding about the relationship between the supporting oral structures, occlusion, joints, bones, muscles, etc.

A few aspects of your smile that need to be reviewed by the cosmetic dentist:

There are various aspects of your smile and these can be improved with a smile makeover which includes the tooth color, alignment and spacing, missing teeth, etc. Teeth whitening will help to improve the color of the teeth. Tooth color is also considered for a number of preparations and procedures which includes putting the teeth braces, invisalign, crowns, bridges and much more. Dark or discolored teeth suggest an aged mouth. White teeth assure you have a well shaped and white smile and this will also improve you overall appearance.

Alignment and spacing of teeth is equally important like tooth color. The overlapping teeth, crooked or teeth with gaps can be aligned properly with orthodontic treatment and the use of veneers. Missing teeth also impacts the appearance of your teeth and this need to be fixed with the help of dental implants, bridges, etc. cosmetic design will need to work on the missing teeth so the bite is improved and there is no risk of tooth decay. So, all aspects of smile designing need to be considered appropriately by the dentist.

The gummy smile need to be re-contoured and uneven, chipped or cracked teeth should be bonded cosmetically. It improves the overall look of the smile. A cosmetic dentist will work closely on all the smile aspects which will also include fuller lips, smile and cheeks and thus redesign your smile aesthetically giving it a graceful touch.

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The teeth were designed to last for a lifetime but unfortunately they do not. When a tooth is lost, one loses the ability to chew the food properly and it can cause issues with other teeth as well. The other teeth may be crowded or tipped. Thus, replacing the missing teeth becomes vital.  Replacing the missing teeth is important for the health of your teeth and an ideal treatment for missing teeth is dental implants. The implants sit perfectly in the mouth and do not need the support of adjacent teeth.

Poor appearance and low self esteem is also a major cause of missing teeth. The implants are perfect to be used in case of missing teeth and the treatment of implants can be done easily under local anesthesia.

Advantage of using the implants:

There are several advantages of using dental implants as these reduce the load on the remaining teeth and offers independent retention or support to the crowns, overdentures, etc. The implants also help to preserve the natural tooth tissue where the need of cutting down the adjacent teeth for conventional bridgework is eliminated. There is no need for succeeding restorations of the teeth and preserves the bone of the teeth. It helps to reduce the bone deterioration that may result in the loss of jawbone height.

The other advantages for the patients are, these implants lasts for a long time and a better alternative than the conventional teeth restoration techniques. With proper support, retention and stability of implant over dentures it becomes easy to replace the loose fitting dentures. Overdentures are useful for controlling as well as improving the facial contours that can minimize premature wrinkles. You will find it easier to chew your food and speak with clarity. As compared to full dentures, overdentures offer better chewing capability and speech tends to be clearer.

Other important information about implants:

Implants are the right treatment for patients of many ages and it is a practical solution for patients who no longer wish to wear removable dentures. Once the doctor performs the analysis about the dental and medical history of the patients, the doctor can tell, whether the implant is an ideal solution for you or not.

It is also important for the patient to have enough bone for the implant to be supported. In case additional bone material is required, the dentist will guide you through that and in case of bone deficiency, there are many effective ways to get it corrected. The treatment time will vary as per the condition.

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Dubai is a charming destination that attracts many tourists every year, but it is also an ideal destination for the best orthodontic treatment. A lot of people are hesitant to smile freely because of discolored teeth. They seek for brighter and whiter teeth for which the Teeth whitening Dubai treatment is quite popular. It is also a safe process. Teeth whitening is all about bleaching the teeth to make it lighter and it can also lighten the present color with the help of existing shades.

Why Dubai?

The Teeth whitening Dubai treatment is ideal for those who want bright and white teeth. Teeth whitening should only be done by an experienced dentist who is a professional as this may put your dental health at risk. In Dubai, the doctors will closely examine the teeth and see if you are capable to go for teeth whitening. They will not put your dental or oral health at risk and will highlight the complications if any. Complications may arise only in rare situations but Dubai doctors will always let the patient know the complete detail before they pursue with the teeth whitening procedure.

People should avoid going to salons or taking home whitening dental kits as these can include a lot of risk. The teeth should be examined by a professional dentist only to get best results.

The process:

For teeth whitening, there are two most suitable procedures offered for best results. Firstly you can choose for the home treatment where you would need to wear the light weight custom made trays with bleaching gel on your teeth everyday for 30 to 60 minutes every day for two to three weeks. Secondly you can choose laser whitening or zoom where zoom uses the light activated agent with hydrogen peroxide bleaching gel. In this process the light will shine on the teeth for 15 minutes and you would need to do 4 sittings in this. The total number of sittings can be completed within a day.

The other process is laser whitening but instead of light, laser is used for whitening the teeth and the process will take around 30 minutes to complete. Those patients who want Teeth whitening Dubai treatment completed within a few hours instead of wearing the trays can go for this treatment. The results will be same and you will get to see that the Dubai hospitals have a comfortable and relaxing environment where the treatment will take place and after a few hours you will be able to return home. The treatment is of high quality and doctors offers promising results. The treatment cost is also very nominal. So, fix an appointment today with the dentist in Dubai and enjoy white teeth without any risk.


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Improve your smile with cosmetic dentistry

Any dental treatment that improves the appearance of the person’s teeth or gums comes under cosmetic dentistry. It is not necessary the function will improve. The two specialties that come under this is Prosthodontics and Orthodontics.  From small repairs to big changes, dentists may need to perform a lot of procedures to improve your smile. A lot of these treatments can also improve oral problems also like your bite.

Some of the most common cosmetic dentistry options:

There are some of the most common cosmetic dentistry options which are addition of the dental material to the gums or to the teeth and the examples are gum crafts, crowns, bonding or porcelain veneers. The second type is removal of the tooth structure or gums and the example for this is, enameloplasty. Thirdly, it is straightening of the teeth that improves the face appearance and this comes under orthodontics and lastly, sometimes there is no addition or removal of the dental materials to the gums, teeth or tooth structure. The examples of these are gum de-pigmentation or teeth whitening.

Selecting the right cosmetic dentistry treatment:

Before you take any cosmetic dentistry treatment, it is vital to speak with your dentist. In Dubai, you can approach the best cosmetic dentists who have the right skills and knowledge to guide you about the right cosmetic dentistry options that can improve your smile. They will tell you about the techniques which can improve your smile and your teeth condition or the desired results you are looking for. You can always ask your dentist about the changes that the particular dentistry treatment will bring, what type of maintenance you will need and what you expect through the complete treatment course?

Choosing the right cosmetic dentist:

Before you choose the cosmetic dentistry treatment, it is important to verify a few things to get the right treatment. Firstly, you would need to see the before and after photos of the treatment they have done and how it has helped other patients. If something is similar to your case, then you can relate well and understand what you will get after the treatment. You must always ask for reference for these allow sensing the quality of treatment offered by the dentist.

Lastly, you must check the education proofs and is the dentist continuing with the education to stay up to date with the new cosmetic treatment available for the patients. The latest techniques in clinical cosmetic dentistry keeps getting updated and a cosmetic dentist must be aware about it. So, make a selection wisely and choose the right treatment by simply discussing with the dentist so you can achieve the desired result and enjoy a better smile.

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To get a perfect smile, the use of correct orthodontic appliance is essential. What if something is invisible that fits on your teeth well and it doesn’t make you feel odd as well. Invisalign are invisible aligners that care made of thermoplastic material and these are uniquely developed for every patient as per their teeth sequence. This offers the patient more comfort and it seems like teeth whitening trays. 

Primary benefits and why its better?

Though there are many options to straighten your teeth, invisalign is the best way to straighten your teeth. It offers high level of comfort, convenience and confidence to the patient. The best part about using this particular aligner is that, it will not interfere with the quality of your lifestyle and give you extreme comfort. It will also have a positive impact about how you look and feel about yourself.

As these aligners are invisible no one will even notice them. It is a seamless fit and can be are removable as well. For getting good results of the treatment, one must wear these aligners for 20 to 22 hours, but you may remove them while sleeping, eating and drinking. You can also remove them when you brush or floss, so the oral hygiene can be maintained. Unlike traditional aligners which are fixed using metal wires invisalign aligners will not cause irritation.  Moreover, you can see the virtual results of the treatment plan before beginning with the treatment that how your straightened teeth will look. Thus, you will able to understand how it works for you.

Taking the treatment:

Firstly you should fix an appointment with the invisalign provider and the doctor will discuss your case in detail. They will address the case from simple to complex and determine whether these aligners are a right choice for you.

If the treatment is good for you, the doctor may ask you to visit the clinic every 4 to 6 weeks to check whether your treatment is progressing or not. Depending on the treatment, the need of attachments or ridges will be specified by the doctor. This are fixed to achieve the desired teeth movement.

In the beginning of the treatment you may face some type of discomfort because the aligners will be moving your teeth to the final destination. It won’t be painful, but a little discomfort for few days you may have to encounter.

Other precautions:

Do not smoke when the aligners are on as these may be discolored. Drink alcohol in moderation and do not chew gum. For brushing, flossing and eating always take out the aligners. Do not sleep with the aligners on and these will never fall from your mouth. These will be fixed firmly allowing you to smile freely each time you wear it.

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