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8 Things Your Dentist Wants You to Know

A healthy body is a sign of a healthy mind. And when we say body, we mean every part of it – including your teeth and gums. All of us are so caught up in perfecting our bodies, that we often forget the importance of the first thing people notice about us: our mouth. Taking care of your oral health is very simple; all it takes is a little daily practice. At Oracare Dental Centre, we care about your oral hygiene, and this is why we would like to tell you a few things about your mouth that will make you want to take oral hygiene as seriously as we take it!

1. Gum disease affects your overall health

Yes, you read this right. You’d ideally think that your teeth, gums, and tongue don’t have anything to do with the rest of your body in terms of health, but that’s not true. Did you know that if you have gum disease, you are 4 times more likely to have a heart attack or stroke? Yes, this is true. So it’s advised to make an appointment with an expert dentist to evaluate your oral health.

2. Dental cleaning and check ups are important

How often do you visit the dentist just for a check-up, and not exclusively when you’re experiencing pain? To prevent your oral health from deteriorating, it is important that you take regular appointments at your dental clinic, and get your teeth and gums examined. You are then more likely to be protected from harmful diseases in the future.

3. Oral cancer is real, and fatal

Most often, people ignore the signs of oral cancer, like legions or red spots in their mouth, because of which several cases go unnoticed which makes oral cancer fatal. This is why you need to start practicing good oral hygiene and seeing expert dentists to help you understand your teeth and gums better. Prevention is better than cure.

4. Root canal treatments are not as painful as you know them

Most people know that getting a root canal done is a painful procedure. However, this isn’t true anymore, all thanks to advanced technology. At Oracare Dental Centre, we pride ourselves to provide the best dentists and even better root canal services that are so painless, you won’t believe the procedure is over!


5. Change your toothbrush regularly

A toothbrush loses its purpose after 3 months at maximum. Hence, it is important to change them regularly. If you suffer from gum bleeding, it is advised that you change your toothbrush every 4-6 weeks, because bacteria can stay in the toothbrush for long.


6. Some medicines can also cause tooth decay

Taking aspirin, blood-pressure related pills, etc., can make the mouth devoid of saliva, thus making it more prone to attracting bacteria. The remedy for this - stay hydrated.

7. Children also need to see the dentist regularly

In fact, it is important that you take your child to a dentist once every six months. Childhood is a phase when the most amount of changes occur in the body, and teeth and gums are one of them. To prevent them from losing or damaging teeth at a young age, it is important to take them to a trusted dental clinic.

8. Your tongue can tell a lot about your health

Yes, your tongue has the answers to the things going on in your body. For example, if the tip of your tongue is reddish, it may indicate a thyroid or a heart problem. If your tongue has a yellow-green tinge, it might mean that there’s a liver or a gall bladder issue. If it’s grey-brown, it indicates digestion problems.

And finally, taking care of your teeth is super easy

Brushing your teeth twice a day, flossing regularly, avoiding excess consumption of sweet/carbonated beverages and food like chocolates, and taking appointments with an expert dentist regularly is the way to go. After all, a healthy body is a sign of a healthy mind.

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Oracare Dental Centre: A dental clinic based in Pune, India offers you a pleasant experience in regards to your dental needs. Oracare features state of the art technological equipments doubled up with some of the best dentists that Pune has to offer. Rest assured for a pain free treatment at one of the best dental clinics in Pune, Oracare Dental Centre.

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Top 3 Things Your Dentist Wants You to Know

Dental care is important for the overall well being, and prevention of dental problems such as tooth ache or decay. Dental care should be a part of your daily routine. There are many basic things like regular brushing and flossing that will ensure a healthy smile.  Also, one must visit a dentist every 6 months for a routine dental checkup. Many people avoid going to the dentist fearing pain. However, technology advancement has made dental treatments relatively painless. Therefore, there’s no reason why one shouldn’t follow up with their dentists. There are a few important facts dental experts want you to know which will help you avoid dental problems as follows:- 

  • Bleeding is never good - People have a misconception that it’s okay if you bleed a little while brushing or flossing. But the truth is your tooth should never ever bleed for any reason. If there is any bleeding, it’s a sign that something is not right, and you must get a checkup done with a dentist at a dental clinic. Whether it’s daily routine that is not being done well, or you have gum disease, bleeding gums need to be addressed, examined, and treated as soon as possible. 
  • Bad breath could mean bad news - There are multiple reasons for bad breath. However, if your breath is chronically bad, there are chances that something is not right. The reasons for chronically bad breath are gum diseases, dry mouth and poor hygiene. Stop-gap measures like breath fresheners, mouthwash, mints or chewing gum cannot help fix it for a long term. Everyone should adopt the good habit of brushing twice daily for at least two minutes and flossing once daily. This is one way of fighting bad breath. However, there comes a time when doing these things is of no or little help into fighting bad breath. In such a situation, you need to visit your dentist as soon as possible. 
  • Healthy Mouths = Healthy Bodies - Oral health is directly related to overall health. Dental problems like gum disease not only causes tooth loss or problems related to teeth, but also poses threat to heart and many other vital organs. It may lead to heart disease, strokes, dementia and many more diseases. Routine visits to a dentist will keep your smile intact. It is also helpful in identifying problems before they get really serious. 

If you face any of the above issues or want to have good oral hygiene, you can visit OraCare Dental Centre. We are located in 3 prime locations across Pune. For the best, technologically advanced and painless dental treatments, please book an appointment and visit OraCare Dental Centre at the earliest. 

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Facts You Should Know About Root Canal Treatment

'Root canal' is often touted as one of the most painful dental procedures. The mere name is enough to give people jitters and prevent them from seeing their dentist no matter how painful their tooth ache is. However, avoiding a trip to dental clinic means facing the inevitable root canal treatment sooner or later. In worse circumstances, you may risk losing your tooth if you do not pay attention to your dental problems. Incidentally, root canal procedures are no longer painful and have become one of the most commonly done dental procedures all over the world. In this article, we will uncover a few facts about root canal treatment.

What is a Root Canal                                                                         

Root canal is essentially a term used to define natural cavity within a tooth. This cavity consists of soft pulp, which contains the nerve, blood vessels and connective tissue. The pulp helps the tooth to grow out during the development phase. However, once the tooth erupts completely from gums, the pulp does not have any functional purpose. The nerve functions only as a sensor to hot or cold stimulus. In short, the tooth can survive without pulp.

Why Root Canal Treatment is Necessary

At times, the pulp may get infected due to a damaged nerve or injury to surrounding tissue. In that case, bacterial growth may lead to formation of abscess. Some of the physical symptoms of this condition may include red, painful gums, severe, acute tooth pain and swelling around the infected tooth. The pain may get triggered when you eat hot or cold food. Also, the pain may subside for a few days and may return again. However, one must understand that disappearance of pain is not an indication that the tooth has healed. You should pay due attention to your tooth condition as tooth abscess may lead to loss of tooth, if not treated on time.

What is Root Canal Treatment

Root Canal treatment is a dental procedure used to save the affected tooth from permanently getting damaged or decayed. The treatment involves removal of infected pulp from the root canal. The cavity is then cleaned and disinfected. It is then sealed with an artificial material and a crown is placed over the tooth. A root canal treatment renders a natural appearance to the tooth and it can function in pretty much the same way as any other tooth. Root canal treated teeth can last as long as other teeth. Root canal treatment can also save other teeth from getting infected. Besides, it also saves you from losing tooth, which can impede your biting or even alignment of other teeth.

What to Expect in a Root Canal Treatment

Root canal treatment is a normal dental procedure which can be completed within 2 - 3 sittings, depending upon the condition of your tooth. Firstly, the dentist will take an X-Ray to determine the state of tooth and nature of infection. He may prescribe medicine to cure infection before proceeding to the actual treatment. During actual treatment your dentist will execute anesthesia to numb your tooth and surrounding area.. He will then clean and disinfect the root canal cavity and then fill an artificial material to seal it. During the next sitting he will place a crown atop the tooth to give it a natural look and feel.

Always trust a reliable dental clinic and a qualified dentist to perform root canal treatment on your teeth.


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When Should Wisdom Teeth be Removed?

Disclaimer: The information provided in this article must be used for reference purpose only. It is not intended to provide a substitute for an expert's medical advice.

A whopping 10 million wisdom teeth are removed every year! Interestingly, a majority of them aren't deemed an absolute necessity. The dental health fraternity is divided into two sections when it comes to wisdom tooth extractions. One section, mostly comprising dental surgeons defends the necessity of wisdom tooth removal while other non surgeon dentists challenge this solution that is prescribed regardless of the nature of wisdom tooth problem. Thus, it is very confusing to decide if you really need a wisdom tooth extraction. You would also want to know if there is any other substitute treatment for wisdom tooth problems other than removal. Let us take a look at the scenarios in which wisdom tooth removal becomes an absolute necessity.

 When Should Wisdom Teeth Be Removed

Wisdom teeth typically erupt during teen years of a person's life. It is also normal for wisdom teeth to erupt after the person is well into his adulthood. The peculiarity of wisdom teeth is that they may take few months to several years to fully erupt. Since, the other teeth are fully erupted and functional by this time, eruption of wisdom teeth may lead to minor to severe dental problems. Some of the common problems are listed in this article.

Pain, Swelling, Discomfort

It is important to find the underlying cause of pain and swelling. It could be due to the fact that wisdom teeth have no place to erupt and are damaging the jaw or gums. Swelling, redness is often a sign of infection and must be treated on priority. Your dentist will often diagnose the cause of pain before right away recommending a tooth extraction.

X-Ray Indicating Possible Problems

If your wisdom teeth are not fully erupted, your dentist will still know if they could pose a possible problem by looking at the X-ray. Many teenagers are advised to undergo a removal surgery at this stage to avoid discomfort in future. This precautionary measure can also prevent the possible misalignment of teeth.

Damage to Jaw, Gums

If wisdom teeth do not have required space to grow, they may damage your gums or jaws while erupting. Besides, if they do not grow in proper direction, you may have trouble locking your jaws. This could lead to difficulty while eating. Removal becomes essential if physical discomfort also persists.

Disruption to Teeth Alignment

Wisdom teeth push other teeth while erupting, if the space is already crowded. If you have a smaller jaw, the chances are that your wisdom teeth may disrupt the alignment of your other teeth. This could be an annoying problem for teenagers who may have undergone orthodontic procedures to align their teeth.

All the above conditions provide a solid ground for taking out your wisdom teeth. Your dentist will be the best person to gauge your condition and suggest remedy.

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Oracare Dental Centre: A dental clinic based in Pune, India offers you a pleasant experience in regards to your dental needs. Oracare features state of the art technological equipments doubled up with some of the best dentists that Pune has to offer. Rest assured for a pain free treatment at one of the best dental clinics in Pune, Oracare.

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Choosing the Right Toothbrush

Brushing teeth, a seemingly simple activity can have lasting effects upon your dental health. How you brush your teeth, how frequently you do it and whether you are doing it correctly or not are some of the deciding factors about your dental health. Naturally, a toothbrush plays a very important role in maintaining oral hygiene. Unfortunately, many people are ignorant about the correct type of brush for their teeth. Simply, dropping at a store and picking up a toothbrush in your favorite color doesn't help! Choosing the right toothbrush goes a long way in maintaining and improving your dental health and hygiene.

How to Choose a Right Toothbrush


Most dentists agree that a soft bristled toothbrush can suffice the cleaning needs of most individuals. It gently removes the debris and plaque from the teeth. If you are not too comfortable using a soft bristled toothbrush, then we recommend you settle for a medium bristled brush. However, using a hard bristled toothbrush is totally unadvisable. It can damage your gums and rip off your tooth enamel. Apart from that, one should also take into account the material of the bristles. A synthetic, nylon bristled brush is better than natural one. Natural bristles are made of animal hair, which can promote breeding of bacteria.


A toothbrush with a small, angular head is better than one with a larger head. A small head can easily access narrow areas and clean teeth that are inaccessible. Angular placement of bristles on the head means you can clean teeth from all directions. This can help in prevention of plaque, which can accumulate if not cleaned on time.


The handle of the brush should be long enough to hold comfortably. It should neither be too thick nor too thin to hold. A lightweight, plastic handle is very comfortable to use. It helps you to easily maneuver and clean from all directions.  

Electronic or Manual

The choice is entirely yours, as both the brushes can effectively clean teeth. If you do not know the correct brushing technique, then you can invest in an electronic toothbrush. However, a manual toothbrush is as effective if you brush properly.

Usually, it is recommended to replace your toothbrush every 3 - 4 months. If you brush frequently, you may have to replace it before. You should consider replacing your brush as and when you see signs of wearing out. These days, you can get brushes that change bristle color when it's time to replace. Thus, a good toothbrush and a proper brushing technique go a long way in preserving your dental care.


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Oracare Dental Centre: A dental clinic based in Pune, India offers you a pleasant experience in regards to your dental needs. Oracare features state of the art technological equipments doubled up with some of the best dentists that Pune has to offer. Rest assured for a pain free treatment at one of the best dental clinics in Pune, Oracare.

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Taking Care of Yourself Post Oral Surgery

Although oral surgery may not be as complex as physical surgery, it can be equally traumatic and discomforting, if not more. You may have to endure pain for 3 - 4 days post surgery in addition to swelling and other physical discomforts. However, if you take proper precautions and good care, you may experience lesser pain and your wound may heal quickly. In this article, we have listed some simple tips for taking care of yourself post oral surgery.

Immediate Care:

Oral surgeries are mostly done on an outpatient basis. Meaning, you will be sent home immediately after surgery. Your dentist may give you a list of 'Dos & Don'ts' along with a set of prescription medicines. However, when you get home, you will largely have to rely upon home remedies to care for yourself. These are the tips you should follow immediately post oral surgery.

Stop Bleeding

Your dental clinic staff will provide gauze pads to stop bleeding. Do not change the gauze pad frequently unless absolutely necessary. Clench the gauze pad between your teeth to exert gentle but firm pressure. This will help to prevent excess blood loss. Bleeding should subside within 3 - 4 hours post surgery.


It will not be possible for you to consume normal diet immediately after surgery. Hence, make sure you stock up on fruit juices, soups and ice-creams. Take small swigs or morsels without disturbing the affected area. If you still experience numbness, avoid eating from the wounded side altogether.

Apply Ice-Packs

Frequently applying ice-packs help in reducing swelling. You may need to apply ice-packs every half an hour during the first few hours after surgery.

Other Precautions

  • Do not suck, spit for a few hours, as it can open wound and restart bleeding. Avoid drinking from straws or making swishing movements.
  • Brush your teeth gently. Do not make vigorous movements.
  • Take your medicines on time. Typically, your dentist will prescribe a pain-killer like ibuprofen every 5 - 6 hours to alleviate pain.
  • Do not smoke, as it can delay healing.
  • Eat crackers or drink soda to overcome nausea, which is prevalent post oral surgery.


Gradual Care - 3 to 4 Days Post Surgery:

After the first couple of days, you may feel much better as the pain reduces significantly. However, you may still have swelling for another 3 - 4 days. You should continue to care for your wound during this period as well.

  • Eat soft, nutritious foods like scrambled eggs, mashed potatoes and bananas
  • Rinse your mouth with an anti-septic mouth wash or salt water
  • Stay hydrated by drinking lots of fresh fruit juices, water etc
  • Apply ice pack 3 - 4 times a day depending upon swelling
  • Brush your teeth gently for at least a week post oral surgery

The most important tip to promote healing and reducing discomfort is to take adequate rest. Do not exert yourself too much until the wound heals. 

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Top 10 Tips for Dental Care

It is often said that the state of your teeth reflects the state of your health. In other words, your dental health is the reflection of your entire health. Hence, it is imperative to take very good care of your teeth. Many people assume that brushing teeth twice a day is enough for preserving good dental health. However, this is a completely wrong notion. Good dental care goes beyond mere brushing. In this article, we have shared some great tips for dental care.


Simply brushing your teeth is not sufficient for good dental care, but doing it frequently and properly is utmost important. Brushing your teeth twice a day - in the morning and before going to bed is definitely a great idea. You should brush for at least three minutes to derive maximum benefits from brushing. Opt for a soft bristled brush and use proper technique for brushing your teeth. Do not be too harsh on your teeth, as you risk damaging your gums in the process.

Use Fluoride Toothpaste

Use toothpaste containing recommended amount of fluoride in it. Fluoride is very crucial for your teeth. The recommended fluoride content in toothpaste for adults is 1300 - 1500 PPM.


Floss your teeth regularly - at least thrice a week to remove plaque, tartar accumulated in inter-dental spaces. Regular flossing is a must because toothbrush cannot reach certain places in your mouth.

Use a Mouthwash

Although, mouthwash is not an absolute necessity, it definitely helps in preserving good dental health. Use an anti-bacterial mouthwash to get rid of bacteria that can contribute to bad breath. Using a mouthwash twice a day can freshen up your breath.

Clean Your Tongue

Tongue is an ideal place for bacteria to thrive. Hence, it is imperative to clean your tongue on a daily basis. Use a professional tongue cleaner for this purpose.

Eat Healthy Foods

Keep away from sugary foods as they contribute to tooth decay in a big way. Besides, fizzy drinks also lead to cavities. Hence, it is important to cut down on these foods. Eat lot of fresh fruits and vegetables that are rich in vitamins and minerals. Also, consume calcium rich foods, as it is absolutely required for healthy teeth.

Adopt a Healthy Lifestyle

Alcohol and tobacco is extremely detrimental for your oral health. Smokers especially are at high risk of suffering from dental and gum diseases. Similarly, chewing tobacco can lead to oral cancer, besides causing numerous dental problems.

See Your Dentist Regularly

A routine trip to a dental clinic is necessary to keep tooth and gum diseases at bay. Visit your dentist at least twice a year for good oral care.

Correct Dental Deformities

Crooked teeth not only mar your appearance but also lead to teeth problems, as cleaning such teeth is a challenge. Hence, consult your teeth to correct dental deformities.

Treat Dental Problems

Dental problems such as tooth decay must be treated as soon as initial symptoms appear. Ignoring problems can lead to a bigger trouble in future. Hence, seek dentist's intervention at an appropriate time.

You can also seek teeth whitening treatment to further improve the appearance of your teeth. However, always give dental hygiene precedence over cosmetic procedures.   

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How to Get that Perfect Dazzling Smile!

Who can resist the charm of a person with a beautiful smile flashing her pearly whites? As strange as it might sound, a survey has proved that people with beautiful smile are favored over others. Your teeth can make or break your smile. White, perfectly identical teeth can enhance your smile to no extent. On the other hand, stained, chipped, missing teeth can mar even the most beautiful faces. If you are not naturally blessed with a set of pearly whites, you can always seek an expert's help and go for a smile makeover treatment

Smile Makeover Treatment

Cosmetic dentistry has come a long way, since its inception. Its applications are no more restricted to realigning teeth and fitting crowns on chipped teeth. With the advent of technology and newer practices in this field, one can go for a complete smile makeover. Let us see what are the procedures involved in a smile makeover treatment.

  • Repositioning or realignment of teeth using Invisalign braces
  • Removal of stains - includes veneering, porcelain treatments
  • Missing tooth replacement through dental implants
  • Chipped tooth correction using advanced fillings
  • Teeth whitening treatments

All the above treatments are capable of producing dazzling results. They can bring about a drastic change in an individual's appearance. Invisalign braces are almost invisible and a far better option than the metal braces. Dental implants are a permanent treatment to replace a missing tooth. Similarly, teeth whitening treatments are a great option if you are looking for a dazzling result in a short time. 

Smile Makeover Cost and Duration

The cost of the dental treatment would depend upon the particular treatment you opt for, location of the dental clinic and the qualification of the dentist. It's a no brainer that these treatments at the best dentist's clinics often cost you more. The treatment cost would also depend upon the condition of your teeth. If you only need a small fix, then you can get away with a small budget. On the other hand, major procedures such as implants can put quite a dent in your dental budget.

Similarly, the duration of smile makeover treatments is also dependent upon the nature and number of procedures that you want to opt for. Some procedures like veneering, fillings can be completed over 1 - 2 sittings, whereas more extensive treatments such as braces may even take up to one year to complete.  

Smile makeover can definitely enhance your appearance and boost your self-confidence. It may not be wrong to assume that you may actually counter better opportunities in your career and personal life due to an improved appearance. 


About Oracare Dental Centre:

Oracare Dental Centre: A dental clinic based in Pune, India offers you a pleasant experience in regards to your dental needs. Oracare features state of the art technological equipments doubled up with some of the best dentists that Pune has to offer. Rest assured for a pain free treatment at one of the best dental clinics in Pune, Oracare. The clinic has collaborated with the prestigious Jehangir Hospital and takes end-to-end dental care through advanced treatment options at a reasonable cost. With over a 1000 successful smile design treatments and over 5000 root canal treatments, at Oracare, you are in safe and professional hands. Walk in for an appointment today or connect online with the Oracare Dental Centre at www.oracaredentalcentre.com

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How to Stop Bleeding Gums

Bleeding gums are often an indication of poor dental hygiene or gum diseases. In some cases they may be a symptom of some underlying health issue. In rare cases, they may be a sign of a serious problem such as heart disease or cancer. If you have been suffering from bleeding gums for a prolonged period, then it definitely warrants a need for medical intervention. Your dentist will be able to ascertain a cause behind bleeding gums and suggest an appropriate remedy.

Bleeding Gums Causes     

As mentioned above, there could be myriad causes for bleeding gums. Oftentimes, you may also have red, swollen, painful gums. Here are a few of the causes.

  • Poor hygiene.
  • Wrong brushing technique.
  • Using a hard bristled brush.
  • Poor diet and lifestyle.
  • Underlying medical conditions.
  • Gum diseases such as scurvy, gingivitis, periodontitis.
  • Hormonal problems.

Bleeding Gum Treatment     

Only a dentist will be able to ascertain the correct cause behind gum problems. He will suggest an appropriate course of treatment depending upon the underlying cause.

  • Poor hygiene can be countered by brushing your teeth for prescribed number of time. Regularly floss your teeth and get them cleaned from a dentist at least once in six months.
  • If there is a plaque accumulation underneath your gums, causing pockets, then the plaque needs to be cleaned by a dentist. At times, surgery may be required to reduce the pockets.
  • You can get educated about the correct brushing technique from your dentist. Invest in a good quality brush with gentle bristles. It is a good idea to go for electric brush rather than a manual one. Clean your teeth by applying gentle, circular strokes.
  • Make necessary changes in your diet plan. Junk food, desserts, sugary drinks can be detrimental to your gums and teeth. Instead, include a lot of nutrient rich fruits and vegetables in your diet.
  • Quit smoking. Smokers are six times more likely to develop some kind of dental problem than non smokers.
  • Pay a visit to a dental clinic on a regular basis, even if you have perfectly healthy teeth and gums. This way you can address any underlying issue before any painful symptoms surface.

You may want to see your physician on an urgent basis, if the problem is not with gums but your health. In any case, do not delay seeking an expert's opinion when you have bleeding gums.

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How to Choose a Reliable Dental Clinic

Dental care is one of the most critical health services. The state of your teeth is often indicative of your overall health. Earlier, people would not go to a dentist until they suffered from a tooth ache, injury or some kind of discomfort. However, owing to general health awareness, people are also making trips to dentists for routine check-ups. This is a good practice considering you can prevent dental diseases or treat them at an earliest sign. However, the purpose of maintaining a good dental health can only be accomplished if you have a good and qualified dentist. So, how to find a reliable and best dental clinic? Now, this one is a tricky question. Following pointers may assist you in finding a good dental center.

Know Your Needs?

The search for a good dentist will begin from your requirements. What kind of dental services are you looking for? Are you interested in routine dental check-up or looking for a more specialized service? If you need a dentist only for routine check-up or minor procedures, then it is better to look for a dental clinic that is closer to your home or workplace. For specialized treatments, it is worth going to the best dentist, even if it means traveling quite a few miles.  

Ask Friends, Relatives for Referrals

This is actually the most reliable way of finding a qualified dentist. Your friends or relatives would not recommend you a dentist unless they have had a good experience. Hence, this is usually a safer practice to choose a dental clinic. However, the recommended dentist may not always be in the same locality as you. If convenience is one of your criteria then you may have to extend your search out of your circle of friends and family.

Compare Different Dental Clinics

You may also check the internet or local newspapers for dentist recommendations. Although, this may not be a reliable option, it will give you ample choices to compare. Shortlist a few dental clinics based on your search. Book an appointment at this clinic and get some basic information such as:

  • Qualification and experience of dentist.
  • Level of expertise of the sub-staff.
  • Whether they have specialized dentists for major procedures such as RCT, implants etc.
  • What kind of facilities do they provide.
  • What kind of after-care facilities do they provide? Are they free or paid?
  • Cost estimation for services that you desire.

Depending upon the above factors you can zero-in upon a dentist or dental care center of your choice. Remember, the choice you make will directly affect your dental health.

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Your Gums are Important

A cleaner and healthier mouth can improve your overall look, sans any dental problems. Hence it is essential to have your teeth clean and get it checked by a dentist on a regular basis.
At Oracare Dental Centre, Pune we provide the highest standards of dental care. We use the best oral components with innovative dental techniques. Our professional team of periodontologists carries out complicated gum treatment quite efficiently. Gum disease is the inflammation that is accompanied by pain or discomfort in the gums. This can be classified into two categories based on the intensity of the infection.
Gingivitis: This disease indicates the inflammation of the gingiva. The area around the tooth becomes red and can also be painful. This is caused due to bacterial plaque and is characterized by swelling, slight pain and bleeding while brushing teeth.
Periodontal disease: Also referred to as periodontitis, this infection is usually the aggravated form (in the absence of treatment) of gingivitis. In this condition the soft tissue bone that support the tooth are damaged. This can result in the loss of tooth.
To avoid this disease, it is essential to maintain a good oral hygiene, regular dental checkups, and eat a balanced nutritional diet. Professional cleaning once in a while is necessary to prevent gum diseases.
You can undergo gum treatment, orthodontics, root canal, smile designing and makeover, teeth whitening, etc. at our clinic. We also offer dental tourism so that you can enjoy the sights and sounds of Pune, after treatment. So give us a call and watch your dental problems melt away.
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Dentistry In New Light


Oral health care has acquired a new importance, what with the invention and latest advent in technology in dentistry. Visiting a dentist would once upon a time raise goose bumps, however with time the fear is now replaced with patients looking forward to pain free treatments and even dental cosmetic makeovers.

The change in this scenario has been catalyzed by many dentist clinics too who have introduced new techniques that have brought in various pain free treatments and makeovers, literally giving a facelift to this profession. Oracare Dental Center is one such advance dental clinic in Pune that has been doing wonders in the field of dentistry. Our efficient team of doctors and technicians have taken some major procedures like the root canal treatment, tooth extractions, dental implants etc. to a different level of sophistication all together and have also made these procedures absolutely pain free.

In addition to the above, the importance of Gum Treatments have now come to the fore making a lot of difference to the overall oral health of the patients. A facelift is now not limited to skin alone. Cosmetic dentistry is the new mantra and many a patients vouch by its unbelievable results. In addition Oracare Dental Center gives almost 5 to 25 years of free replacement warranty on selective crowns and some selective bridges too. Services at Oracare also include an additional pickup and drop service and can be arranged upon request on chargeable basis within Pune and Mumbai.

Hence Oracare Dental Center brings a great relief to the patients as our techniques have revolutionized most of the treatments like root canal treatments, dental implants, orthodontic treatments, cosmetic makeovers etc.

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Choosing Your Child's First Dentist

Parents take their kids to the dentist only when they complain of some oral problems. It is advisable to orient the child about the dental visit.

Kids experience dental problems right from the time they start teething. Parents normally take their child to a dentist when he complains of pain or irritation. This can be a scary and terrible experience for the child as he tends to associate pain with the dentist. However, it is essential for you to understand the importance of your child’s first visit to the dentist. You can take him even if there is no oral problem. This, in turn, would help your child be more comfortable and familiar with the dentist.
There are several factors to consider before choosing a dentist for your child. You must also explain the importance of maintaining oral health. A number of dental clinics also conduct dentist orientation and child oral health care programs so that the child can erase all his or her fears about dentists. There are several dentists who also provide pediatric Gum Treatment apart from routine dental care. Choosing the first dentist is very important as it plays a major role on how your child will take it. Here are some points you, as a parent, must consider before taking your child to a pediatric dentist.
·         The dentist should be child-friendly and should have a good experience of taking care of children’s oral health
·         Should be patient and get along with the child with ease. In case your child is a boy, you can take him to a male dentist. Choose a female dentist if your child is a girl.
·         The dentist should have a good credibility and reputation in treating children.
·         Check the educational background of the specialists you are considering on visiting. Also check their specialization so that you can take your child to the right dentist.
·         Make sure that you properly verify certifications and all other documents that will prove their credibility as dentists.
Do your research properly or ask for recommendations from your friends or relatives before choosing a pediatric dentist. Surf the web for more names of qualified dentists in your locality. The first visit to the dentist can be a completely enjoyable experience or aggravate fear in a child. Hence choose an appropriate pediatric dental clinics. Ensure that your child is completely comfortable with the dentist so that he cooperates without any fear.
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Benefits of Using Mouthwash

According to a research, apart from brushing regular use of mouthwash helps destroy a number of germs. Dentists worldwide are stressing on the need for mouthwash daily.
Many people think that it takes a lot of effort to have a healthy mouth. In order to have optimal oral health it is advisable to brush teeth at least twice a day, use mouthwash and floss once. While a number of people know that brushing and flossing removes bacteria and plaque, but they think mouthwash doesn't do anything other than making the breath smell minty. Dentists in Pune and worldwide have broken the myth that mouthwash is used as a breath freshener. However, mouthwash has more benefits to it.
A research conducted by scientists from Johnson & Johnson Consumer and Personal Products Worldwide, shows that mouthwash goes a long way in reducing harmful and unwanted substances in the mouth that cause tooth decay and gum disease. Dentists in Pune and across the globe stress on daily oral care regimen for optimal dental health. The study showed that people using germ-killing mouthwash experienced a considerable reduction in gingivitis and plaque as compared to the ones who used a placebo mouthwash. The other group used mouthwash with minty scent and zero germ-fighting ability.
Mouth rinse having germ-destroying ability is more effective than placebo mouth rinse. It reduces the occurrence of plaque and gingivitis to a great extent. Including it in regular dental hygiene regimen has shown impressive results. There is also no need to undergo root canal treatment or any other dental treatment, with the routine use of mouthwash. The major benefits are mentioned below:
·         Mouthwash reaches back of the mouth and surfaces where a toothbrush or floss cannot.
·         Considerable reduction in gingivitis, plaque and other dental and gum problems.
·         Combats germs in reachable areas in the mouth and fights against gum disease-causing germs.
·         Rinsing with a fluoride mouthwash prevents cavities and tooth decay.
·         Loosens and removes food particles lodged in between spaces, thereby acting as floss.
·         A popular product for oral hygiene, mouthwashes come in an assortment of flavors to act as a breath freshener.
·         They also contain an active ingredient that protects against some oral diseases.
Though mouthwash takes less than a minute, it can have a major and positive impact on dental health. Hence, people must include mouthwash in their oral care regimen. You can successfully avoid the onset of dental problems.
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Root Causes and Solutions

A new method for root canal treatment may change the functions of the dental industry.

New research being done on root canal treatments may lead to a breakthrough that will change the way dentists perform root canal operations. The University of Tennessee Health Science Center, USA, is endeavouring to create a radical new root canal treatment that will allow healthy tissue to grow in the roots of diseased teeth.

Dr. George Huang, an endodontics specialist and dentist, who is heading the team in this research project, has found that injecting the cleared canals with stem cells can stimulate healthy cell growth. The main aspect is that this treatment method will eliminate the current process of filling the canal with gutta percha, a rubber-like substance. The stem cells will be grown in a laboratory and then placed inside the patient's mouth. The healthy tissue is then expected to grow within two months.

This may be positive news for dentists who perform root canal treatments in Pune. The range of root canal treatments can be anywhere between Rs. 1,000 and 5,000. The slow rise in prices is a cause from many different aspects – better clinics coming up in the city, patients demanding better treatments, purchase of better equipment from abroad, and many others.

Most root canal operations are the result of the continuous decay of teeth. Dentists can find the canal to be very narrow and difficult to fill once the pulp has been removed. They are forced to use a number of small files to enlarge the canal so that the gutta percha can be injected. If the cleaning aspect of the treatment is ineffectual, then the entire procedure is kaputt.

Dental surgeons in Pune would hope that this new method would be able to make their work easier and less stressful for the patient. Let us face the facts – nobody enjoys going to the dentist, let along going in for a root canal treatment. As this would be a less painful procedure, patients may actually be hopeful about getting their teeth treated.

Dr. Huang's new procedure, which is currently going through animal trials and testing, can be the answers to all these various problems that dentists face all over the world. Dr. Huang's treatment combines tissue engineering and stem cell treatment, thus reducing an immense amount of time and energy.

As more developments similar to the above-mentioned procedures are being researched into, one can hope that going to the dentist for a root canal treatment in Pune can become a less stressful and unpleasant experience.

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Benefits of a Smile Makeover

Find out the reasons why having a smile makeover can be beneficial to your overall well-being.
In today's times, there is a lot of emphasis on health, beauty, and fitness. It is important to not only keep yourself healthy but also improve your physical appearance. People in Pune understand that by maintaining a healthy lifestyle, your body will automatically improve in health, and that will also have a positive effect on your appearance. Just as one takes care of one's body, it is also important to take care of one's teeth. If you would like to beautify your teeth, one way among others is to undergo a smile makeover in Pune.
Why Pune you would ask? In recent times, Pune has become a global destination when it comes to dental aid. The city has a number of international dental clinics that provide excellent dental care services at reasonable prices. Dental tourism has made an immense positive impact on the city. Many foreigners prefer to travel to India for dental treatments, as they are less expensive than that of Dental clinics abroad.
Smile makeovers in Pune have become a speciality for some dental clinics. The reason behind this is that many people wish to alter and enhance their smiles so that their general appearance will improve. Many general health benefits come with undergoing a smile makeover. There is a reduced risk of having worn down and loose, weak teeth. Teeth that have been treated using this procedure are easier to clean and take care of on a daily basis. Given below are the various benefits from getting a Smile Makeover in Pune:

•    Teeth, which have been repaired, straightened, or replaced, have lesser risks of infections.
•    Aesthetically, a patient will have a clear, white smile that will renew self-confidence and well-being.
•    Teeth stains can be removed without damaging the basic enamel within one's teeth.
•    A variety of treatments including teeth bonding, dental implants, porcelain veneers, and tooth colour restorations can help you to build a better smile
•    Pune dentists are renowned for their immense knowledge and experience
•    They have the latest dental equipment to provide the best services
•    They create a positive relationship with each patient by trying to make them comfortable before any procedure
•    They brief the patient about the pros and cons of every procedure to help them make the right decision.

As one can see, having a Smile Makeover in Pune can be quite advantageous. One only needs to get in touch with one of the many dentists in Pune offering this service, and come down.

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A visit to a dentist is usually feared, more so if one has to undergo a dental procedure. But, it is re-assuring to know that many new techniques in this field have helped the patient to have these procedures done with minimal pain. And a few oral care suggestions if followed can give the patient more relief.

It is a well known fact that by following a few simple home-based suggestions, the patients can get relief from pain and discomfort post a dental treatment. These also help in ensuring that the dental treatment will have a lasting impact.

Most of the dental clinics in Pune try to educate their patients about the need of proper oral care after a dental treatment. Some of the common suggestions that most of us know is to leave the treatment/surgery site undisturbed. Simple actions like rinsing, touching and spitting forcefully may also be avoided. In addition, to feel much better, one may gently wash off the area with warm water added with about half a spoon of salt. It is suggested that this may be done at least four to five times a day as it helps in healing the affected place.

Many a times bleeding and swelling occur, which are considered normal. Simple treatments like placing a gauze pad or a clean handkerchief on the affected area and applying pressure for about 30 minutes will help in stopping the bleeding. Whereas for swelling, the process is a little lengthy, but it helps in reducing the pain. Ice packs wrapped in a soft towel may be kept on the cheek nearer to the surgical site for about 10 minutes. And, this may be continued for the next 24 hours with 20 minutes break each time. Sometimes by using two to three pillows when sleeping also helps in minimizing swelling.

Diet is very important especially, if a surgery for dental implant has been done. It is therefore advisable to completely avoid hot liquids or foods. And, specifically on the day of the surgery, it is beneficial to take plenty of liquids along with soft food. Since the food intake is not regular, the dentists insist that for the next few days it is better to avoid strenuous physical activity, because one may feel weak.

Besides these home remedies, it is necessary to take the prescribed medications. The dentist may have given these medicines for pain-relief or as antibiotics to avoid infections. The doctors usually advise to take the first dosage for pain before the local anesthetic wears off. And, the antibiotics be taken without fail according to the instructions. It is equally important that the patient completes the course.

Various dental clinics in Pune offer the most advanced techniques for dental treatment, but to ensure that its recovery is smooth and pleasant it helps to follow these instructions.

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Toothache is something each one of us dread and are somehow not able to escape in spite of our best efforts to maintain oral hygiene. Then, what exactly is going on inside our little tooth-world? Let’s find out and perhaps this would help us to take more precautions.

 Right from our childhood we have been continuously reminded that we need to brush twice a day, more precisely, once in the morning and once just before going to bed. And probably most of us have been doing the same and also making sure that our children do the same too. Then, what are the other reasons that lead to cavities and toothaches?

 Tooth decay or a cavity is the most common cause for toothaches. This is caused by specific types of bacteria that produce acid in the presence of substances which are scientifically referred as fermentable carbohydrates and are capable of converting carbohydrates/sugar to organic acids. And it is these acids which are harmful to our teeth which necessitate us to visit a some reputed dental clinics in Pune.

 One may wonder how an acid affects us so badly. For this we need to understand the construction of a tooth a little more. Ninety-six percent of tooth enamel is composed of minerals which are sensitive to the increase in the level of acidity. To be specific, a tooth is in a constant state of back-and-forth de-mineralization and re-mineralization between the tooth and surrounding saliva. But, almost all acid de-mineralization occurs where food (containing carbohydrate like sugar) is left on teeth. Because most trapped food is left between teeth, over 80% of cavities occur inside those places (called pits and fissures), also on chewing surfaces where brushing, fluoride, and saliva cannot reach to re-mineralize the tooth.

 In fact frequency of sugar intake is more important than the amount of sugar consumed. The more frequently teeth are exposed to this environment the more likely a cavity will occur, and then it may affect gums requiring gum treatment. Therefore, minimizing snacking is recommended, since snacking creates a continuous supply of nutrition for acid-creating bacteria in the mouth. Also, chewy and sticky foods tend to adhere to teeth longer, and, as a consequence, are best eaten as part of a meal.

So, then we basically need to avoid food which forms acids and thereby spoils our teeth. And, which are those food items? Unfortunately, those are the ones which we relish the most like sugary candies and sweets that stay in our mouth, starchy and refined carbohydrates (such as chips, bread, pasta or crackers), carbonated soft drinks and fruit juice.That’s not to say that one should avoid acidic food all together, but we need to ensure a professional hygiene care from good dental clinics in Pune, which will ensure regular dental examinations and cleanings.


Thus, a controlled intake of acidic foods and brushing immediately after every meal will ensure less chances of forming tooth cavity.


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The Need for a Root Canal

Tooth decay is quite painful and can occur due to a number of reasons. In the long term, it can lead to permanent damage of the teeth. Hence, it is always essential to undergo proper treatment to save teeth.There are a number of factors which can affect your teeth. Improper brushing, unhygienic practices, and bacterial infestation are a few problems that can lead to tooth decay. A tooth can also get damaged due to accidents, excessive tooth grinding, cracked teeth, injury on the tooth, and trauma. Sometimes routine usage or biting into a hard substance can result in nerve damage. This can lead to serious problems like intense pain, permanently damaged teeth, etc. Undergoing a root canal treatment helps address the nerve damage which in turn can save your natural tooth for a lifetime. Proper care is also essential for the treated and restored tooth.Bacteria are another factor that can damage the roots leading to permanent teeth damage. Bacterial infestation can lead to the formation of plaque on the teeth. Too much of plaque can lead to caries or cavities. If left untreated, it can affect the pulp and lead to swelling, infection, and pain. A root canal treatment, also referred to as endodontics is normally the preferred treatment option. dentist in Pune and around the world insist on getting treatment in the initial stages of infection as it can prevent further damage. Before treatment, an X-ray of the affected tooth is taken to study the damage. Depending on the extent of damage, the dentist will determine the mode of treatment.Daily brushing, flossing, and drinking plenty of water helps avoid the accumulation of plaque on the teeth. It can also greatly diminish the amount of plaque. Fluoride from toothpaste is also a great remedy prevent the formation of plaque. However the best way to prevent plaque is flossing. This technique helps dislodge debris stuck in between teeth keeping them free of germs.Most of the people suffer from a phobia of going to a dentist. However, visiting a dentist will help solve a number of issues. With treatment there are almost 90 percent chances that the tooth can be saved. Dentists in Pune and around the world stress on the need for proper oral hygiene and regular dental checkups. This can help prevent a number of dental diseases and keep your teeth in good health and condition.
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The Aesthetics of Dentistry

Aesthetic dentistry is a combination of the aesthetics of art and science in treatment. This branch of dentistry is more than cosmetic dentistry and is used to enhance the smile and improve the appearance of the face.Modern-day dentistry meets all the expectations and requirements of the patients. A multifaceted approach to the enhancement and harmonious blending of facial form, function, contour, and color of the teeth, aesthetic dentistry is the recent inclusion in the field of dentistry. Pune is quite a popular destination for dental tourism. Many clinics offer orthodontics, root canal, smile designing, and gum treatment in Pune. There are several clinics that also offer Smile designing treatment in Pune.Aesthetic dentistry alters the appearance of the patient’s gums, along with the positioning, shape and color of his teeth. It is basically the process of transforming a patient's mouth and removing any deformities. Using latest technology and modern equipment this procedure is carried out in several ways. The procedures followed in aesthetic dentistry are mentioned below:• Discoloration of teeth can be solved by the following procedures:o Teeth whiteningo Crownso Veneerso Composite coverings• Missing teeth can be replaced with the following methods:o Dentureso Bridgeso Implants• Crooked teeth can be realigned by the following treatmentso Orthodontics (braces)o Veneerso Crownso Composite coveringsMost of the dental problems can now be corrected aesthetically using advanced techniques, new equipment, and superior materials. Aesthetic dentistry is more than specific treatment; it includes all the dental treatment disciplines. The main function is to create the best outcome from an aesthetic, biological, and functional perspective.The dentist analyzes your dental problem and provides the optimum solution for achieving a beautiful and natural appearance. The mouth is recreated in such a way that the teeth and gums are in ideal condition. The following issues can be corrected with the help of aesthetic dentistry:• Missing teeth• Edentulism• Broken or chipped teeth• Tooth wear and erosion• Gum disease• Crooked and discolored teeth• Failed dental work• Failing BridgeworkIn other words aesthetic dentistry is all about individualized treatment. It focuses on altering the existing dental arrangement and features of a patient to increase the overall aesthetic appeal of the face. Apart from this undergoing Gum Treatment in Pune's clinics is also beneficial. Thanks to advancement in dentistry, this method allows the patient to regain the confidence with a perfect set of teeth.
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